Did Obama award Air Force plane contract to “Air Solyndra”?


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Without telling anyone but Embraer, the Brazilian company he has decided to give the contract to, Barack “transparency” Obama has bypassed an American company and shutdown any further bidding on a project to build Light Air Support (LAS) planes for the Air Force.     

Given the Obama Administration’s penchant for double talk and outright lying it’s no wonder Hawker Beechcraft a Kansas air ship building company was snubbed. In Obama’s world building American really doesn’t count for much except as a phrase to use when talking to union members whose votes and money he needs.  Since Hawker is a heavily unionized company the answer to the question of this contract award must be something else.  

Embraer: An Obama kind of operation

 Aside from the underhandedness of not telling Hawker that the bidding was closed on Dec 22, (an SOP for these people) Embraer is a typical Obama like bag of crap; just the kind of shady outfit Obama likes to deal with.

The Brazilian government controls Embraer so we have to keep Obama’s gifts of our money to Brazil’s oil exploration industry in mind. Moreover, the otherwise disinterested Securities and Exchange Commission is actually investigating Embraer for violating the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Not surprisingly this statute deals with foreign entities bribing their way to “gain or retain business.”

It gets worse

As if it were not bad enough that Obama “selected” Embraer over Hawker in typical secretive fashion, a look at the facts reveals that the Brazilians have an American partner; Sierra Nevada Corp. a plane manufacturer with corporate headquarters in Sparks Nevada.

 If this wasn’t so obviously a scam it would be funny. Sparks Nevada is a Harry Reid piggy bank. He is so in-your-face about his corruption and its connection to Sparks he even has a story on his web site about Sparks using solar energy to save “$40,000 a year. This sounds great until you read further and discover the “savings” come at the expense of Nevada taxpayers who are financing this “great saving”  with nearly a million dollars of their money.

So what happened? How did an American firm lose out to a corrupt foreign company in a competition to win a contract to build United States Air Force planes? The short answer may very well be illegal political contributions.

Sending money to a company in Harry Reid’s backyard makes getting some of it back a lot easier than sending it to known crooks in Brazil. They might bet on Obama losing the election and just keep it.

Standby, Air Solyendra is about to take off.      

Use this site to contact your Congressional Representative: https://writerep.house.gov/writerep/welcome.shtml

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5 thoughts on “Did Obama award Air Force plane contract to “Air Solyndra”?”

  1. Good story Coach-SOP for Obama looks like backstabbing US firms.

    Does he love our country and people? No way. Adjectives like "worthless creep" come to mind when I think of our president but that would go against Christian charity so I´ll just say "traitorous scoundrel"
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Coach & Staff

  2. The contract went to Embraer because the Super Tocano is simply the better aircraft. The AT-6 is an unproven prototype, and an adaptation of a trainer.

    The Tocano is a purpose built attack aircraft, and is considered the gold standard in the modern light attack role. It has higher landing gear clearance than the AT-6 (critical for rough field takeoffs and landings), longer endurance, better cockpit visibility, and internal mounts for machine guns (the AT-6 would have to mount guns on external hardpoints). It’s already proven itself in nearly a decade of combat.

    I’m skeptical about Beechcraft’s claims on the jobs numbers too. The Air Force is just licensing the design for the Super Tocano from Embraer. Embraer won’t actually be building them. All of the major components (engine, propeller, avionics, ejector seat, etc) are being built in America, and final assembly will be in America as well.

    This reeks of Beechcraft whining that they didn’t win, and trying to rile up protectionist sentiment to get their way.

  3. I appreciate Akula's assessment of why the contract went to Brazil. I could even buy his cogent argument were it not for the consistent pattern of BHO and his handlers to reduce the American role in the world to a whisper. From closing down a successful school in DC to please his Teachers union base to shutting down auto dealerships of Republican contributors (Fox News' Gretchen Carlson's folks in MN were an example) to the Gulf spill fiasco that led to our co-funding Brazilian deep water drilling with the currency manipulator George Soros. EPA, SEIU and NEA are all colluderss in the obvious totalitarian agenda.

  4. Not only is the Hawker-Beechcraft offering an unproven prototype, but the company (HBC) is now owned by a bunch of Goldman-Suchs-related moneygrubbers. If the contract had indeed gone to HBC, THEN you’d have an opportunity to wonder if it were another Solyndra. They’d have over-run after over-run trying to get the airplane to meet requirements. The deliveries would be late. GS would find a way to separate the “D.o.D.” portion of the company form the commercial side, and then drop it into bankruptcy. Any other questions?

    1. The Old Coach…..Yeah, I have a question. Is your above comment fact-checked or is it opinion? How is it that you are convinced that the Hawker-Beechcraft is only an unproven prototype while The Tocano "is a purpose built aircraft", and why should that matter at all? It's not as if America hasn't used "unproven" aircraft before. Why use "purpose built" as some magic word when it comes to aircraft designs and operational capabilities…most aircraft are "purpose built"…. B-52s and KC135s come to mind right away.
      One also STILL needs to take into account, the awful judgement and track record of the Obama Administration in doing ANYTHING which is of benefit to this country. His inclination is to benefit others at Americans' expense !

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