Catholic Health Association’s Sister Keehan remembers she is a Catholic does a 180 on Obamacare


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Contrary to the wishes of liberal Catholics and their Democrat pals, the Catholic Church is a religion founded on principles and teachings that cannot be changed because they deem them old fashion or embarrassing. The Catholic Church is not a club whose rules are malleable and subject to the whims of the “beautiful people.”

The Church is used to dealing with treacherous attacks from proudly fallen away Catholics in the media and the entertainment world, but not from Catholic nuns seeking the love of the world rather than the love of God.

 In 2010 the Congress was solidly controlled by liberal Democrats lusting for ways to increase their power and the number of abortions through Obamacare.  America’s Catholic Bishops recognized the dangers Obamcare posed to Catholic teachings and asked for help in fighting Obamacare. They asked Catholics especially those, in the medical professions, to help in the fight against the evils they knew it contained.

 The Bishops asked Sister Carol Keehan the President of the Catholic Health Association to galvanize her members to fight with them. Either she was too dumb and naive to see the truth or see was swept up in seeing herself on television, but the result was the same. She seized the chance to “show men” who the boss is.  Dazzled by a chance for her 15 minutes of fame, she turned her back on Catholic teachings and ran to the darkness.   

 Sister Keehan not only refused to help her Bishops, but in her hubris, sided with the lying Democrats and helped them fool Catholics and the rest of America about the true nature of Obamacare. Her approval of Obamacare directly led to its passage.

  Welcome back to the Light Sister Keehan

 Last Friday the curtain came down on Sister Keehan’s hissy fit against MEN. She has apparently realized her 15 minutes of fame purchased at the expense of imperiling the entire nation is over. Sister Keehan has reversed herself and decided she was wrong about what Obamacare is all about. NOW she understands that she cooperated with evil and has much to explain not in this world but in the next.

 Fortunately for Sister Keehan she is a Catholic and the Catholic Church is a forgiving and loving. She has decided to act to protect what is right. She will work against Obamacare. Welcome back to the Light Sister.   

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3 thoughts on “Catholic Health Association’s Sister Keehan remembers she is a Catholic does a 180 on Obamacare”

  1. Well,she snapped one mackerel too many this time….now she should take a vow of perpetual silence with the Sisters of the Easily Chumped

  2. The Catholic church did NOT fight against obamacare. Only the inclusion of abortion! I work at a Jesuit hospital and I can tell you the priests were all (and probably still are) gung ho for Obama and obamacare, except for abortion. Otherwise, they are on board, and probably still are because it fits in with their "social justice" agenda. The Catholic church has lurched leftward for years.

    1. Kerry
      I am a lifelong Catholic. I have been frustrated at much of what my Church has done and failed to do; but that was then and this is now. Things are changing for the better and will continue to do so please see my February 13 piece on this subject at
      Thank you for commenting

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