Demands for a peaceful secession once a hypothetical possibility now already in 15 States

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

In mid-July our staff posed the question of whether there might be a “constructive secession” by various states if Barack Obama was re-elected. Unfortunately he has been reelected and this hypothetical question has become a reality under the name of “peaceful secession.” Now just a week past the election and there are already citizen groups in FIFTEEN STATES asking for a peaceful secession from the United States of America.

Where this will take us and when it might reach its climax remains to be seen, but a few things are sure: There will be no peaceful secession nor will there be secession by force of arms by any state. Nevertheless, neither of these facts preclude a “constructive secession” which would serve the ends of a “peaceful secession” perhaps even more effectively.             

Simple strict adherence to administrative process could very quickly level the national “playing field” in the struggle to stop the unconstitutional onslaught from Obama.  He has purposefully exacerbated tensions between those who pull the wagon in our country and made it clear he intends to make us slaves to his regime. Now the ever present “red tape” Obama himself swore to cut to help Sandy victims, can force him to live with the consequences of his actions.

The reaction to Obama’s reelection has been faster and stronger than anyone could have predicted. The level of frustration caused by Obama’s evisceration of our way of life has skyrocketed and there now seems to be no way to avoid a constitutional crisis.     

Given its stunning rate of escalation there is sure to be a Tenth Amendment test case heard by the Supreme Court as soon as next spring. But even that swift action will be behind the curve – by how much is the only question.  

Peaceful Secession through Constructive Secession

Borrowing from civil divorce law, constructive secession could occur as states either refuse to fulfill their obligations of compliance under their compact with the federal government which isn’t likely or do so at a snail’s pace supported by miles of red tape  which is more likely.

There are dozens of states that have indicated they will not comply with the requirements of Obamacare. Two governors have  announced their states will not comply with changes in Welfare eligibility rules dictated to them by Obama.

Can any observer be truly surprised that the “peaceful secession” movement now even includes New Jersey and Colorado? Can anyone even casually watching this kettle boil be certain the 15 States in this movement are all that will join and this movement has reached its high water mark?

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4 thoughts on “Demands for a peaceful secession once a hypothetical possibility now already in 15 States”

  1. 1) Economic challenges of being a independent state: Sure you’ll print your own money, but how is it valued against other currencies? Backed by gold, silver, oil? How will you raise revenue? income tax, sales tax, VAT? There are a ton of financial and banking questions to be answered.

    2) What happens to people in the independent state who are drawing Social Security, or retirement income from the Military, or Federal Civil Service?

    3) What about the military? National Guard, sure, but what about all the active and reserve duty personnel from the newly independent state? Those bases won’t be paid for anymore and all but state residents will be gone, along with most of the weaponry. When the bases that Are in the newly independent states are closed, where will the new jobs come from..not just the military ones, but the civilian support jobs?

    4) The new Nation/State will need an entire government including diplomatic corps, not only to deal with other Nations, but with other Nation/States. A single state is pretty defenseless…so it will need treaties and possibly (gasp) unions with other states. How, exactly would Texas keep itself from being annexed by Mexico?

    ETC: Interstate commerce, border control, infrastructure repair, debt resolution, law enforcement, expedition of your state’s criminals back from federal penitentiaries…..

  2. I recently moved to Texas from the Northeast…I have bank accounts in other states as well as Texas…there is a provision in the Texas Constitution that provides the state the ability to do exactly that, secede from the Union; I have my doubts as to how that would happen or if at this late date, it’s even possible….but Obama has provided us with a multiplicity of avenues we will be exploring for four years..all I can say is, he really demonstrates all the qualities of a very hateful adolescent…this sort of contempt of human endeavor and Western civilization is beyond comprehension and inexplicable….I guess the notion he is more affiliated with Islam & Muslims is more than just a conceivable notion..

  3. Imagine a place where your labor is rewarded, where the Constitution is followed as originally intended, where government regulation is minimal, where religion is respected, where education and achievement are celebrated, where violent crime is virtually an unknown, where public schools are truly excellent and teachers are rewarded for the results of great efforts, where people can walk the streets in safety, where the elderly are respected, and where skin color is truly a non-issue.

    John Galt had it right.

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