Donald Trump Runs

  By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Late Sunday night, I received an email indicating Donald Trump just may be getting back in the race to unseat Obama and take back our beloved land! “We firmly believe that Donald Trump is the best choice for President and have been encouraging him to run,” says the action alert from a group of grassroots Patriots out of Costa Mesa, CA.  

This is one strong businessman that the media won’t destroy like the outsider we saw bite the dust last week! Trump’s theme of TIME TO GET TOUGH, the theme of his blockbuster book, is starting up this second Trump Run at the White House. Yes, he’s on a book signing tour this week, with appearances this Friday, December 9 at Trump Tower from 11 am to 2 pm, this Saturday, December 10, here in Florida at Costco in Palm Beach Gardens from 2:30 pm to 4 pm, and Tuesday, 12-13, at Costco in Westbury, Long Island, 6-8 pm.

   Check out the campaign planks Donald Trump has in store for our beloved America as his possible, (let’s hope probable) run for President.  “How to put OPEC out of business,” and “How to create American jobs by forcing Communist China into truly fair trade,” are real issues we must address if we are going to save our country.  Just how many news stories and editorials have you read recently from our media types explaining to us why we’re held in the cross hairs of the Middle East and the communist regime that holds us in their debt?

 When  Obama blocked the Canadian pipeline project that would bring us oil America needs, are you aware of the alleged back story that is planning to ship that oil slated for our states over to China to give them even more energy and our dollars, purportedly for a quid pro quo for dialing down support for Iran?    Just recently, independent scientist Nick Begich told web audiences that China is building war ships for “a bowl of rice with the ability to place their military anywhere on the planet they want.”  How does that work out for you, America?                               

Look, Trump is under media contract for his apprentice show until early this spring, and that’s why he can’t declare right now.  But we supporters are keeping up the drumbeat to get him in the race as soon as he’s contract free!  How about a real billionaire businessman’s plan to  “retire our debt without endangering Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid” and this wow, oh wow campaign plank of “How to undo the fraud of Obamanomics and the DISASTER of Obamacare”

    Go to  for your own information.  And yes, I’m going to donate to Mr. Trump,’s campaign, in spite of our 50s Journalism school caveat to be independent and not give money to a candidate we may write about.  Why not? When 90% of our journalists reportedly lean left, my conservative dollars will be put to good use to get a real American in the White House, namely Donald Trump!

SOURCES:  also, write Pamela Jensen, Treasurer, Should Trump Run Committee, Inc., 650 Town Center Drive 12th Floor, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

A note from the Coach: Our staff holds a variety of opinions on the coming primaries. The posting of this essay does no signify agreement, but does confirm our commitment to let all be heard.

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  1. Dude, what the hell? You post a snippet on FR and then run off? Is FR a dumping ground for your every thought?

  2. A Trump and Rubio Ticket is bullsh!t what the hell rubio IS NOT A AMERICAN CITIZEN THERE IS NO IF AND OR BUTS about it.. we have one in the black house now that is one to meany. Trump is for Trump not for us…

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