Congressional Black Caucus will lead attacks on GOP nominee; let’s not forget who they are

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

As trusted overseers on massa Democrats plantation cloaked in protective black skin, the members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) will be taking the point in the most vicious attacks on our Republican candidates.

Because the CBC can hide behind the media we won’t hear much about these people, but here’s a list of the corruption surrounding these people.

Corrine Brown of Florida was fined for using her taxpayer paid for staff as workers in her travel agency. Her campaign finance chairman has alleged his signature was forged on financial reports.

Georgia CBC member Sanford Bishop is being investigated for diverting $200,000 to his wife’s bank account through a program employing his step daughter and son-in-law.

Indiana’s CBC member and Muslim convert Andre Carson has ties to, and has received campaign donations from CAIR and did so while he was a supervisor of an Indiana Anti terrorism team.  The Council On American Islam Relations CAIR has seen more than a dozen of its members indicted for involvement with HAMAS.

South Carolina CBC member James Clyburn, an especially vociferous critic of White Republicans has been accused of helping steal at least $16,600 for his brother in the Five Rivers Development Corp. scandal.  

An aide of John Conyers was allowed to use Conyers’ office to get a fraudulent passport. There are several examples of corruption by Conyers of Michigan, but this one gives us a clear picture of his attitude toward honesty and integrity.      

Detroit’s other CBC member Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick joined Tax Cheat Charlie Rangel on one of his taxpayer funded trips to the Caribbean which is still being investigated.

Keith Ellison of Minnesota another Muslim convert has gotten significant campaign money from CAIR. A serial tax cheat, Ellison has seen the IRS place liens on his home. During an interview with Glen Beck Ellison would not affirm his American patriotism, but is a firm supporter of Louie Farakan’s Nation of Islam and its anti-Semitism.    

Pennsylvania’s Chacka Fattah a CBC Muslim convert born Arthur Davenport was forced to shut down a “scholarship” program when the FBI started investigating it.  Fattah is a leader in the CBC’s effort to shut down the Office of Congressional Ethics.

 Since no discussion of Democrat conduct could be complete without talking about sexual assault or harassment, CBC member Al Green of Texas fills the bill. Green is accused of being both a crook and a rapist. It seems he “forget” to report $300,000 in campaign contributions and is alleged to have raped a staffer.    

   Charlie Rangel of Harlem is serial taxes cheat and still under investigation.

New York CBC member Gregory Meeks is under investigation for using thousands of campaign dollars for trips to Las Vegas and to buy Super Bowl tickets.

Two California and CBC members Laura Richardson ( over allegations she forced her staff to contribute to her campaign and work for her re-election) and Maxine Waters – for helping bailout a bank her husband has a huge stake in.

The numbers tell the story. Thirty percent of the CBC is under investigation. Why should we care what they or any other crooked Democrat has to say?

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This day in history December 9

1872: In Louisiana Republican P.B. S. Pinchback became the first African American state governor in American history.

 In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both.  What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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6 thoughts on “Congressional Black Caucus will lead attacks on GOP nominee; let’s not forget who they are”

  1. The left continue to play upon its ownership of the media and the inviolable rules of political correctness created so many years ago for its own protection. Imagine this were the 1970s and we were still dependent upon Walter Cronkite for any glimpse into the workings of DC. Coach's above piece could not have been written and Obama would go into the 2012 campaign 30 points up on any Republican challenger.

    But as the internet exists, so does the means for getting facts to anyone interested in them.

  2. The nightmare for Black Americans is quite simple to define!!! Of course, no one, including Republicans of all stripes will confront the dark reality, hardship and struggle that is everyday life for the overwhelming majority of Black Americans. Fact is: POTUS Barack Hussein Obama is not the Black folks friend, never was and never will be!!! Exact same can be said and applied to the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP!!! Two simple clear facts, Blacks must be kept imprisoned on Obama/Democrat economic slave plantations, just as the Jews of Poland were confined to the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto. And…..they must just be doled out enought subsistance to survive, but just barely. The difference was, the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto was just one location. The Black American Ghettos span the entire nation!!!

    Of course, the Obama/Democrat is the culprit, but…..just as bad and guilty are the Republican Establishment that stands silently by, while these Americans are held in suffering and economic bondage, every bit as evil as chattel slavery ever was.

    The second fact is also simple and very clear. Do not ever let Blacks have the individual freedom to progress and effectively assimilate into general American society. Yes, Obama, the CBC, The NAACP, want to badly keep "Racism" alive and well. It's called people control by the state. Why, in God's name do you think Herman Cain was destroyed??? Why? Because Mr. Cain was a real threat to the Black status quo, and….would have been the game changer for all of American history.

    Until, Republicans go hog wild getting a clear message to all Black Folks that they can, and must be Americans in the true sense & fashion of a country blessed with freedom, liberty, equality, opportunity and….the individual pursuit of happiness, Obama and his racial ilk, lock-steppers will control, restrict and keep freedom from millions of American Black folk!!! Sad, sad for all Balcks, and…sad for America!!!!

    1. Well written and I agree 100%. What strikes me as odd is the failure of the black churches to step up to the plate and educate their congregations.

    2. New York Gray Fox : I submit that no one race of individuals since the late fifties, and to date; has had more Congressionaly sanctioned social and economic assistance than Black Americans. For some individuals it is still a rough, rotten life; but so many Black Americans pulled themselves up by their own boot-straps, took advantage of the opportunities afforded them and are now living a life that neither their parent nor their grand-parents could have hoped for.
      With a few exceptions, I believe that Black Americans have assimilated very nicely into what was blatantly once a "White Society". Certainly ththere are some Blacks who revere more their Black ancestry than they identify with being "American"…. but a couple of generations of seeking an association with an even more disparate culture thousands of miles away, will eventually fade into a true, viable acceptance of an American-ness which binds us together.
      The Obamas, Congress, Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of this world, along with all the other Class- warfare freaks, race-baiters, and reverse discrimination types make it more difficult for decent Black men and women to simply get on with their lives without the constant attention and governmental interference in manufactured or questionably exclusive"Black issues".
      Republicans, in my opinion do NOT need to "go hog wild" to convince any black individual about what is in their best interests as Americans. All we need to do is to invite them to the table to participate equally. There are no "Black issues" or "White issues"… only Human issues which need to be stressed above any matter of skin color or heritage.
      The main problem, as I see it , for both Black folks and white folks, is how far are we willing to go to take back our country from those who pit one racial group against another….So that WE, the people, finally get to define what it is to be an American.
      Congress, as well as Presidents, have screwed it up for all of us. We can both prosper so much better without them !

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