Eight Obama states full of “takers” to get what they voted for: huge Obamacare cost increases

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 We can say we were right when we warned them not to trust Barack Obama but even now they probably wouldn’t listen. The “takers” and their “guilt ridden” enablers in eight states that voted for Obama are getting what they voted for, substantially higher healthcare insurance rates. Their greedy nature made it easy for Obama to trick them.

 “You can’t cheat an honest man,” comes to mind.

 In the states of Maryland, Oregon, Colorado, Virginia, California, Ohio, Washington and Rhode Island the average cost of the Obamacare’s basic level healthcare plan – “bronze” – will be 122% more than comparable plans now available to these suckers.  

A new report from the Investor’s Business Daily focusing on insurance rates filed with the Government Accountability Office proves claims of Obamacare providing cheaper healthcare are the lies we said they would be. 

Not surprisingly the Democrat controlled media has kept a tight lid on this data, but such is to be expected in the Soviet style America Obama has forced on us.  

The most frustrating numbers come from Ohio and Virginia, two states that should have known better but may have been overwhelmed on Election Day by a surge of Democrat takers, who as usual, were looking for something for nothing.

 In Ohio the cost of a basic “bronze” plan for a 25 year old (a group that supported Obama) will virtually triple to $1,956 a year. Nevertheless, the results of Obamacare are almost as bad in Virginia where publicly exposed voter fraud plans were ignored by the media. Virginia’s 25 year olds will see a 252% increase for the “cheapest” plan offered by the man they voted for.  

 While the other states on this list are all traditional “taker” states that can wallow in their own socialist pens, at least one – Maryland–has discovered that some insurance companies have no intention of sitting by and watching as greedy Democrats and Obama put them out of business. Maryland where Obamacare rates will rise “only” 83% has just been told that Aetna will leave rather than submit to the state’s coercive demands that it lower rates by 29% to make Obamacare appear to work. 

Have fun takers. Your greed has destroyed America, but hey at least you’ll meet new people waiting for hours at your government selected doctor’s office.      




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  1. This is GREAT NEWS!! I hope when push comes to shove the Employers will trip through the Parking Lot to see who needs to be Part Time, Full Time and Who needs Fired Altogether

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