Did the Senate vote to suspend the Constitution?

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Has the United States Senate voted to suspend the Constitutional right of every American citizen to due process?

Over the past weeks a great deal has been reported,  mainly by the NOT  “legacy media,”  about the National Defense Authorization Act, or Senate bill S 1867, passed yesterday by a vote of 93-7.   From highly respected bloggers to the highly agenda driven ACLU,  stated opinions on the content of the legislation and its effect on our rights have varied widely.

At issue is whether Senate passage of the bill and the concomitant signature of Barack Obama will allow the Executive branch,  from the Obama Regime to those administrations which succeed him,  to place suspected terrorists and terror enablers,  including American citizens,  in the custody of the US military for an indefinite period of incarceration with right to neither charge nor trial.

According to liberal Colorado Senator Mark Udahl,  “ one section of these provisions, section 1031, would be interpreted as allowing the military to capture and indefinitely detain American citizens on US soil.”  “Section 1031 essentially repeals the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 by authorizing the US military to perform law enforcement functions on American soil, ”  claims the senator.

The American Civil Liberties Union agrees, writing that the bill  “…will direct American military resources not at an enemy shooting at our military…but at American citizens far from any battlefield—even…in the United States.”

Yet others, the Washington Post among them maintain the Constitutionally protected rights of American citizens are not in jeopardy,  pointing to language in Section 1032 of the bill which clearly states:  “The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to citizens of the United States.”

On May27th the House passed HR 1540,  its version of Senate bill 1867.  And thanks to Michigan Republican Justin Amash, one of only 5 Republicans to vote against passage, the truth of this deplorable assault on our liberty is made clear. Stating that the language of the proposed law is  “…carefully crafted to mislead the public…”,  Amash rightly concludes the language of the bill  “…does not preclude U.S. citizens from being detained indefinitely,  without charge or trial, it simply makes such detention discretionary.”  

For upon close inspection, language inserted in the bill ostensibly for the protection of our Constitutionally secured rights may in fact be ignored, WAIVED in the interest of national security by the Secretary of Defense in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Director of National Intelligence.

Therefore,  Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta,  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper will be the final arbiters of our liberty.  They may, under the terms of the measure, IGNORE the language  “preserving”  the Constitutional rights of United States citizens if they deem it necessary in the interest of national security.

It is not difficult to conceive of Democrat efforts to shred the document which has so long stood in the way of absolute federal dominion over the American public.  That the overwhelming majority of Republicans should join them is tragic and despicable.  For although few would oppose the interdiction by virtually any means of the next 9/11,  the belief Barack Obama and his Regime can be trusted with such authority borders on lunacy.

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15 thoughts on “Did the Senate vote to suspend the Constitution?”

  1. Ominous doesn’t even begin to describe the fears generated by this bill. With the appearance of increased prosperity and the utter collapse of conservative opposition to the regime, the republic seems near death.

  2. According to a Dr. Eugene Schroeder, the Constitution has been suspended since the FDR "bank holiday" of 3/9/1933. Our Government has been running on a series of "emergencies." Richard Nixon, in order to dispel the "rumors" concerning the suspension, had a white paper drawn up that said yes, it was suspended. He "unsuspended" the Constitution, but it only lasted two weeks before an "agriculture emergency" saw him suspend it again. Those are the only two weeks of my life the Constitution has been fully in effect, and that is why the American flag we now see has a yellow fringe around it.
    Betsy Ross did not sew a yellow fringe around our flag!
    I have read statements debunking his research, but I do not believe them to be true, just cover for the government. We still are using an "Admiralty" Flag in place of the American Flag…WHY?
    http://www.outpost-of-freedom.com/opf940524.htm http://www.barefootsworld.net/srwep.html http://www.apfn.org/apfn/1933.htm http://www.civil-liberties.com/books/colony5.html

    In this day and age, who trusts our government? Not just this recent one, but all in memory? They all violated the letter of the Constitution, like it doesn't exist. Maybe it doesn't.

    Ron Reale

    1. I agree completely. Shame so many americans live in denial and don't unite as this nation is supposed to do in the face of our enemy..even if it is our government. Let's see..how many Native Americans were slaughtered by people who's purpose was to create freedom…and rights? And now even that it a joke….I am disapointed beyond belief in mankind and humanity. First they conquerd and killed…then enslaved and divided…why? Because there is strength in numbers…hmmm…the government and it's affiliates seem to be the largest cult..power…whatever you wish to call it. So someone needs to stand up and get organized with some viable options for the rest of us>

      1. Oh, please! Stop with the revisiontist history. Humans spread out all over the world, and in their times, the natural way was survival of the fittest. How many Native Americans were slaughtered by Native Americans with no help from us? The real history of the poor native Americans is that the 12 tribes were at constant war with each other, constantly slaughtering each other, they did not believe in owning land, and I could not care less what happened to them.Time marches on. The only joke about it is your using it in some way in this conversation. Native Americans are their own worst enemy, and have done nothing to advance themselves with what they have in this country. Rather than integrate, they stay separate, uneducated and their tribes steal all their money and do nothing to bring them into the 21st century. They have nothing to do with America today. Anyone judging past historical actions with today's moral foundation and base, which has taken us 200+ years to reach, is being purposely disingenuous or ignorant of history.Merry Christmas!They have nothing to do with America today.Ron Realerealetybytes@yahoo.comhttp://realetybytes.comhttp://coachisright.com

        1. Ron ! Finally ! Someone else is saying what I've been saying for 20 years !
          A friend of mine came to Alaska as an anthropologist to study the Inuit, Aleut People. Foe several years he stayed in, and visited, many Alaskan Native communities. He then took a sabbatical and spent time in South Korea and Japan, and other East Asian countries .
          He and I talked at length about his experiences here in Alaska as compared to other foreign Asian cultures. His conclusions ?
          He was appalled by the lack of resourcefulness, assertiveness, wit, and ingenuity of the Alaskan Aleuts who are mere cousins to these foreign Asian populations. Some still have relatives in these other countries.
          He gave up the study of Alaskan Aleuts to embroil himself in economics at the U. of Alaska/ Anchorage !
          The special interest legislation, the Federal grant monies, a subsidized Bush (that's what we call really rural Alaska), electrification system paid for by other rate payers in the State, Federal and State funding for the Tribal medical systems, including the Native Hospital in Anchorage….a native hunting and fishing subsistence priority that can additionally embar whites from also hunting in times of shortages of fish and game, Americans helped to place computers throughout Alaskan village schools which of course had to be properly wired for the enterprise ……..and honestly, the sickening list goes on and on for the preferential treatment of these people who take with both hands and deliver back to the State nothing but bitching. They even had the Audacity to plead a case of "abused-people" to the United Nations !
          They present a "native only" voting bloc which is quite sizeable and they will support any candidate who gives them MOST of what they want…..they have become quite adept at political extortion.
          They vote mainly Democratic….however, they overwhelmingly elected to support Sen. Lisa (R as in "RINO"), Murkowski .("Frank the Bank'" Murkowski's daughter), because they remembered how well her Dad and Sen.Ted Stevens, (as well as Rep. Don Young). had taken care of them from Washington D.C. for roughly 25+ years..
          Many of their children (certainly not ALL of them !) suffer from alcohol related diseases; some are even born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, a terrible fate for a child which is fully preventable. "Just say No! to alcohol when you're pregnant" signs were printed up by the State to counteract such incidences of ignorance. State-wide these signs appeared in every single establishment which sold alcohol. And yet, one would see young, and obviously pregnant Native women drinking themselves stupid at bars,The Village elders would, and still do, complain that with a little education most of the bright children, young and college aged, refuse to come back to the villages….Come back to what ? Misery and no-hope ?
          These people have been locked into non-economic, mostly wage-free, un-self sustaining areas (other than fishing or hunting), and have had successive generations (since the 1970's), of one welfare entitlement after another… It is a Socialist's Paradise.
          It's one thing to help finance the removal of "Honey Buckets" for the appearance of indoor toilets; and improving water delivery systems throughout villages…..Those are safety and Human Health concerns……….it is quite another thing to hear the hue and cry for ever more entitlements….as if we OWED it to them for their singular choice to remain in a remote village.

  3. We detest the Patriot Act ; we Hate the TSA ; HomeLand Security is a bloody miserable joke : and now our Congress suspends Posse Comitatus to place this citizenry at the whim of whatever regime is in power. Next thing you know Obama, the Socialists, and the government-as-usual RINOS in Congress will be enlisting the military, (our own sons, daughters, wives, cousins, mothers and fathers serving in our armed forces!!), to enslave us even further !
    Just when I thought things couldn't get much worse in this country our Congress proves me wrong.
    No question about it now….. America, the once Beautiful….is officially a Banana Socialist Republic…with a military at its' disposal.
    God help us all.

  4. A whole bunch of people have commented on this abuse of power by the DC political class, beginning with "Coach" Collins and the piece he wrote on S 1867 a couple of days ago.

    The question is, how many of these assaults on the Constitution have been made and are now the law of the land which we little folk know nothing about?
    Anyone still wondering why Big Brother is so keen on regulating the content of the internet or beginning the federal registration of firearms in an Obama second term needs to pay closer attention.

  5. Sweet puppy : wisely, you will always be the voice of reason….just when I want to rage and storm against the machine.
    It's too bad that Ralph Nader is so pre-occupied with being the spokesperson for the Liberals and Greenies. The American citizenry could certainly benefit from the advocacy of a no-nonsense, "hold-their-feet-to-the-fire" Conservative equivalent .
    We actually need to understand what rights we have lost and how to go about restoring them.
    Perhaps large groups of Americans should hire their own ombudsmen to represent them. Free of Federal constraints. I've often wondered what would happen if a smaller band of Conservative trial attorneys decided to file some class-action law-suits against the Federal Government on behalf of the people.
    Now that Congress has re-written many of the laws outside of the protections provided by the Bill of Rights and our God-given Liberties; we truly do need a comprehensive re-learning of how actually "stacked the decks are" against us.
    Dudley Brown from National Gun Rights delivered this piece of information :
    Newt Gingrich from as far back as when he was Speaker of the House he has been working diligently against the Second Amendment Rights of Americans….from the anti-gun Brady Campaign of the Lautenberg Gun Ban to promoting the belief that ALL gun-owners should be forced to submit themselves to thumbprint scans of a biometric federal, gun-owner database.
    I cannot imagine all the reasons why Americans would never want an Attorney General (or any federal official), like Holder to have access to their names for any reason. There is NO justification government can give for the imposition of such laws on a legally owned firearm !!
    AND……the way to discover legality or illegality is not to strain all individuals through a "make easy work program" designed to benefit only the Federal Government. It is not the job of the American citizen to make the Federal government's jobs easier. Especially when it means ceding even more of our precious sovereignty to them.
    Quite the contrary; it is every citizens responsibility to insure their own sovereignty in the face of ever more governmental tyranny and conspiracies to limit our freedoms.
    This constitutes an unreasonable search, with potential seizure of any firearm deemed by the Feds to be inappropriate.

    I have no doubt that several individuals could dedicate their entire lifetimes to simply enumerating the losses of freedoms Americans have suffered. Another several lifetimes could be spent fighting the wrongs in court. Meanwhile, the anti-Constitutionalists on both sides of the Congressional aisles would continue to miss-construct laws bases upon intentionally miss-construed readings. And, Presidents would continue to ignore both Congress and the People.
    Wouldn't a massive, all-out, civil-revolution take less time with greater odds of success ?
    I think we would have to act quickly.

    1. CAREFUL, Joanne! Talking of massive, all-out, civil-revolution could get you placed on Janet Napolitano's "domestic terrorist" hit list! You're already known to make frequent comments on a conservative website…a clear indication of dangerous tendencies in and of itself!

      Unfortunately, both Democrats and Republicans are far more interested in the perpetual exercise of ever-increasing power than the preservation of our God-given, Constitutionally protected rights. Not ALL, of course, but certainly a great majority.
      How to end that assault on liberty? Simply electing Republicans won't get it done, I don't believe. After all, only 5 voted against the Natl Defense Authorization Act when it passed the House this year. And as non-PC as it may be, Democrat voters are breeding and sneaking into the country in such numbers that Republican voters (conservatives) cannot keep up. And don't think for one moment Democrats aren't doing everything in their power to facilitate this trend. Welfare and no border fence/no deportation are just two examples.
      Sooner or later it must come to an all out civil war–a 2nd American Revolution. Whether it takes place in 5, 10 or 20 years, it will have to take place, for the track we're on now is just not sustainable.

  6. Hey Doug ! Yeah, Like I'm really scared of Napolitano and her thug-ocracy (not !)….. Sweetie, she knows where she can find me…and at MY age it wouldn't be such a bad idea at all to really piss off someone in government so badly that they were forced into providing me "three hots and a cot".
    Janet would really have to be having an intolerably bad day if she simply HAD to have the satisfaction of nailing to the wall an opinionated 76 year old woman, with a bad back, who doesn't give a flying fig anymore about the rantings of the rabble and robbers who have ruled this country into near bankruptcy and ruin. I just want them all gone….back from under the rocks, the caverns and caves from which they crawled out of.
    It was sweet of you to be concerned for me however !

    1. Dear Jo,

      After talking with you for these many months, I'd be more concerned for the well-being of your prospective antagonists! By the way, I'll be in cell #3, right behind Rush and the Coach.


      1. Sweet Puppy ! My! My! We ARE a pair aren't we ? It's nice to be older isn't it ? One can pay SO MUCH less attention to the out-dated rules of having to feign respect for a Federal "Office" when it has been repeatedly infested with treasonous cockroaches ! And…one can pay FAR MORE attention to the nuances of their statements and what it is that THEY DON'T SAY.
        No doubt at all that you would make for a lively and interesting cell-bloc companion ! The addition of Coach and Rush would always be welcomed ! Everyone would be banging their tin-cups along the cell bars as "Rage against the Political Machine" replaced the petty turf battles.
        G'day Mate !!

  7. And I am right there with all American Patriots, but am tired of all the TALK, we are losing our FREEDOMS daily. We need to organize, Peacefully but none the less, ORGANIZE so we are ready and they KNOW we are READY. Everyone wear red when voting, let's show them a SEA of RED. Make it clear how many Patriots are ALIVE and AWAKE. Pray like never before for our country. God BLess, Lindy

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