Does anyone remember the way America was?

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

What has happened to my country?  I am old.  I am 77.  I pay to live in a gated community because I am scared. 

“Bravo Roberto” near my home serves from a cooked-from-scratch, delicious menu, items not bought from a food service truck, not served up by a chain restaurant that loads Americans up on heavy doses of salt to achieve its number one rating.  In these tragic times, food, friends, family, God, prayer and Christmas are about all we have left.  And “Bravo Roberto” serves up every day in Florida’s St. Lucie West a product we have allowed ourselves to be traded out of by the nasty liberals, the nasty Democrats, the nasty progressives and the nasty RINOS in a Republican Party that is no longer representative of fiscal conservatism, fiscal restraint or fiscal pay-as-you-go standards by which America became America.

I just finished teaching a semester of Literature and English prep classes that demoralized me in such a way that I don’t know if I’ll recover.  Had I ever spoken to one of my teachers in the manner in which so many of my students talked to me, my father would have knocked me out cold!  For you see, the immigrants that came into America loved her, wanted to be here, honored her traditions, did what was asked of them and worked, worked, worked.  They exhibited respect, honor, love of God, love of family, love of friends. Today’s “younger generation” does not.

A waitress at “Bravo Roberto” said, “I grew up on Cape Cod; we used to run through the woods; we weren’t afraid; we never locked our doors.”  Yes, in the mix that is Florida I found companionship with her attitude.  I grew up in Illinois, a state now viewed as the cesspool that has given us a White House dynamic that expresses a hatred of America and everything America means. 

What is wrong with being Conservative, with being White, with being respectful to your teachers, to your doctors, to your police and military who protect you every day? What is right about demanding “gimmies” because “you owe me”?  What is right about entitlements; hand-outs, that you did not earn, that you do not work for?

How does America recover?  At my age, I just don’t know if we will.  The liberals, the Obamacare oligarchs, the ever-demanding have so overwhelmed us and so overpowered us that I really don’t know if my grandsons will ever know the America my daughter knew, let alone the America I knew.  I too grew up in Illinois where we didn’t lock our doors. I never recall hearing the words minority, Afro American or gang banger!  But this I do know. A lovely little restaurant in St. Lucie West is preserving an America that once was and will be again, that is if we care enough to see our country survive, if we care enough to fight for her.  Do we stand up to the cruel, liberal ethos of “I want what you have, but I don’t want to work for it?”  Do we stand up to Washington, D.C.?



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8 thoughts on “Does anyone remember the way America was?”

  1. Your post today gladdened me to learn that I am not alone in wishing for the “good old days.” I am only 73, but during my lifetime I watched as my nation willingly embraced behavior and values that have always led to civilization’s collapse. As an Army brat, I respected flag, country and my elders. My family grew victory gardens, made do with ration coupons, collected metal and rolled bandages.
    As a child, I was punished in school, “switched” to correct unacceptable behavior, rode in the back of a pick-up truck, played in DDT fog sprayed through the streets and cheerfully dug asbestos from pipe coverings. I knew I was loved, but I was also allowed to make my own bad decisions and then forced to face their consequences. I was taught self-reliance and that families took care of their own.
    As a mother, I tried to avoid doing things my own parents had done that drove me crazy, such as responding to why I had to do something with, “because I said so.” I never made an idle threat; all my warnings had advertised consequences. When my youngest managed to get arrested and jailed, I told her, you did the crime, not me and so no bail, you suffer the time.
    All my children are now thriving. Actions have consequences and America had better wake up to that fact before we join the scrap heap of other failed countries. The old ways worked. Liberalism, lack of morals, handouts, not hand ups do not.
    It is my regret that most of us allowed this to happen collectively, even if not in our own families. We are all going to pay the price for our silence and go along to get along behavior. I am grateful for what I have had and am ever so sorry that my grandchildren will not know the same world of friendship, love, trust and understanding that has been evident in my own life.

  2. My brothers and I walked to school; it was over a mile and that was from the first grade. My mother walked with us the first few weeks, then we were off on our own. We walked unattended to the store and the movies (once a week if we finished our chores and were lucky enough to get .25 cents for a ticket), also to scout meetings and church, although we went as a family to Sunday Mass. Everywhere we went other than a very small store about two blocks away was a mile long walk. Can anyone even imagine allowing their child to go like that now? My brothers had bikes and could ride without restrictions except to stay off certain high traffic roads. We went out to play and didn’t come back till lunch time and then again at supper time. In the evening we were out in the dark catching lightening bugs (some call them fireflies), putting them in a jar then letting them go before we came in for the evening. We didn’t have “scheduled play dates.” Did we get into mischief? Probably, but I can remember NOTHING serious. Our neighbors were just as liable to reprimand us as our parents. I miss the fact that an era ended sometime back, but when? When did it happen? I’ve tried to pinpoint it and I think I have at least a partial answer and several things came into play at the about the same time. The first thing was when women started working outside the home in greater numbers and I still think that has had more effect than just about anything else. Another thing was that the various forms of media really began to push the limits. Music changed drastically, but over time; but more and more movies were made that glorified the bad boy, bad girl lifestyle. Years ago there was such a thing as “The Legion of Decency.” There was a list of movies that were acceptable to see and others that were strongly rejected and had a very bad rating. Catholics across the nation checked that list before allowing their kids to go to the movies. The theaters restricted kids by age from seeing certain films. Most movies now are not fit to watch, let alone spend good money on. Another thing that transpired will probably have me labeled a racist or at best intolerant. I am neither, but I remember quite well when LBJ pushed through welfare “reform” and began going too far by giving people a hand out instead of a hand up. The very idea that a single mom could get “benefits” for herself and her children was a problem that would rent asunder families both black and white. Men began abandoning their homes and their responsibilities as a father and husband and the children began running wild with no guidance. The Churches and other philanthropic organizations and charities were already in place to care for the sick and disabled, but it was replaced by government. There are enemies in this world that have been working on subjugating the West and in particular America for over a hundred years,”without firing a shot.” They have achieved a great part of their mission. You can read about it it the Communist Manifesto.

  3. Thank you for illustrating exactly the kind of mindless deecay and feral hatred lamented by Suzanne. How very liberal of you to rejoice in the very idea of race war.

    1. Francine I see you must have just gotten back from the down low. Do you tell yourself you were drunk when you look in the mirror with those little fish eyes?

  4. Suzanne,
    It is apparent that those who have criticized you for believing our Country has gone down the tubes have no understanding of what is right or wrong. They are in that grey area that says I want what I want when I want it and I deserve it without any questions from anyone. It is sad to say that America is gone and will sink further into oblivion. Americans in the past two generations have become a nation of political robots and Godless humans bent on serving self only. Destruction, chaos, hunger, pain and death will be the way of this decade and the next. This decade will be the one in which that philosophy and mindset that was formulated decades ago will be implemented and carried out. The mindset of the American people is ripe for Washington to remove all freedoms from them and they won’t care until they begin to hurt and become slaves to the government. America, the proud, is gone. This Administration is the one that will totally remove that pride. The American people will gladly allow themselves to be taken care of in all their physical needs. However, the food they are being fed is laced with arsenic. Very hard times are ahead for America.


    With the regularity of sunrise, editorials raise alarums over the sorry state of schooling in America, wondering year after year why students are so abysmally ignorant. Why the puzzlement? The reasons is that Americans don’t want education. They would rather have polio. If they saw education coming down the street, they would crawl into the storm sewers to avoid it, and epoxy the manhole covers down for a better seal.

    They like the appearance of schooling, yes. They pay exorbitantly for degrees, grades, titles. Substance be damned. This is why many seniors in high school can barely read, and graduates of universities do not know when WWI took place.

    How did this come about? There are 26 letters in the alphabet, 52 if you count upper case. That comes to 5.2 a year for ten years. A parrot could learn them. Yet functional illiteracy flourishes in Amerce.

    When my daughters were three, they could read Dr. Seuss and sound out words like “transportation,” which they had no idea what meant. Why could they do this? Because their daddy sat down with them and said, “C says “kuh,” A says “Aa,” and T says “Tuh.” Kuh-Aa-Tuh, cat. Ain’t them some apples?” They agreed about the apples, and were off and running. Mission accomplished, without a carrier to stand on. Age three.

    How in God’s name can you keep kids in school for twelve years and prevent their learning to read? We’re talking genius here.

    Schooling children was once thought routine. When I finished the fifth grade in Robert E. Lee Elementary School in the Virginia suburbs of Washington—this would have been about 1955—I could add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions, do long division and multiplication, and knew grammar cold: direct and indirect objects, appositives, linking verbs, participles. I would like to attribute this to my incomparable brilliance. The problem with this laudable understanding is that all the other kids could do these things too. The teachers had taught us. It was what schools did.

    Children learned because of a social consensus that they should do so. In those far-off days, the white population, then the only one that mattered, agreed on certain things. For example, parents believed that correct English was desirable, and that their little monsters should learn it. They believed that numeracy mattered. That grades should reflect performance, period. It worked.

    Problems of discipline did not exist because of, again, consensus. Society thought, parents thought, the schools thought, and the children thought that children should be respectful of teachers and do as they were told. This was not authoritarian. There were always the class clowns—I may know somewhat of this—but everyone, including the children, knew where the limits lay.

    The teachers participated in the consensus. They were mostly intelligent women not yet fem-libbed into being useless lawyers, and embodied the masculine focus on performance over feeling good about oneself. This allowed the passing on of civilization. The principal was usually a man, and a fairly formidable one. He easily kept adolescent boys in line. Their fathers also bought the consensus, a point not lost on teens.

    Then, roughly during the Sixties, consensus died. The reasons were race and the discovery by the young that they could demand what they found laborious to earn.

    Forced integration was perhaps the first crack in the dike. The black children came from a culture utterly alien to that of whites, having very different academic expectations and speaking a dialect hardly a word of which resembled standard English. They read and calculated grade levels below the whites, did not regard General Lee and Stonewall as quite the heroes the whites did, and had little interest in the literature and history of Europe, which after all was not where they came from. They sank instantly to the bottom of their classes. Explain this as you will, blame whom you will, but it happened.o much for consensus.

    The chasm was too deep for solution. The difference in language was particularly grave. Yet, curiously, there was nothing inherently black about the degraded English now called Ebonics: Blacks in Mexico speak standard Spanish, in France, standard French, in England standard English. But not in America.

    The choice was to flunk or accommodate. The latter was chosen. The consensus on academic standards was broken.

    So was the consensus on courtesy and what constituted civilized behavior. The courts decided that foul language was a part of the culture of blacks, and consequently legitimate. So was horrendous grammar. Thus if a black student said to a teacher, “You be a muhfuggen bitch,” she could not respond, “No, William, you should say ‘You are a muhfuggen bitch.” It would be cultural imperialism.

    This approach, intended to protect blacks, of course embodied a profound contempt, and in particular the observably false belief that they could not learn to read and speak English. Condescension and self-awareness seldom cohabit.

    Concomitantly, the exodus of bright women into biochemistry left the schools in the hands of dull-witted and little-read women, often of recent blue-collar origin, who, having had no experience of either education or cultivation, fell into psychobabble and ploughed the fields of self-esteem. Teachers who had not read the classics, and in many cases had never heard of them, could have no idea why these things might matter. Masculine influence having evaporated, they turned the schools into hothouses of niceness, anti-violence, hostility to boys, and cloying political correctness.

    The Sixties had triumphed, had instilled the idea that if mention of incompetence were forbidden, the effort of becoming competent could be avoided. These are not fevered imaginings. From a piece I wrote for Harper’s in 1981:

    “The bald, statistically verifiable truth is that the teachers’ colleges, probably on ideological grounds, have produced an incredible proportion of incompetent black teachers. Evidence of this appears periodically, as, for example, in the results of a competency test given to applicants for teaching positions in Pinellas County, Florida (which includes St. Petersburg and Clearwater), cited in Time, June 16, 1980. To pass this grueling examination, an applicant had to be able to read at the tenth-grade level and do arithmetic at the eighth-grade level.Though they all held B.A.’s, 25 percent of the whites and 79 percent of the blacks failed. Similar statistics exist for other places.” l

    Thus the student’s project on Italian Americans I saw on a wall in a middle school near Washington, honoring Enrico Fermi’s contributions to, so help me, “Nucler Phisicts.” On the wall. Uncorrected.

    And so we now see rigorous study as an unreasonable imposition. The pretense is sufficient. A new consensus forms. Even in what were once universities almost everyone gets As, and students, if so they may be termed, graduate in a state of darkness, knowing nothing of history, geography, literature.

    Of the standards of earlier times, only a blisterish sensitivity remais. To correct anyone’s English is to provoke fury and cries of “Elitism!” this being generally conceived as worse than pederasty or shoplifting.

    And if you proposed to reinstitute the curricula of 1955, only Jews and Asians would abstain from the lynch mob. How far we have come.

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