Chaos and Subsoil

By Jerry Todd, staff writer

Is there a better way to do the people’s business in commerce, legislation, education, bureaucracy and even religion in a Constitutional Republic? Is chaos only violent disorder? The weather and climate change naturally operate on Chaos Theory. Chaos is not disorder unless it goads the ignorant into rioting in the streets, usually burning and pillaging the visions and labor of others.

In human discourse, the beautiful freely formed fractals of natural chaos makes a free society work by creating infinite beauty, opportunities for new relationships, ideas, ventures and true diversity based on our individual endowments from God. Chaos Theory views personal drives, organizations – businesses as complex, dynamic, non-linear, co-creative and far-from-equilibrium systems the future performance of which cannot be decided alone by past and present events and actions.

 In a properly ordered society, chaos simply means “opportunity presented.” (Why progressive spirit-numbing unearned redistributions don’t work) I call the ideal combination of subsidiarity and solidarity “Subsoil” – a simple derivation of two complicated sounding principles; defining a solid moral, ethical, spiritual and philosophical foundation for real development and commerce. The foundation of subsidiarity is personal responsibility… the opposite of “entitlement” Solidarity is not a mob of demonstrators chanting idiocies. It thrives as a nation of free men and women working for the greater good – e pluribus unum. Subsidiarity, Solidarity and chaos – Any true environment has chaotically open windows to ideas and associations and the freedom to rise above one’s station in life – even to fail and try again.

Personal responsibility, not entitlement is fruitful where the means to act it out is available to all. The finest example has been lived for generations by the American citizen and the millions of immigrants who gained citizenship to live and strive in that dream. Lawmaking and bureaucracy must incorporate Subsoil into the conception, design and government operations: Four important legislative questions must be asked, truthfully answered and applied with integrity: Will this new law help or hurt initiative or personal responsibility? Are the people allowed to do their best when challenged? Does the law or its bureaucracy benefit the wider community without focusing on special interest groups? We’re all needy in some way – we always help the helpless! Will this legislation put people or regions in a rigid plan for central control through taxes, financial manipulation or bureaucratic overreach? Will the legislation require major government oversight or will it encourage and maximize private enterprise and employment?

Opportunities lead to the development of individual gifts and talents and from these, new technologies, industries and services. The legislative process creates ever growing and overlapping bureaucracies that have become the fourth and dominant branch of government.  EPA and the Department of Education are worst case scenarios. “Rules for Radicals” and political correctness must end up on the trash heap of history. None of the above will work under Sharia Law being promulgated everywhere. Thank God for our Constitutional Republic. Do we deserve to keep it?

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3 thoughts on “Chaos and Subsoil”

  1. Jerry ! What an excellent and interesting article ! Thank you !
    Just a practical footnote regarding the EPA and Dept. of Education : The Republicans (those attempting to pass themselves off as Conservatives/ RINOS), are as loathe as the Socialists have been to gut both agencies. These bureaucracies, these fourth and dominant branches of government, as you so aptly name them, will never cede any of the power they have amassed to date without chaos (in the extreme) ; to force them to relinquish that which they have usurped from us.
    We already have civil unrest in this nation, on many fronts. Would it be proper to assume then that the beauty of natural chaos also extends to realizing the desire (by whatever means available), of regaining one's freedoms and responsibilities from those who oppress us ?
    The legislative questions which you propose should guide each and every elected official (as well as the bureaucrats ), are those revered by men and women of conscience and character. The Constitution isn't even given "lip-service" by our ersatz leaders….(both political and judicial ) ; how then would they be compelled to regard ethics and some modicum of fairness, decency and, dare I say it, morality to their renderings and laws ?
    I respect what you have written….though I suspect that Washington D.C has no intention whatsoever of honoring such wisdom. It just isn't in their game-book.
    Pleas do continue to educate us with such articles however. It is always a treat when we are reminded of our responsibilities and possibilities; as well as our rights as semi-free men and women.
    Best wishes, Joanne

    1. Thank you Joanne! (My wife's name too!) I'm working on a book to be called "Weeds, Wheat and Wisdom. In it I'm trying to flesh out the "9 Points of Beautiful Correctness." Subsidiarity, Solidarity and Chaos are the middle threesome of how we think, act and operate. First is the proper ordering of the equally important normative sciences of philosophy – Beauty, Ethics and Logic. The final 3 are High Touch; High Tech and High Finance. FYI the "progressive order is EXACTLY the opposite.

      This may sound dull, but I think we can create some great campaign tools to demonstrate the difference between beauty and ugliness in human discourse. e.g., I put High Finance last, not because it is less important, but because it must be structured to be the servant of "all the above" – not the master. Ultimately, the currency of eternity will be Love. Chew on that for a while!

      BTW, if you send me your email address, I'll send you a pdf copy of my 2010 book, "Guide 25 – 25 Constitutional Values for Politicians and the People who Vote for Them." Cong. Ryan, McCarthy and Cantor all have copies. Ryan understands the combined role of subsidiarity and solidarity. His bill submissions refect it.

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