Chicago’s White liberal ruling class to take minority five year olds innocence with LGBT Sex-Ed


By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

Why would the Chicago Public School (CPS) system be so presumptuous as to start teaching Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual Transsexual Sex-Ed to all its students, even five year old kindergarteners? Aside from pure hubris, satisfying Gay political groups is a good guess, but the simple answer is because they can. The Chicago’s public schools are more than 85% Black or Latino and just 8.8% White. A combined 87% of Black and Hispanic Chicagoans live in poverty so they are as dependent upon White liberals as house pets are to their owners.  

 If these numbers were reversed the White ruling class in Chicago wouldn’t dare force this plan on its students, yet because they own Chicago’s minorities they can treat them like house pets. It makes no difference what the conditions of the schools in Chicago are; or that they don’t teach their students basic skills. The White liberal ruling class tells its subjects where to live, what schools to attend, what will be taught, which stores they are allowed to shop in and on and on.  

Now Chicago’s White ruling class has decided bowing to Gay groups is more important than the innocence of its five year olds. There seems to have been no public hearings on this policy. There were no parents’ statements entered into the record about the plan. There was no discussion of how 5 year old kindergarten children would be affected by having their innocence wrenched away. Nobody asked how a child being taught the differences between normal sexuality and homosexuality was supposed to continue to believe in Santa Claus; or the doctrines of his or her family religion. None of Chicago’s subjects was given a chance to ask CPS administrators if they were concerned about having teachers instruct grade school children about “Kama Sutra” positions. Was anyone concerned that homosexual teachers presenting LGBT material to five year olds, is an ugly intrusion of the rights of parents?

Of course the CPS uses the standard liberal excuse that the plan includes an “Opt out clause.” What about an affirmative “Opt in” clause? Oh, that might draw too little interest and force teachers to actually attempt to teach.   



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5 thoughts on “Chicago’s White liberal ruling class to take minority five year olds innocence with LGBT Sex-Ed”

  1. “so they are as dependent upon White liberals as house pets are to their owners.”

    OUCH!! That that is an accurate description! Can I use it? Is it copyrighted??
    Western NC

  2. At one time up to the 1960’s, Chicago had an excellent school system. That was then and this is now. The educational system there has crumbled and now is dismal at best. Adding LGBT training would probably be a highlight nowadays, alhough something like that is completely worthless from an educational standpoint.
    In what way can such training prepare a student for life in the business world or for problem solving in today’s sad employment picture? The answer is that it can’t and spending money on such “training” is only another feelgood liberal measure.

    Chicago, home to fraud, neglect and the democratic machine.

  3. So, Rahm is now scr*w*ng kids as he did o’bama in that bath house, huh? No surprise.
    Chicago and everything from it is awful!

  4. To teach the beliefs and doctrines of a particular group and force feed the systematic beliefs upon children, is indoctianation.

    Public school sys. have crossed this line for decades with the full support from the corrupt teachers unions.
    School’s out for them and along the way it’s been retwisted and renamed, education.

    The backlash as seen in CA, when the school system was sabataged by this same agenda resulted in thouasands of kids pulled from the public school sys by concerned parents who realized it was a hopless wrecked sys.

    They were home schooled, sent to affordable private schools or charter schools, or taught by computer home schooling curriculum.
    As described and also ex. here, the left- over resulted in the poor minority kids with a drop out rate of, 51% and higher in some some schools.
    Not spoken outside of CA, this masse exit also added to the complete breakdown of CA;s public school sys. But Ca’s not talking about that.

    Do you really think in Chicago, or LA, or hundreds of other examples on this issue the concern by leadership, is education?
    The answer is sadly obvious.
    It’s about indoctination and to further the agenda of the far right.
    That’s what the 51% voted for .

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