Does Obama wear Malcolm X’s sunglasses?

By George Spelvin, staff writer

Could Barack Obama be wearing Malcolm X’s sunglasses in the picture surfacing of the President’s bloated face asleep on a floral imprinted stuffed sofa? Eyes closed with decidedly swollen cheeks, Obama appears to be fast asleep. But close examination of that picture reveals the glasses seem old and have a very revealing factor involving a missing left arm piece. A copyright protected blog by Martha Trowbridge and Erik Rush speculates, “Could Obama be wearing Malcolm X’s eyeglasses?”

On that dreadful day, February 21, 1965, Trowbridge postulates Malcolm could have been shot wearing those same glasses that Barack Obama, Jr. has on while sleeping on that stuffed sofa. But how or even why would he fall asleep wearing sunglasses inside what may be the White House, and why would he be wearing old glasses with a broken left arm? Trowbridge speculates the pandemonium that ensued when Malcolm was shot dead on that stage could have left Stanley Ann Dunham ignored while the slain leader’s distraught wife and family members hurried to the hospital. Trowbridge offers no proof Dunham even was in the audience, but a provocative tale is spun around these locale details. Did the President’s mother grab these glasses for safe keeping to give them to her son? Was she ignored, forgotten? Were these glasses all she could take away from that horrible scene?

Malcolm X belonged to the Nation of Islam but abandoned the organization after his hajj to Mecca. His life changing journey set up circumstances for his own death march. Malcolm X was assassinated less than one year after he left the Nation by three of its loyal members. Malcolm founded the Muslim Mosque, Inc. and the Organization of Afro-American Unity. His dream of peace and unity was cut horribly short.

Malcolm, whose birth name was Malcolm Little, also went by the name of Malik El-Shabazz. “He has been called one of the greatest and most influential African Americans in history.”

When conservative radio talk show host Phil Valentine appeared in African garb to explain how much Obama resembles Malcolm, he spoke of the slain leader in reverent tones, calling Malcolm “Royalty.”

Valentine, friend of Sean Hannity and Roger Hedgecock, ponders the question, “Is Barack Obama from the seed of Malcolm?” Martha Trowbridge has created a very provocative drama around the quandary of the sitting President’s broken sunglasses with the missing left arm piece.

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