Did the Brits help Lockerbie terrorist fake his “terminal cancer” to trade him for oil?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Remember last August when the British twisted the arms of Scottish authorities to force the release of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, one of the bastards who blew Pan Am Flight 103 out of the sky over Lockerbie Scotland killing 270 people?

Remember we were told by United Kingdom representatives he was being released for “humanitarian reasons” so he could go home to his beloved Libya and die in about three months from the “terminal prostate cancer” he was suffering from?

Remember the pictures of this bum being carried on to a plane looking like a concentration camp survivor?

Finally do you remember how the terrorist swine seemed so much better when he got off the plane to a hero’s welcome?

It now looks like it was all a put up job by the British to close an oil deal with Qaddafi, a thug who recently jump started his career as a player in the terrorist world after twenty year of hiding in the hole Ronald Reagan bombed him into.

A Lourdes miracle in Libya?

Despite having a prognosis of death by December, this creep is not only still alive but living comfortably and no longer even taking formal treatments – if he ever was – for his “terminal illness.” His overjoyed father explains the apparent miracle by pointing to “good genes, ‘positive thinking’ and alternative medicines.”

Even Qaddafi’s son called it what it was

Last summer when this whole charade was unfolding Qaddafi’s son Blah Blah ( or something) El Qaddafi said it was “obvious” the chain of events that freed this Islamist skunk was a quid pro quo to free him in return for Libyan oil. The fact that he spent just eight years in prison, eleven days per victim, means nothing to our back stabbing friends across the Atlantic.

Swiss bank account

Abdelbaset, the only person ever convicted in the Lockerbie attack, had 2 million British Pounds, (more than $3 million) waiting for him in a Swiss bank account. He receives 24 hour nursing and is happy to have friends and well wishers drop by for tea and cakes.

Brown the double dealer

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown made the decision to order this release after negotiations between Qaddafi and BP (British Petroleum) stalled. Soon after Brown got involved the deal was made.

In the overly polite British way of speaking the affair was described as being motivated by “commercial considerations.” So now we know the “commercial” value of 270 people when it comes to a trade for oil.

What did you do to be worthy of your American freedoms yesterday? What will you do today and what do you plan to do tomorrow?


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