Enforcing Beck, an idea whose time has finally come

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 The current crisis in Wisconsin brings to mind the results of a 1988 Supreme Court decision in the matter of Communication Workers of America v. Beck. “Beck” started when a CWA worker named Harry Beck demanded his dues money back because the CWA was using it to fund the campaigns of liberal Democrats and as a conservative Beck had had enough.

 After the usual protracted period of appeals the case worked its way up to the Supreme Court and was decided in favor of Beck and his codefendants.

 What “Beck” said; why it’s important today

 The decision established what are now known as “Beck rights” for all American workers.  Essentially it said a union worker who objects to having his/her dues used for purposes he/she disapproves of can no longer be forced to pay that part of any  dues not specifically designated for actual union related purposes.  Only the dues fees actually necessary to provide bargaining services and administer benefits can be collected by unions.  In short, unions can no longer collect union dues for anti American causes without the expressed permission of the member.

 Unfortunately almost as soon as the decision was handed down the media, Democrats and feckless collaborating Republicans conspired to make believe it never happened. Even under both Bush 41 and 43, “Beck” became nothing more than a grease stained sign at most work places if one appeared at all.

 By February 1995, Clinton quietly rescinded a Bush 41 Executive Order requiring all federal contractors to post a “Beck Notice.”  Since then most of the time Beck enforcement has had more to do with minor fines handed out for not displaying a Beck Rights than (GASP!) actually enforcing the decision.

 The time is right

 Obviously when the Republicans regained control of the House in 1994 they had no stomach for fighting to see that Beck was enforced. That was then, however, and this is now. We have beaten back Card Check and we have the unions on the run. Now is the time to cripple them with a “reverse” Card Check allowing individuals to opt out of union membership altogether. Doing this and pressing the enforcement of workers’ Beck Rights can break the strangle hold of Big Labor on our economy. For the sake of our nation let’s hope Wisconsin’s Republicans do just this.    

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This day in history February 21

1848: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published The Communist Manisfesto. Think of all the misery these two have brought us.

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4 thoughts on “Enforcing Beck, an idea whose time has finally come”

  1. On Executive Orders: My understanding is that Executive Order's are supposed to be ratified by the Senate, but failing to do that allows them to be automatics. There are too many Executive Orders. Could this neglect to ratify be turned int an automatic rejection instead?

  2. So how is it that congress seems obvious to this SC ruleing? When did union membership become a 'right'? Why should union dues become an automatic with drawal from one's paycheck? Question, Can a Public funded medical facility empolyes strike? If so what becomes of the patients under there care? How about prisons?, FAA (Again) possible? We have already found out what a gargabe employee strike looks and smells like, right New York? OoC= out of control, is that the power the unions are rioting to control? Be carefull what you wish for–might come true!

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