Defense contractors donate a ton to pro-war Senators

by George Spelvin
Senator John McCain raked in a staggering $176,300.00 to win the gold in the defense contract lobby dollars Olympics, the most of any other senator on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee according to a print outlet in Great Britain.  (1)  Is this mind blowing amount reverberating in his brain as he tells Congress and the American people, “It would be catastrophic if Congress doesn’t go along” with Barack’s Syria “policy?” Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) who is up for re election next year won the silver with a $127,350 purse, and VA Democrat Tim Kaine pulled in $101,025 to wear the bronze.

Every American needs to read this unbelievable DAILY MAIL article which features correlations between Yes votes cast to go to war last week with their lobby dollars received.  The Brit print outlet reports committee members voting to support Obama’s bomb Syria resolution “collected an average of $72,850” in defense campaign financing between 2007 and 2012! (2)  These averages come from analysis of data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics.  Senator Tom Udall (D-UT) voted No and only pulled in $18,700 over five years.
Some of our poor, hurting troops are already on their fourth deployment. One only has to go to local American Legion and Am Vet posts to see and hear how destroyed they and their families are.  Ask to see if the name Kerry, McCain or Graham appears on any of the rosters of troops currently serving.  Louses in D.C. can’t even process the veterans’ records, so many and so heavy the files are falling through floors at VA locations as reported last year by Fox.

A combined defense lobby pouch of $130,850 went to Yes voters Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and ranking Republican Bob Corker, two more reasons to bomb Syria so the Saudis and Qatar can get that gas pipeline they want dug across Syria with US bomb dollars. Democrats carry the deciding vote on this war committee by a 10 count of 18 members total.  “The Center for Responsive Politics data show over a five year period, most of the $1,006,887 (lobby money) flowed to senators who voted YES.”

And let’s not forget Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) who was quoted this weekend as saying she’ll vote Yes even though her constituents want her to vote No.  A WND article (3) tells us that she “abruptly walked away from her responsibilities on the Senate Military Construction Appropriations Sub Committee. . .after a Metroactive online report revealed her husband’s companies…received BILLIONS of dollars worth of military contracts SHE APPROVED!!”  This quote burns like a chemical fire here in the US: “her subcommittee left grievously wounded veterans to rot while her family was profiting from the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.”  Be sure to go to these links (1)  (2) to read the lists of senators to learn how much they raked in and how much in the sales of medical equipment without competitive bids the Feinstein connection brought in. (3)

About 1% of our eligible young men go into the maw of these war machines, yet our senators year after year keep sending them into harm’s way and America into debtors’ prison.  We have no draft; we see few if any of their sons and daughters fighting endless wars in the Middle East, a region in strife since pre Biblical times.  Yet, CNN  timed perfectly the pitiful pictures of gas deaths during our September 11 week misery.  Remember, timing is everything in politics a political reporter is told.
Why didn’t these senators get so fired up about the children murdered in Darfur, Ruwanda, the Coptic Christians, the 58 million babies of Americans aborted by scissors jammed into their half born skulls?  Why? Maybe because there were no defense dollars flowing from K Street.

SOURCES:  (1)  (2)   dated 5 September 2013  updated 6 September 2013 by reporter David Martosko


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  1. @George–

    Anything that shines more light on the scumbags here in Washington (of both parties—there are maybe 5% worthwhile in the lot of them) is welcome. Who knows? This could also cure the nauseating military worship that comes from the Right, as well.

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