Is Obama’s promise of US troops in the Sinai an outright lie?

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Is the Gaza cease fire agreed to by Benjamin Netanyahu based on a lie told the PM by Barack Obama?

Egypt’s president Mohamed Morsi should be forever beholding to Barack Hussein Obama. After all, Obama’s calculated ouster of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarek gave Morsi the job of ruling the Middle East’s most populous nation. And ruling is the right word as Morsi has granted himself both dictatorial power and immunity from prosecution by Egypt’s courts.

I “may take the necessary actions and measures to protect the country and the goals of the revolution,” writes the Egyptian president in Article 6 of his power grab decree. Morsi also becomes the “Sovereign of the State” who can “claim exception against all rules.”  (There exists a similar situation in the United States, though it has yet to be put in writing.) (1)

Fortunately, no one in Egypt needs worry about the true intentions of their self-appointed pharaoh. After all, Morsi has assured Egyptians that his new dictatorship is only a temporary state of affairs “until a new constitution can be drafted and a new parliament elected.”  As a dedicated member of the Muslim Brotherhood, surely he can be taken at his word!

But upon release of his decree on Egyptian television, protests and rioting began throughout the nation. For although Morsi won the “democratically held” election earlier this year, even the massive voter fraud reportedly engineered by the Muslim Brotherhood could only provide the new president a very narrow margin of victory over the competition.

So why would Morsi agree to the placement of United States soldiers in Egypt’s Sinai region? After all he’ll win few Egyptian friends by inviting American troops into the country and certainly none among his Muslim Brotherhood peers. Yet according to Israel’s Debka, during a conversation with P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu, “Barack Obama personally pledged to start deploying US troops in the Egyptian Sinai next week,” that is, yesterday or today!  And Obama obviously needed Morsi’s permission to do so. In fact it was only this promise which convinced Netanyahu to accept the cease fire as Obama guaranteed American soldiers would halt the smuggling of arms through Sinai to Hamas in Gaza. (2)

But did Obama lie to Netanyahu? According to Egypt’s Daily News “there is no truth to what has been published on Israeli websites on plans for the deployment of US troops in the Sinai as part of the ceasefire agreement in Gaza between Hamas and Israel.” Is this statement by the Egyptian armed forces true? Did Netanyahu lie about what he was told by Obama? (3)

Clearly, something is going on here. Debka is not the sort of news provider to make up a story, least of all one of such import. Would Obama lie? That question answers itself. But what would he hope to gain unless it be time for Hamas to replenish its stock of weapons through the usual smuggling routes in the Sinai?  Naturally this would necessitate a prior agreement between Obama and Morsi, indicating the sort of intrigue and betrayal of which both are certainly capable.

This will be a very interesting story to watch during the coming days. For it’s a safe bet that Barack Obama is more concerned with keeping Mohamed Morsi’s friendship and cooperation than Benjamin Netanyahu’s!





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6 thoughts on “Is Obama’s promise of US troops in the Sinai an outright lie?”

  1. Would Obama lie? With every word he speaks. The Muslim brotherhood was invited into OUR White House and allowed to hold meetings with our top security people. Why did Obama allow that? Not long after that meeting, Egypt had an uprising of protesters upset over a video that insulted Islam. That same night the murders at Benghazi take place. Those in power claim it was also because of the video even though the evidence was overwhelmingly opposed to that story line. Why would Obama and his lemmings continue to push the idea of the video being the cause? Two weeks after the murders, Obama went to the United Nations and while speaking continually accused the murders on the video and condemning those who would insult a religion. Are you aware that the UN is trying to make it a crime (worldwide) to criticize Islam? I believe it was Muhammad Morsi that asked the UN to create the law. Could it be that Obama agrees with the UN and Morsi? Obama’s history has been that he attempts to persuade the people to support his ideas first and if that doesn’t work, he’s okay with concocting ways around our laws. Is that what he was attempting to do by pushing that tall tale?

    1. Of COURSE Obama supports the UN effort to criminalize criticism of Islam. Remember, Obama has already taken a political prisoner, that being the maker of the “offensive” film. Political prisoners go hand in hand with the criminalization of thought!
      thanks much for reading Coach is Right.

  2. Would Barack Hussein Obama and/or Morsi lie?


    But ” Debka is not the sort of news provider to make up a story, least of all one of such import.”

    /cough, cough…

  3. This is not rocket science here: Obama IS a Muslim; his every action with respect to religion SHOUTS it loud and clear! Muslims want Israel destroyed. Obama has stated HE will side with the Muslims “if things get ugly”, which this would qualify as being; ergo, he’s going to do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING he can to help destroy Israel; as he’s doing to America!

  4. Did not Obama say “I will side with the muslims”? And did he not make a statement “my muslim faith”,and did he not reference “the holy koran” and
    observe muslim holidays in the White House?? Did he not bow down before an arab prince(or ruler)?
    ‘Nuff said.

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