DOJ whistle blowers provide Speaker Boehner with courage to charge Eric Holder

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Just days ago, House Speaker John Boehner shocked the conservative world by at last granting his long awaited approval for next week’s contempt of congress vote against Attorney General Eric Holder. But it wasn’t the thought of doing what’s right for the family of Brian Terry, Jaime Zapata or others killed in the Regime’s Fast and Furious scheme that prompted the Speaker’s decision.  After all, Mr. Boehner is hardly one to risk a loss of political advantage—or more importantly, anger the national media—just because a few hundred people have been killed by his Democrat friends.

No, the very cautious Congressman Boehner and other Republican leaders at last chose to take a stand because of reports that “…at least one and perhaps two sources within the Justice Department…have approached the Issa committee seeking whistle blower status.” (1)

For weeks it has been suggested that House and Senate committee’s investigating Eric Holder’s participation in Operation Fast and Furious were receiving vital information from a leak in the Department of Justice.  For example, the wiretap applications produced by the House Judiciary Committee last week—documents which proved that Attorney General Holder and others at the Department had been lying to Congress in claiming no knowledge of ATF tactics in its scheme of smuggling guns to Mexico.

In a letter to Holder, Darrell Issa made it clear, “…the wiretap applications amply demonstrate the immense detail documenting gun walking tactics that should have prompted senior officials in the (DOJ) Criminal Division to shut down the program immediately.”  Yet for the past year, Holder and his DOJ minions had maintained the Operation was not halted because the Department knew nothing of the ATF’s reckless and illegal tactics. That was a lie and thanks to the DOJ employee or employees now seeking whistle blower protection, Holder and his colleagues are STUCK with it. (2)

Yesterday, Congressman Issa wrote a second letter to Holder in response to a desire to meet expressed by the Deputy Attorney General, Holder’s second-in-command. Issa makes it clear he’ll stand for no further lies or delays by the DOJ. With the contempt vote already scheduled next week and the Speaker and other House leaders apparently on board, finally persuaded by the information provided by whistle blowers that they hold a winning hand, Issa is at last in position to dictate rather than cajole. “If the Department of Justice submits a serious proposal for how it intends to alter its refusal to produce critical documents subpoenaed by the Committee, I am ready and willing to meet and discuss your proposal.” (3)

But if the DOJ wishes to continue its game of delay and obfuscate, the contempt vote will take place. Republicans unwilling to take the Attorney General to task will have to defend their decision to constituents.

Eric Holder knows he is in a very tough spot. And it took the few remaining honest officials in the Justice Department to put him there. Of course, those very courageous individuals are also responsible for convincing the weak-kneed Speaker of the House to fulfill his obligations to the people of the United States. These DOJ employees may be among the very few heroes of Fast and Furious.


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One thought on “DOJ whistle blowers provide Speaker Boehner with courage to charge Eric Holder”

  1. Let's just see how far Rep.Issa is willing to extend any "negotiations" with Holder….
    If he cuts Holder Any slack at all, we are all doomed to having Holder reinvent himself and, like a bad penny, show up somewhere else in government.
    This would NOT be an acceptable outcome to the lifelong career this man has had as real "bad-ass" in law enforcement.
    Part of Holder's punishment ought to be, for the future safety and security of America's citizenry, that he is never to serve in any governmental capacity so long as he lives.
    Personally, I have little faith that Holder will be held accountable….like jail-time "accountable" for his perversion of the American Justice system.

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