ELECTION DAY News, Updates, Rumors and Facts

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Polls in some Eastern states won’t close until 7:00 PM Eastern. So although there may be little if any “official” word as to how Mitt Romney is doing until then, Coach is Right will attempt to provide some timely information from news sites and blogs around the web.


1.) From Hot Air: Romney LEADS early voting in Ohio! Hot Air reports that Gannet apparently posted data from the state government on its site at 2:00 AM Tuesday morning.  (1) It is a post which has since been taken down from the site and replaced with “Early voting not yet counted in Ohio.” IF the info was TRUE, Romney leads early vote by some 92,000 votes. So what might this mean (IF TRUE)?  Obama had a lead of 260,000 votes among early voters in 2008. He won the state of Ohio by appx 250,000. So on Election Day itself, McCain and Obama TIED. And this was in the midst of a huge, nationwide Democrat voting advantage of 7.6% according to Rasmussen’s party affiliation poll. With Rasmussen’s polled, Republican advantage of 5.8% this October, Election Day in Ohio could be a nightmare for Obama. And remember, the majority of Democrat fraud is produced during early voting days. (RUMOR #1 of the day.) (2)

2.) VODKAPUNDIT sums it up nicely: “There is Not Enough Coffee and/or Booze in the World” to get through a day like this!  (3)

3.) New Black Panthers are back at the same Philly polling place! Lovely…and hardly surprising. (4)

4.) Obama’s deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter warns Obama supporters to “stay calm” in the face of potentially downbeat, early   news about election results today. Couldn’t be they don’t want Obama voters to stay home in the belief that it’s over, could it? (5)

5.) Obama’s “internal polling data” has been published by Newsmax. It shows Obama UP in Virginia +2;  Pennsylvania +3; Ohio +2; Colorado +3, New Hampshire TIED; Michigan TIED. (6) But according to the article, the Obama camp is WORRIED because the trend is clearly to Romney.  By the way, Rasmussen has Romney up in Virginia as of Nov. 5th by 50-48, so take the Obama internal results as you think best.  (7)

6.) For anyone who doubted the Obama campaign’s concerns about the Pennsylvania vote, Bill Clinton made 4 appearances in the state on November 5th! As Dick Morris rightly says, slick Willie is Obama’s go to guy in desperate times. (8)

7.) Voter fraud hotlines with True the Vote: Election Integrity Hotline (http://www.truethevote.org/incident-report/). Phone: 855-444-6100. Direct descriptions and photos to: freeandfair@truethevote.org

8.) READY FOR THIS?  From Human Events, a very reliable source, the Republican National Committee is NOT PERMITTED to investigate Democrat voter fraud!

“The Republican National Committee itself cannot be involved in any such effort.(voter fraud investigation) In 1982, when faced with a lawsuit from the Democratic Party for violating the Voting Rights Act in its efforts to thwart election fraud, the RNC signed a consent decree voluntarily abjuring from such efforts. The decree will be not be reviewed until 2017.” (9)

I don’t know for certain, but I’d be willing to bet the Republican Party simply ROLLED OVER rather than contest the decision. After all, such cowardice has been the hallmark of the Party for a very, very long time. As a result of this incredible 35 year agreement by the Party to have its hands tied, the investigation of Dem voter fraud falls to outside groups. (9)  

9.)What would any Election Day be without Howard Dean. Dean now says, “The only way we lose is through fraud.” (10) Apparently he  means if the industrial strength voter fraud of the Democrat Party can’t overcome actual voters.  

10.) A LONG list of Republican poll watchers were literally THROW OUT of their scheduled polling places by Democrat poll watchers who claimed the Republican’s names were “not on the list.” An incredible read from FR. (11)

11.) According to Rich Lowry at the National Review, Republicans are looking at data which shows Romney to be “over-performing” in counties across the nation. For example, Republicans are on track to win Adams County, Colorado for the first time since 1984 and Ronald Reagan! In Iowa, the Party is over-performing in 95 of the state’s 99 counties, even outperforming 2004 (by more than 3 points) when Bush was the first to win the state since 1984! In Florida, Republican strongholds exhibit long lines and wait time of 2 hours or more! Miami-Dade (Obama territory) much shorter lines, lower turnout.

In Ohio, Republican counties are showing VERY strong turnouts, the same with Pennsylvania. Northern Bucks County (a Philly suburb) has strong GOP turnout. It is a bellweather for the Party. Western Pa is said to be turning out in “historic numbers.” (I grew up in Pittsburgh. It is coal country, large Italian and Polish populations. They are NOT voting for Obama in 2012.)

See info from these and other states. (12)

More to follow on CiR

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