Conspiracy theories making more sense than Obama’s claims

by George Spelvin,  staff writer

Are Saudi Arabia and Qatar trying to get Obama to bomb Syria back to the Middle Ages so they can run that big gas pipeline through Syria?  Is that the real back story here, an attempt by the inscrutable Arabs to pimp America’s military to do their work even as such actions would destroy Assad and support Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood? 

A “Vanity” posting on Free Republic, dated Sept 6, urges Americans to call Congress and say: “I know about the gas pipeline Saudi Arabia and Qatar want to run through Syria and Assad won’t let them!” The poster goes on to say that “They [the Saudi’s] want Obama to pimp our troops to do their fighting against Assad for the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda!” (1)

Another trenchant, Free Republic contributor says the Muslim Brotherhood and Barack Hussein Obama my be closer or more connected than originally revealed. (2) This quote is thrown up against the web wall: “I don’t know if he is a card carrying member, but he clearly is a huge supporter of these various jihadists!”  The name Shadi Hamid is associated with this rhetoric, but the name may or may not be just a generic Arabic moniker thrown out there to stir the roiling Middle Eastern pot even more. is leaning toward conspiracy theories evolving out of the Egyptian Street’s “dissatisfaction with the Obama administration policy some have viewed as pro Muslim Brotherhood.” (3) That famous photo still careening around the web of Obama bowing low to the Saudi King isn’t helping his bomb, bomb, bomb Syria lyric either.
Al Jazeera English on Friday quoted Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei, who said, “The West is using allegations of chemical weapons as pretext for attacking Syria.”  Qassem Soleimani, chief of Iran’s elite Quds force unit warns, “We will support Syria to the end!” (3)

The irony of President Obama sending a video greeting to the Muslim Brotherhood holding its big annual convention in Chicago on the very day he announced his plans to bomb Syria is simply stunning.  You can view the entire video to hear Obama praise the Muslim Bros for “the myriad of ways the American Muslim Community and specifically ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) leadership has served as an effective partner in promoting inter-religious initiatives in the US and religious freedom for minorities around the world!” (4) This amazing praise to an Islamic organization alleged in some quarters to be connected to the destruction of some 80 Christian Churches near Damascus last week stings stateside.

And what happened on 9/11?


calls to Congress may be made toll free to 1-877-762-8762;  ck out “more perfect union” on ISNA’s website; this rhetoric comes from documents by America’s founding fathers!

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2 thoughts on “Conspiracy theories making more sense than Obama’s claims”

  1. It’s no secret to awake Americans (and the rest of the world) what ObaMao is. He speaks fluent Arabic, he loves the sound of the call to prayer…”It’s the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard” or words to that effect. In his own book he wrote he will stand with the Muslims when the winds shift or something similar. He was raised a Muslim and was born somewhere other than the U.S. (as far as I’m concerned). He attended Muslim schools in Indonesia as a Muslim. Once you are a Muslim you cannot change your religion…if you do you are to be killed in accordance with Sharia Law. He has had a forged birth certificate manufactured and placed on the W.H. website. The same birth certificate can be dismantled easily by anyone with knowledge and a computer. All of his records are sealed so no one knows for sure what schools he attended and have no idea what his grades were. People that attended the same college as ObaMao purports to have attended say they never heard of him and he wasn’t in any of their classes. He is using parts of the Constitution to further the Muslim agenda to take over the world by giving special rights to Muslims in the U.S. while at the same time demonizing and criminalizing the Christian population. He has had the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorists in the W.H. multiple times. ObaMao has blocked access to the W.H. register so no one can see who visits there anymore. “The most transparent administration in history”….my As*! He continually lies about everything and smiles as he does it knowing Americans are stupid Sheeple that will do as they are told no matter what….all the way to the death camps. The pipeline through Syria is but one reason. There are several reasons: ObaMao has been toppling one government after another in the Middle East to put Muslim Brotherhood leaders into power to convert these countries into pure Sharia Law countries. Egypt had none of that B.S. and tossed out ObaMao’s puppet and is now trying the Muslim Brotherhood for crimes. Egypt has proof ObaMao is a terrorist and has released documents. Anyone hear anything about Egypt releasing documents about ObaMao? Not from our worthless news outlets. All the major news outlets are in on this including FOX. Want real news? Get it from online sources other than the mainstream lying media. One more thing about Syria: They have one of the largest liquid natural gas deposits in the world just off their shoreline. They want to retrieve it and sell it to the world for their own benefit. The natural gas deposit was discovered over a decade ago. Guess who is stopping them? The U.S. government…the largest terrorist organization in the world.

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