Constructive secession: a frightening possibility unless King Barack I is stopped




By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

 If we can’t find a way stop Barack Obama’s shredding of our Constitution by his arrogant use of Executive Orders we are certainly headed for a Constitutional crisis not seen since the Civil War.

Obama’s continued assaults on the rule of law to win support and reelection from those with no stake in our country are now coming at a dangerous pace.  His narcissistic “L’État, c’est moi” (“I am the state”) delusion  must be stopped or at some point a state governor will refuse to comply with one of his Executive Orders –even one backed up by the Supreme Court. This could bring about a de facto, or constructive secession by states attempting to uphold our Constitution. 

 Constructive Secession

 Borrowing from civil divorce law, constructive secession could occur when a state refuses to fulfill its obligations of compliance within the compact it has with the federal government. Barack Obama is well on his way to setting the stage for this to happen.

 Utah already has a law allowing the satisfaction of taxes with payment in gold. Other states, South Carolina Georgia Idaho and Indiana, (all of whom are controlled by Republicans) are considering similar bills. When this happens gold will become the local currency and necessarily differ in value from one state to another. This will in effect create state currency and bring about another step toward constructive secession.

 In a marriage constructive abandonment can arise without the spouses separating and taking up new domiciles. In a constructive secession there would be no need for a formal declaration of secession. States opting for a constructive secession would merely comport themselves as separate countries as they administer the several matters that dominate everyday life. 

We already have dozens of states that have indicated they will not comply with the requirements of Obamacare. Two governors have just announced their states will not comply with changes in Welfare eligibility rules dictated to them by Obama.

 Given these facts, how far off could widespread constructive secessions be?   Not very far unless King Barack I is stopped.  

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5 thoughts on “Constructive secession: a frightening possibility unless King Barack I is stopped”

  1. Secession is a good idea. In fact if the Union will not stand, then Texas should lead the way and become its own "Country" until such time as Washington cleans out the swamp that politicians have made of it. Socialism will eventually collapse this Country as it did in Russia leaving a shambles behind. THIS, I suspect, would please Obama no-end, since the evidence all points to him bringing that about.

    Every time he wraps himself in the Flag and Constitution to misuse them to cause the downfall of America, I want to puke! (all over him!).

  2. We must not secede from The Union, that's something Obummer and globalists such as Soros and others would love. What the states have to do is stay united and unanimously 'secede' from Washington D.C.. Or to say it rightly we must find a way to force D.C. with its corrupted, over-reaching perverted form of what was once OUR government to secede from U.S., until such time as it can be cleaned out and put right again. God willing.

    1. pennalto, I suspect that you're pipe-dreaming. "Blue States" will hardly be "up" for any uniformity in secession….They've already cast their lots with the enemy and they, through their congress-critters, have been part and parcel of the instability, nanny-State/Federalism insanity now ruling D.C.
      That will leave the "Red States", alone, to take on the federal govt.
      Who gives a flying fig whether Soros and globalists would or wouldn't love this ? Last time I looked, NONE of those entities are Americans and this is an issue for "Les Etats Unis" to settle.
      Like a naif in the woods, my friend, you appear to be afraid and clueless.

      To Joe Conservative (below)….you haven't been paying attention….look up the phrase 'State's nullification of federal laws'.
      As in many aspects of life : sometimes you have to take things apart in order to repair them and make them work better.
      It is MOST inappropriate to call Mr Hollenbeck a traitor! and I for one, will NOT tolerate you doing so !! You appear here, in this web site, once in a while and you have the audacity to label a fellow conservative, trying to find solutions to a problem, a Traitor ????
      If I ran this website, you would be banned for life !!
      Go somewhere else with your mock outrage and accusations !!!
      …..apparently you have forgotten who the REAL enemy and traitor to this country is!

  3. I shall, speaking only for myself, be NO PARTY to any attempt to dissolve this UNION. To suggest we should either actively embrace or passively permit such I am sad s to say labels YOU a TRAITOR, Mr.Hollenbeck.

    I shall stand in your way each step until you kill me.

  4. 1) Economic challenges of being a independent state: Sure you’ll print your own money, but how is it valued against other currencies? Backed by gold, silver, oil? How will you raise revenue? income tax, sales tax, VAT? There are a ton of financial and banking questions to be answered.

    2) What happens to people in the independent state who are drawing Social Security, or retirement income from the Military, or Federal Civil Service?

    3) What about the military? National Guard, sure, but what about all the active and reserve duty personnel from the newly independent state? Those bases won’t be paid for anymore and all but state residents will be gone, along with most of the weaponry. When the bases that Are in the newly independent states are closed, where will the new jobs come from..not just the military ones, but the civilian support jobs?

    4) The new Nation/State will need an entire government including diplomatic corps, not only to deal with other Nations, but with other Nation/States. A single state is pretty defenseless…so it will need treaties and possibly (gasp) unions with other states. How, exactly would Texas keep itself from being annexed by Mexico?

    ETC: Interstate commerce, border control, infrastructure repair, debt resolution, law enforcement, expedition of your state’s criminals back from federal penitentiaries…..

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