Democrats plan to steal Nov. elections with Secretaries of State as they did to Coleman in Minn.

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

When Joseph Stalin said, “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The People who count the votes decide everything,” he pointed the way for the Democrat takeover of our electoral process! Communists and socialists in America now have their marching orders to manipulate how our votes are counted by taking over ”Secretary of State”Offices throughout our country.

After the Bush Kerry 2004 election, ” the idea for the Secretary of State Project (SOSP) germinated when the group’s Democrat founders blamed Kerry’s defeat on then Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, a Republican who had ruled that Ohio would not count provisional ballots of properly registered voters if they had been submitted at the wrong precinct,” according to the web site.

If any election carries a margin of victory less than 120,000, the SOSP swings into action. Still angry over the 2000 Bush win when Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris was in charge of the ballot recount fracas, Democrats gathered relatively small amounts of funding momentum and targeted Secretary of State races in Michigan, Ohio, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, Nevada, and Iowa, according to All those Democrats won except in Colorado and Michigan.

“The U.S, Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit ultimately upheld Blackwell’s decision,” and the U.S. Supreme Court decided for the Bush 2000 win. This same website stresses that “very few Americans realize the importance of the SoSP duties.” It is this very stealth that wealthy fund raisers such as Democracy Alliance members George Soros and Rob Stein and other Progressives are using to take control of our electoral process.

Jennifer Brunner’s defeat of Kenneth Blackwell in Ohio illustrates the power of this stealth project.

Professional historian and co author of The Manchurian President Brenda J. Elliott, points to the Norm Coleman defeat in Minnesota and warns that it is each state’s Secretary who really holds the keys to the Oval Office and the Capitol. If the SoSP initiative goes unchallenged and if Obama grants amnesty to over 13 million potential Democrat voters, our country ceases to be government of the people, by the people, and for the people. WAKE UP!

Fight because the life of our nation depends on you!

Pledge your support to America. Pray for our nation’s wellbeing. Ask God to save our country from the Marxists who would destroy us. Stand up for your country. America needs you now more than ever. We are fighting powerful foreign AND domestic enemies.

Answer the challenge! Be a warrior for freedom!

Educate yourself and learn who is working for America and who is working against America. Get on the internet and learn what they are doing to us. The days of letting your children and grandchildren have your computer to play games on have to end, the grown ups have work to do. Use to find information about the various subjects you need to know about to be a warrior for freedom.

If we let the sun set on this great nation we won’t see its likes again.


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One thought on “Democrats plan to steal Nov. elections with Secretaries of State as they did to Coleman in Minn.”

  1. It’s so funny (in a not-so-humorous way) that Democrats are angry about the 2000 presidential election when the whole fiasco was in reality a failed attempt by the Gore campaign to steal the election.
    First they tried the “October Surprise” DUI slander against Bush.
    Then they tried to suppress the western Florida vote by calling the state for Gore 4 hours befor the polls were closed.
    Finally, when that failed, decided to call in the Chicago vote-fraud machine and started counting ballots they found in the trash as votes for Gore (even if they were votes for Bush).
    The left will lie, cheat and steal to win. Power is not just something they want, it’s something they believe is theirs by right. There is nothing democratic about the Democrats.

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