China tells Obama and Clinton to shut up and they say “Yes sir!”

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Last week during an East Asia Summit meeting in Phnom Penh, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to stand fast and use diplomacy to resolve claims over territorial waters in the South China Sea. China has insisted that it had “’indisputable sovereignty’ over Islands that are claimed by Vietnam to the Scarborough Shoal near the Philippines. They include Islands near Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan. Secretary Clinton urged the nations to collectively negotiate with the Chinese regarding territorial waters. China wanted bilateral talks with each country where they felt they can intimate the nations into surrounding territorial claims without much attention. In and angry response the Chinese delivered a message to the United States that amounted to “Shut Up”


China maintains its claims to the islands of the South China Sea are ancient and were reaffirmed by China’s 1947 claim which wasn’t disputed. Furthermore  as their argument goes, when the Communists took power in 1949 they expanded their territorial claim.  Nevertheless, the traditional boundary that China claims in the South China Sea exists in theory only. Additional nations have made claims to islands and reefs in the region for fishing and mineral rights. However, after the discovery of oil in the region the Dragon knew it had to reclaim all of South China Sea.


China needs oil and lots of it. They need it for their military and their factories so they can continue to manufacture cheap parts that are too expensive to make anywhere else. The Chinese mainland is energy poor and needs to import coal and oil to meet its energy needs. The South China Sea has an estimated 17.7 billion tons of crude oil and China is expanding its presence in the region to claim exclusive rights to any oil found. China needs to have total control of the sea-lanes in the region to insure she gets the energy needed to be a super power.  They don’t want any external forces involved (read the United States), as they go about their territory grab.

The Chinese now feels embolden that they can start throwing around their weight. They have a permanent position on the UN Security Council; they are no longer afraid of Russia, and own a good portion of America’s debt.  So what does Hillary Clinton do when the Chinese tell her to shut up?  She shuts up.

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4 thoughts on “China tells Obama and Clinton to shut up and they say “Yes sir!””

  1. I do not like being in a defecit situation with china-but even so-we need a very strong military and to come across as top dog-anytime anyplace

  2. How very predictable of China….just because it has bought up so much of America’s debt…it now believes it can dictate to us, and the world, exactly what is, and isn’t going to occur.
    America will rue the day that former presidents Nixon (post humiliation), Clinton, Bush, and O’Liar got us in bed with this evilest of Empires.
    Ronnie Regan should be spinning in his grave long about now.
    To the Congress and President of these United States; this is what happens when you demean and abase the limits of your powers, this is what happens when you kill America’s expansion through Marxist/faux “green”, no-growth policies (specifically, but not limited to , oil and gas)and reduce us to a banana republic or African pauperism to “level the playing field”….this is what happens when you pathologically overspend your “accounts receivable” generation after generation, this is what happens when do-gooders believe America must “mix-in” to every damn internecine dispute between nations, religions and tribes instead of “tending to its’ OWN knitting; America is in “debtor nation” status and cannot pretend that it any longer has the wherewithal to tell China to tone down its’ rhetoric and world aggression…besides, that would also be rather like “the pot calling the kettle black…
    No, we do NOT thank you for your many years of disservice to America.

  3. If General MacArthur had gotten his way during the Korean War(police action), China would not be! Truman stopped him!Consequences of action aren’t alway immediate.

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