Concerning Border Security: more of my presidential campaign platform

 By Ron Reale, staff writer

 The Federal Government shall be in charge of our BORDERS and IMMIGRATION policy

 When the Federal Government fails at its job and illegals enter the United States, LEAVING the BORDER area, any and all law-enforcement personnel still working and any and all patriotic citizens may, in defense of the country, do whatever is necessary to see that the law-breaker is removed from American jurisdiction.

 If that requires sending Europeans back to their continent by dumping them at the airport, that’s the extent of the taxpayer money that may be spent.

 As good neighbors, Mexicans and Canadians will be given the choice to leave immediately upon capture, rather than incarceration. As they were caught here illegally, they’ll never be allowed into America again, and will be incarcerated immediately should they be caught again.


Walls shall be built on both North and South borders, with crossings at 30 mile internals.

 Foreign workers with the appropriate proof of ID from their country, which can be checked by American Border agents, will be eligible for an American BIOMETRIC ID, and a Guest Worker Drivers Insurance and License.

 The Biometric Id for guest workers is attached to a bank account. All companies must direct deposit payments to Guest Workers into this account.  Biometric ID MUST be used to open any bank accounts or get money out of country, with a 25% tax on all Guest Worker funds:

12.5% for a pool-type auto insurance to cover illegal aliens, or Guest workers.

12.5% for a pool-type medical insurance to cover medical costs of illegal aliens, or Guest Workers.

 Neither Biometric IDs nor Guest Worker Licenses will ever be accepted to apply for any Board of Elections Documents. These documents will never infer or imply any right to vote.

 The Automatic Citizenship portion of the 14th Amendment shall be interpreted as written, giving citizenship to any child born of parents subject to the “jurisdiction” of the United States. Illegal aliens are citizens of other jurisdictions, that is why their Embassy Staff represents them. That is why their President has called wherever a Mexican is, Mexico. They are not supposed to be here, and therefore, are not legally subject to United States jurisdiction, other than to remove them immediately.

Illegals in the United States won’t be hunted, but, should they come in contact with officials who determine they’re illegal immigrants, they will be driven to the border, or transported to the border, and immediately sent back to their country, as they are not subject to United States jurisdiction.

 Illegals living otherwise-lawful lives in this country, who voluntarily register by turning themselves in, will be eligible for Guest Worker Permits and benefits.

Illegals discovered through other means will be immediately transported to the border, deported and never eligible for legal entry, of any type, into the United States.

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