Democrats who can “find” votes to steal elections have “found” 386k jobs trying to steal this one

By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

Democrats who can magically “find” votes to steal elections when they have to; have now “found” 386,000 jobs some silly goose “forgot” to add to Bureau of Labor Statistics  employment figures.  They can try this lie, but our economy is falling off a cliff and everybody knows it.

Surprising to only Barack Obama’s “experts” the Commerce Department announced that orders for durable goods plummeted 13.2 percent last month. The Democrat cheer leaders in the media won’t remind you of this but at 13.2% this is the BIGGEST drop since January 2009 the month Obama took office.  This is a recession indicator with a bright red flashing sign!

The puny demand for aircraft which indicates weakness in big business and cars and small trucks which indicates and exemplifies the impact of the $4000 drop in real spending power for America’s families made up much of the plunge.

Nothing makes this problem clearer than the fact that while Aircraft manufacturer Boeing received 260 orders for new airplanes in July it got just ONE order in August!

Much to Obama and the media’s chagrin it also indicates that uncertainty over a future possibly spent in a rabid anti-business atmosphere is causing people who do have money to hold back on their spending.    

The main fear is that $500 billion in tax cuts instituted during the last Bush Administration will be allowed to expire.

All manufacturing sector orders are down and unfilled orders are at their lowest level since December 2009. Actual shipments of finished goods are down for a second straight month. This data goes into calculating the GDP which is already at an alarmingly low 1.3%.

Any prediction that Obama will lose in November because of our terrible economy is certainly bolstered by this awful news. The two Colorado Political Science professors who predicted a landslide defeat for Obama based on their model (which would have been 8 for 8 had it been in use over the past three decades) comes to mind.   

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