Drone Threats: an issue we have to answer

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Christof Heyns, a United Nations investigator has accused the United States of targeted killing of Al-Qaeda terrorists using unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) thereby violating International Law, and in some cases, committing war crimes.  Mr. Heyns’ biggest concern that successful use of drones to kill terrorists would encourage nations to acquire and use armed drones to target innocent civilians. International concerns over the use of armed drones came to the fore earlier this week when China and Russia complained to the UN Human Rights Council demanding it condemn drone attacks. These countries are condemning Armed UAV out of concerns that drone strikes could damage their assets in Syria.

The use of drones to track and kill terrorists in Pakistan have raised concerns they could be used to target terrorists outside of a war zones, where they run and hide to escape reprisal. Under the banner of “Human Rights” this leftist along with the ACLU would like to create new international laws and UN oversight of armed drones. If it is anything like the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency it will be about as useless as an 18 year old rookie Mall Cop.

Recruitment Tool

Former head of the CIA’s counter-terrorism center, Robert Grenier is warning the President Obama’s use of UAVs in targeting terrorist is far “ too indiscriminate in hitting targets and could lead to such political instability that it creates terrorist safe havens.”   The use of Predators to remotely kill terrorist is very easy and seductive, and if the White House over use this weapon the unintended consequences will diminish the use of the weapon in future operations. The drones are the reason for recruiting terrorist;  America’s very existence is more than enough reason for the terrorist organizations to exist and recruit poor ignorant saps to do their dirty work.

Drones over the U.S.

The technology used in UAVs is becoming cheaper and more powerful to be used by civilian agencies in the United States for various roles. Unarmed Aerial drone use by law enforcement agencies has some positive uses such as search and rescue, tracking criminals and border patrol. The downside of the easy availability of drones is that they are a threat to our Civil Liberties.  Recent news agencies have reported that domestic drones have been used against Americans.

Sen. Rand Paul R-KY is aware of government agencies possibly misusing unmanned drones to snoop on the daily lives of Americans with little or no accountability has introduced legislation, Preserving Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act of 2012 that would compel Police Forces and other agencies to obtain a warrant before using drones within the United States.

The question is far from being resolved.

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5 thoughts on “Drone Threats: an issue we have to answer”

  1. Good, that mean they can`t use them here in this country against us. I hope they go after hussein for using them. I for one would not care what they would do to him!

    1. We need U.S. Laws to stop the abuse not U.N. Laws. I don't want us under any U.N. laws or regulations!

  2. Drones should be available for military use to save American lives and kill the enemy. They should not be allowed for civilian use in this country. Spying on Americans is very non American. If there is any justifying reason then a US Court of at least three judges must be the ones to give permission. The UN has no business in our affairs. In fact we need to remove ourselves from UN affairs. They do not have our interests in mind.

  3. Chris Heyns of the U.N. needs to be reminded that this country, our America, vowed to hunt down and kill all those responsible for 911 and for acts of terrorism around the world.
    That our campaign is a long and solitary one is made so by the refusal of other countries to participate….these which once publicly committed themselves to the goal of helping to erradicate 'terrorism' as an appropriate response to geological resentments, have gone missing.
    The U.N. is not a friend to any country in the world….it is now being used exclusively to promote one world globalism with a built in bully pulpit to achieve compliance.
    May plagues and poxes be visited upon its' corporate head.
    I stand with Sen. Rand Paul's concept of Freedom from unwarranted Surveillance regarding drone usage in this country….The government , which includes both the Feds, and State governments, MUST follow the rule of law and produce just cause why the surreptitious surveillance of ANY American (individually or collectively), is legally required.
    Americans aren't like the Yemenis in Sana, sitting in their black SUVS hatching out plots to take down America….although the Obama administration would have us all believe that….This is just another excuse to have aerial surveillance over Americans when we riot against the government for destroying our economy and attempting to make slaves of us to both Federalism and Globalism.
    The elite, and Congress-rats who brought this country to its knees must be protected at ALL costs…why??? So they can foul the air further ?

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