Drug horses being left to die by Mexican cartels

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

    A pitiful, malnourished abandoned drug horse, used to move drugs across the Mexican border into Arizona, was so weak it kept trying to sit back on its hind legs because its front legs were too weak to hold it up, according to NY TIMES reporter Marc Lacey. 

 Brad Cowan, a 28 year livestock officer with the Arizona Department of Agriculture, and his partner had to carry it into a horse trailer.   “I’d get angry when I’d see the condition these horses were in,” he said. 

Horrible sores from poorly fitting make shift saddles become infected, and their hooves get severely cut and infected.  This horse had deep wounds in its hide and was very sick.  Cartels use these Mexican horses to smuggle all kinds of drugs into our country and then usually just turn them loose in or around Phoenix and the Tonto National Forest. 

   Judy Glore, president of Heart of Tucson, a horse rescue operation, got a call about Lucky, a drug horse that had his tongue almost “cut in 1/2 from a sharp wire forced into his mouth.” She says she often gets horses in that are sticks and bones with horribly cut and damaged hooves.  Rim Rock, an abandoned drug horse who was let loose in the Tonto National Forest, still suffers from deeply injured hooves, and must wear cushions because of the injuries. 

 These poor animals are driven to exhaustion and given little water to drink or food to eat in high desert heat by cruel drug smugglers whose only concern is to force drugs into America, and in doing so ruin even more generations of our young people.

“Last year, seven horses laden with 971 pounds of marijuana were discovered by Border Patrol agents in the Patagonia Mountains, ” reports Lacey.   They can’t be easily assimilated with U.S. livestock without extensive disease testing and very expensive physical care. 

 If the Obama Administration continues to ignore the abject misery of the people of  Arizona  as well as the horror of human trafficking across our open borders, will they at least do something for these poor horses?  Isn’t there something in our Constitution that requires our President to protect us?  Well, he is NOT doing it!  This is terrible!

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4 thoughts on “Drug horses being left to die by Mexican cartels”

  1. The president of this USA is a disgrace-he does not give a damn about horses either-these fine animals got us to this point from many years of excellent work-these horses helped built massive timber framed barns and houses and our Amish among many others love these loyal friends like one of the family-Obama you need to get off of your GOD status and get your hands and body into the swamp you are turning this situation into-you need to go down with the ship-but you will flee in 2012 to hide in some other nation where thanks to America's Most Wanted your neighbor will turn you in-unlike our press whom kiss your ass and your crooked fellow democrat slobs

  2. We have one miserable son of a bitch leadng this country into despair and sestruction. Where the hell are the lawwmakers sent to Washington to take cae of the ENEMY FROM WITHIN? Boehner you crybaby, get to work on impeaching this indibvidual or turn the reins over to someone that has the guts to do the job for you. Or ask Pelosi if she will tutor you on how to manage the job you have been handed . I know she wouldn't hesitate to impeach a Republican if the situation wer the same and she were still in power.

  3. I'm a horse owner myself and have been off and on for most of my life. What these scumbag cartels do to them and also their fellow human beings sicken me to no end. I've seen so many cut up, hacked up, headless dead mexicans that it I've become immune to it.

    I hate that cesspool mexico being so close to America and find myself wishing on a daily basis that it would break off North America and float away. Nothing good seems to come from there. It is like a useless appendage or a boil on the ass of the USA.

    Obama has sold his soul to the global elite and have sold us down the river. There is NO political will to secure the border and we are being balkanized by a bunch of uneducated, poor third worlders with zero respect for our laws or the country's well being.

  4. Is our southern "border" that worthless that a person (dare I call them that) can ride a horse right up on through???? What in the Holy hell is our country falling into. What an assclown we have for a "president"!

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