Donald Trump will be the Forty-fourth President of the United States

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Barack Hussein Obama is a fake and soon that will be an established fact. He was not born in Hawaii or any other part of the United States of America, nor was his father an American citizen. Both of these facts will disqualify him when they are proved. The trance he and his Party put America in is rapidly lifting and the nation’s eyes and ears are opening to well grounded charges that Obama is a fraud.

Republican self identified TEA partier and proud “birther” Donald Trump, a man with the money and platform to deconstruct Obama’s web of lies, has stepped forward to challenge the Obama scam. He has put into motion a chain of events that will destroy the Obama façade in short order. Trump is the quintessential TEA partier. He loves America just as it is, and will never curtsy before foreign leaders.

 When Trump is finished with Obama he will turn his attentions to proving why he should be the Republican nominee next year. That task will prove easier than ending Obama’s political career. Pop quiz: There are at least eight to ten Republicans “seriously thinking” about running for president, name five and tell why they can create a “buzz.”

 The answers are: Who knows and who cares because none of them are genuine presidential material only people who can beat Obama and bring tired old ideas to Washington.

 Donald Trump is not a politician and given the damage politicians in general and Democrat politicians in particular have done to our nation this is a big plus.

 Trump is pro life and skilled in how to make bad business situations turn around; another big plus.

 He will look our Chinese Russian and OPEC enemies in the eyes and tell them how things will be and he will do the same with our “allies” in Europe.

  Trump will surround himself with the best of the best in every aspect of governance just as he runs his empire.

 Because he has no ties to political correctness Donald Trump will not cower to Islamist threats – unlike Barack Hussein Obama he loves America and has lots of personal “skin in the game.”       

 Trump’s wealth makes him incorruptible. His lack of ties to any political establishment makes him much more likely to think of us above party considerations.    

 Of course Trump started with a big head start in life, but how many others who have started with similar advantages have destroyed themselves? Trump took a small fortune given to him by his father and turned it into billions.

 Campaigning will come very easily to Donald Trump and handling leftists will come just as easily as we have seen by his appearances on the hostile “View.”    

 Donald Trump is not going through the motions. He is scheduled to speak at a June 10th Iowa Lincoln Day dinner. He will not be putting on his best “farmer jeans” to announce he is NOT running.

 President Trump will not be our 45th President. He will be our 44th President because Barack Hussein Obama will be retroactively disqualified and his administration will be voided.  

 Donald Trump will be elected by a strong margin on Election Day 2012.

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 This day in history April 11

 1881: Spelman College was founded (and later totally funded by John D. Rockefeller) as the first college for African American women.

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In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both. 

Remember we have work to do. Join your local TEA party and Republican County   Committees to make sure real conservatives get our nominations.

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12 thoughts on “Donald Trump will be the Forty-fourth President of the United States”

  1. Frank Marshall Davis is Obama's baby daddy, he was born in US, but something on the BC is worth hiding. He is a fraud, in more ways then one. He did not write either of his books, Ayers wrote "Dreams" and his speech writer (name evades me) wrote the other one. He never wrote one word as Harvard Law Review pres, or for that matter his famous poem, "Pa", that was FMD. He has much to hide, but being born in US in not one of them. Fraud of personality and abilities yes. (read Deconstruting Obama, Jack Cashill)

  2. Trump would be an excellent choice for President. The fact that he isn't a politician is a big plus and is in line with the original idea of the founding fathers. As a businessman, he has the experience to cut to the bottom line, eliminate waste and and put the so-called budget back into a realistic shape.; always providing, of course, that Congress can be brought to see logic and good sense and forget their re-election campaigns.

  3. I agree with most Coach has outlined in this article, but I have one concern. What is with his endorsement of Hillary in 2008? One world order is a big concern of mine and I believe Hillary was of that persuasion. She has met with the Bilderberg group and her actions align with their agenda. If Trump supported her in the last elections wouldn't he be aware of that? And if he does approve of one world government then I would not want him in that position.

    1. Hillary = female version of John McCain with a couple minor differences. McCain is a wolf in sheep's clothing…Hillary has always been and claimed to be a shewolf. McCain's election would have been a slower and a more disguised version of what Obama is attempting to do to America, "no nation shall rise above another," or George Soros' version of that, "to bring America to its knees." Don't forget after the outcry from the forerunners of the Tea Parties of America beat back his attempt to ram open borders and amnesty to all illegal aliens he was heard publicly to consider switching to the Democrat party. Did you listen to his eulogy of Russ Feingold's departure from the U.S. Senate? He was close to tears for most of it.

      1. If you think 1) the issue has been put to rest and 2) Trump won't crush Obama you're very mistaken.

        In just a few weeks Trump forced Obama to his knees and made him show this document.

        Trump took Obama's rope-a-dope Clintonian gotcha away. Obama now can not use it as an October 2012 surprise – that ship has sailed.

        BTW Palin wasa the most quailified person on either ticket and time has proved that.

        Thanks for writing and as Apu would say. "Please come again."


    1. Yeah, plugs Biden -Biden is such a genius NO ONE could top him (for stupiity) at least when he's awake.

      "Stand up Chuck!" and show us what a fool Plugs is.

  4. How difficult is it to take your whole foot out of your stupid big mouth. Anyone supporting Donald Trump or Sarah Palin have got to be illiterate. One is a buffoon and the other one is a straight up idiot.

    1. "One is a buffoon and the other one is a straight up idiot." And BOTH scare liberals to death.

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