Chicago aldermen provide virtual immunity from prosecution for……Chicago aldermen!

 By Doug Book, staff writer

 One thing can certainly be said for Barack Hussein Obama—he learned his conniving,  criminal ways in a land which gave us some of the very best of connivers and criminals.  In addition to the legendary vote rigging,  power abusing,  tax stealing,  favor bartering ways of Chicago’s infamous Mayors Daley,  30 members of the city’s perpetually all-Democrat parade of aldermen have been convicted of federal crimes over the past 30 years. 

Three others were indicted but had one last laugh at the expense of fleeced constituents by dying before their trial could begin.

 Chicago’s 50 aldermen make up the City Council,  Chicago’s legislative assembly.  Its presiding officer is the mayor.  Elected to 4 year terms, these men and women who represent the 50 wards into which the city is divided are afforded ample opportunity for theft,  favor trading, bribery and blackmail, thereby enabling their collection of vast sums in the age old Chicago way.  And as can be seen from incarceration records,  many have taken advantage of those opportunities.

 But on November 16th,  that assemblage of legislators—awaiting–indictment voted to launch the office of Legislative Inspector General. Faisal Kahn,  a former inspector general from the city of New York will begin work in Chicago,  his PART TIME,  $60,000/year assignment,  investigation of criminal complaints lodged against the people who hired him.

 But his new employers will not exactly be sticking their necks out by making Inspector Kahn’s task an easy one.  Before any investigation may commence,  Kahn will have to obtain approval from the ethereal Chicago City Board of Ethics. The Board,  whose members are appointed by the mayor and approved by the CITY COUNCIL has failed to find fault with a single alderman in the past 24 years,  helping one understand why the 30 previously convicted council members were indicted by and found guilty in FEDERAL court.  And though Kahn will have NO staff at his disposal,  the Board itself will “assist” in any approved investigations.

 Those making an accusation of wrongdoing will be required to sign a complaint against the offending alderman,  exposing themselves to potential  retaliation by the named suspect.  There will be a two year statute of limitations should an investigation actually be ordered and the target must be notified of his peril within 7 days.

 Are Chicago residents outraged by this obviously meaningless, self-serving scheme?  Considering these are the same voters who re-hired the Daley family for 50 years,  placed a string of corrupt governors in office and helped Barack Hussein Obama into the White House…probably not.  Funny, Al Capone didn’t run for public office. Apparently he was satisfied being a small time crook.

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