“Do we get free wifi or something like that?” Democrat tries to shakedown Apple’s Steve Jobs

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple Computers clearly loves what he does and where he lives and works. In Cupertino California, Jobs is a hometown boy made good. He made Cupertino the corporate headquarters for his mega-company and put it on the map.  Because of his love for Cupertino and its people, Jobs has developed a plan to radically expand his headquarters campus within the city’s limits. Where he currently houses an operation that employs about 2600 workers Jobs plans to more than quadruple the number of people which would be working  in this new palace of industry.

Jobs wants to build a beautiful circular building on a 150 acre property which will be wooded and landscaped to present  what he predicts will be a magnet for future architectural students for years to come. On June 7, brimming with enthusiasm and refreshing almost child-like wonder, Jobs made a personal appeal to the Cupertino City Council seeking approval of his “baby.” As Jobs presented the details, the new campus would bring many valuable new assets to Cupertino with no cost to the city itself.

Here are some of the notable details:

The project will provide a fourfold increase in landscaped appearance brought about by underground parking for the thousands of vehicles expected to be bring workers in each day. It will nearly double the number of trees to 6,000.

Jobs’ project will increase the number of Apple employees in the area from 9,500 to 13,000 and concentrate all of them on the Cupertino campus which will greatly increase the town’s tax base.

The campus will be a self-sufficient clean energy plant which will not draw power from existing sources. In short it will be the type of project any town would gratefully welcome.

You want what?

When Jobs was finished, self-described immigrant Democrat Councilwoman Kris Wang asked  “do we [the townspeople] get free wifi or something like that?” presumably in return for approval of the project. 

Jobs answered, “I’m a simpleton, I’ve always had this view that we pay taxes and the city pays to do this kind of thing. Now if we can get out of taxes, I’d be happy to put up Wi-Fi.”

When Jobs continued by musing out loud that he might have to move his whole company out of the city, a nervous Ms. Wang got the message and let it go.

  “..do we get free wifi or something like that?” Are these people never satisfied?

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