Common Sense Shows Guns Don’t Kill People, Blacks Do!

 By Doug Book, staff writer

Because the Regime’s  “Fast and Furious”  scheme to manufacture a national hue and cry for more restrictive gun control legislation failed in such a spectacular way,  the left has reverted to the fraudulent mantra so often used to separate the American people from their God given and 2nd Amendment guaranteed rights…the need for  “common sense”    gun legislation.

 The right to own a firearm,  “…is subject to common sense regulation just like most of our rights are subject to common sense regulation”  said candidate Obama in 2008. (1)

“The City of Chicago has gun laws,  so does Washington,  DC”,  he continued.  “The notion that somehow local jurisdictions can’t initiate gun safety laws to deal with gangbangers and random shootings on the street isn’t borne out by our Constitution.”

That the Supreme Court later ruled the famed Constitutional Law professor’s   “common sense”   claims fundamentally wrong on so many levels is a testament to Obama’s qualifications as anything but a Marxist street thug and community organizer.

According to the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence,  the nation’s  “…weak gun laws make weapons too readily available to dangerous people,  [making]  everyone a target for gun violence.”

Of course,  like most of the left,  the Brady Campaign  (formerly Handgun Control Inc)  view as dangerous any gun owner not government trained, government certified and government employed.

Therefore,  the organization’s agenda to register and eventually confiscate firearms from the American people proceeds with no regard for the difference between the law abiding and the truly dangerous.

Why? Because to the left,  “…there is a regular relationship between the availability of weapons to the general public and the rate at which crime[s]  occur…”   In short,  more guns=more crime,  irrespective of who owns them.

It is a belief which bears no resemblance to the facts.

Gun ownership is  “higher among Whites than among Blacks,  higher among middle aged people than among young people,  higher among married people than among unmarried people,  higher among richer people than poor…”

Therefore,  according to the fallacy of   “more guns=more crime”,  those most likely to be gun wielding American killers are well-to-do,  White,  middle aged married men and women!

But the fact is,  more guns do NOT result in more crime. Guns in the hands of CRIMINALS result in more crime. And in the US and elsewhere,  the majority of those hands are Black.

 Department of Justice statistics for 2005 show that Blacks,  who made up 12.1% of the population,  accounted for 52.2% of murders. Whites,  including Latinos,  represented 74.7% of the population and committed 45.8% of murders.

 This translates to 24.7 murders committed per 100,000 blacks. There were 3.38 murders per 100,000 whites,  including Latinos.

 When Anglo whites are separated from Latino Whites,  the figures show 7.73 murders per 100,000 Latino-whites and 2.63 murders per 100,000 Anglo-Whites.

 If Mr. Obama is determined to add to the nation’s bloated thicket of firearms legislation,  “common sense”  dictates he suspend efforts against the law abiding,  independent,  White,  middle aged,  married gun owner–the dedicated target of the past 50 years of gun control legislation.

 Instead,  “common sense”  should be exchanged for HONEST and gun crime addressed where it occurs and by whom it is committed.

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 This day in history July 29

1932: Republican Herbert Hoover cruelly orders US Army troops to remove disparate World War I veterans who had converged on Washington asking for relief from the pains of the Great Depression Hoover had caused.   

 Six Wisconsin Republican State Senators need your help. They are facing a union thug forced recall election. The most endangered is Dan Kapanke, he really needs your help:

In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both.  What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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5 thoughts on “Common Sense Shows Guns Don’t Kill People, Blacks Do!”

  1. Once again ! Another "score" for Doug !
    Most laws, at least the ones enacted prior to the late '50s, early '60s, were based upon what "a reasonable man would do" in any given situation.
    Gun laws and ownership were, and are no, exception.
    The problem now, in this country is a total absence of homogeneity because everyone's "culture" and ethnic origin seems to take precedence over espousing that which has been considered traditionally, "American values".
    We have a small, but very active, portion of our population, who will always be "Users", "Abusers", punk gangsters, and felons no matter WHAT sort of laws are passed.
    What we have learned since the early '60s is that Congress, Police agencies (Federal, State, and Border security/ ICE/ INS-types', even the jokers at Homeland Security, cannot control or enforce the multitudinous anti-crime laws already on the books.
    They have also abandoned "selective" enforcement of actual criminals; and have instead opted to treat ALL of us as if we were guilty until proven innocent. Decent folks are being tarred with the same brush as felons.
    Additionally, we have in this country, protected classes of individuals; the groups I call the "Sacred Cows" Just like in India ! To kill a "Sacred Cow" would be sacrilege and punishable ; so the beasts are free to roam in great numbers; often-time ruining private property and causing accidents.
    Our national "Sacred Cows" can be easily identified as they, by groups, have more rights and protections under the law than you or I have as individuals.
    These special interest groups are protected by political mobsters as well as congressional "bleeding-hearts", and have been used as "pivot-points" to strip REASONABLE people of their rights, privileges, and responsibilities.
    There are front groups created to insure that that these special interest groups are not messed-with. One such group is the ACLU.
    Acting in tandem are Congress, Presidents, Federal bureaucracies and our Courts, to make it nigh unto impossible for law enforcement agencies to do the jobs for which they've been trained.
    Think of it: why should law enforcement have their hands tied with rules such as:
    1. Forget the "judgement-call' or using the good sense which has been trained into you; Federal "guidelines" ask you to "stand down".
    2. Treat these "protected classes" with kid-gloves. Don't make an incident.
    3. Do not " racially profile" as it is politically incorrect to do so. We don't want to know about your hunches or "gut-feelings", we're only concerned about protecting us all from nuisance laws suits claiming discrimination.
    All our instincts, our educated responses, our years of law enforcement experience and training "down the tubes"; And, along with it, the ability to sort out, in the trenches, who is a bad guy and who isn't. Everyone gets "hauled in".
    The presumption of innocence for you and me is no longer; meanwhile, the real bad-asses are walking the streets like untouchables.
    There absolutely IS a huge difference between street thugs and "Mary and Harry Homeowner" who have firearms for personal protection or for sport. One group rarely abides by any laws; the other group just wants to protect themselves from the first group.

    1. Joanne,

      And isn't it remarkable that those "sacred cows" always seem to be Democrat voter blocs/contributors! Probably just a coincidence though, don't you think?

      Several years ago, former NY mayor Ed Koch claimed that the time had come when speaking truthfully about race was no longer taboo. Interesting that those guaranteed to KEEP it taboo also benefit most from doing so. After all, where would Uncle Al Sharpton, Jesse the Shake Down artist, Eric Holder, Hussein and others be if the TRUTH were to not only get out, but become a standard part of day to day discourse!!!

  2. I do believe there is no small irony to the breaking news from Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC ), in which they reported that an illegal alien, an Uzbekistani and a strict Muslim, was arrested for plotting to assassinate Obama.
    The illegal was living in Birmingham Ala. His student visa had been revoked April 1,2010 when he failed to enroll for school between his June 2009 arrival date in this country till the present .
    The whole plot, as first reported by Fox News July 26th, and appearing on the ALIPAC website July 29thy, indicates how very stupid and inept this person was.
    You've got to read it to believe it! Google ALIPAC and go to archived newsletters: Look for" "Illegal Alien Arrested for plotting to Assassinate President Obama".
    To me, the whole thing reads like a Ned Buntline Dime Store Novel with too many omissions to make much sense.
    I have two thoughts on this.
    !). Too bad the guy got caught .
    2). This COULD just as easily be what Sarah Palin would call "Obama-Drama"; and that the whole thing is nothing but a hoax to make it appear that our poor beleaguered, misunderstood Prez really IS an important enough president to be shot : that he is the victim of SO many bad-guys .
    My heart pumps peanut-butter for the both of them!

    1. Joanne,

      Hoax is right. Where could Muslims hope to find an American president more likely to betray "his own country" for the benefit of Muslims in the US and around the world? Killing Hussein would be the LAST thing terrorists would want to do.

  3. Though the Repubes have a few "sacred cows" of their own, in the main I would agree that Dems have a corner on that market.
    If the axiom "more guns=more crime" had any truth to it all; those legally armed American citizens long fed up with the fraud that is government, would have gone on a mutinous rampage long ago

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