Don’t fool yourself: Of course there are DEATH PANELS in OBAMACARE, it couldn’t “work” otherwise



By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The number identifiers have changed but in the 2080 page monster that is Obamacare has a host of evil features in it. Here are some of the worst one:

Pg 30, Sec 123 : there will be a government committee that decides what treatments you are allowed and what your overall benefits are = DEATH PANEL.

Pg 29, lines 4-16 mandates the rationing of health care Canada style = DEATH PANEL.

Pg 42 a Health Choices Commissioner  will determine your health benefits. You will have no choice =DEATH PANEL.

PG 50, section 152 free, taxpayer-paid health care will be given to the 30 million non-citizens even illegal aliens.

Pg 59, lines 21-24 gives government direct access to your banks accounts to compel you to pay what they think you should pay without your previous consent.

PG 65, sec 164 provides for a political payoffs:  special subsidized plan for retirees and their families in unions.

PG 85, line 7 provides specifics for benefit levels for all health plans, giving government the right to ration everyone’s healthcare = DEATH PANEL.

PG 85, line 7 provides for specifics on benefit levels for Medicare recipients, basically rationing the care of every senior citizen I the United States. DEATH PANEL.

Pg 124, lines 24-25  no private company or individual can have the right to sue the federal government for medical price fixing.

Pg 127, lines 1-16 dictates doctors’ income reducing what doctors earn = doctors shortages  rationing = DEATH PANEL.

Pg 126, lines 22-25 mandates employers must pay for health insurance even for part-time workers and their families; will certainly lead to massive layoffs.

Pg 239, line 14-24 mandates that available physician services will be reduced for Medicaid recipients. Many poor people including many seniors will be affected.

PG 265, Sec 1131 mandates and controls the productivity of all health care providers including surgeons! =DEATH PANELS will follow from this one as rationing becomes essential.

PG 268, Sec 1141 regulates the rental & purchase of power driven wheelchairs, no power chair for grandma! .

Pg 354, Sec 1177 will arbitrarily restrict the enrollment of special needs children and adults.

PG 427, lines 15 mandates program for orders on the end of life, actually giving the government a say in how your life ends!

Pg 494-498 allows government to define mental illnesses and what services will be allowed to treat, again rationing this care.

Please download this list and use it as your source to win over family and friends who don’t understand the danger from Obamacare.

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