Eric Holder had plenty of experience with cover-ups prior to his work on Fast and Furious

by Doug Book,  staff writer


“You need to know that Eric Holder…played a key role in covering up the torture-murder death of my brother, Kenneth Michael Trentadue.”  (1)

This is what Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue wrote in December of 2008 to prospective incoming chairman of the Senate Justice Committee, Patrick Leahy. The newly elected Barack Obama had made Holder his choice for Attorney General and Trentadue was going to do everything in his power to stop this shameful appointment from going forward.

Kenneth Trentadue was killed in Oklahoma City on August 21st of 1995, four months after the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building. He had been taken into custody by the FBI and placed in an isolation cell at a federal facility in El Reno, Oklahoma.

The official government report on cause of death presented to Trentadue’s family stated that Kenneth had hanged himself in his cell. But massive bruises and lacerations all over his body compelled even the Oklahoma City medical examiner to state “very likely he was murdered.”  (2)

Unable to get satisfactory information from government officials on what had happened to his brother, in 1997 Jesse Trentadue filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit against the Department of Justice. In it, Trentadue made the extraordinary claim that the Department had “…[hidden] and destroyed evidence that would have exposed my brother’s murderers.” (1)

As a result of that lawsuit, in 2001 the Trentadue family was awarded $1.1 million and the federal judge indeed later ruled that “…the FBI had lied in court…and destroyed evidence.”  (3)

Using emails and handwritten notes acquired in that lawsuit,  Trentadue demonstrated in his correspondence to Patrick Leahy that then Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder had engineered a scheme to sidetrack any investigation into his brother’s death in order to “…deflect congressional oversight and media attention…” (1)

Calling their agenda the “Trentadue mission”, members of Holder’s DOJ team compared their efforts to “…coordinating the invasion of Normandy.” They referred to “meeting with [Holder] to discuss ‘Trentadue-does’ and ‘Trentadue-don’t’ ” concerning a carefully crafted press release designed to announce that a federal grand jury had just concluded its work and found no reason to charge anyone with a crime.  (1)

Of course that October 9th press release failed to say the grand jury had actually, secretly concluded its business in August, having been supplied with only the “evidence” the Department of Justice saw fit to provide.

The lengths to which Eric Holder and others went to stifle any investigation of the Trentadue affair make it clear that it was not simply a federal prisoner interrogation that went too far. Coach is Right will present the known history of this extraordinary Clinton Administration affair and cover-up through the coming days.

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15 thoughts on “Eric Holder had plenty of experience with cover-ups prior to his work on Fast and Furious”

  1. How about a couple of more coverups:

    1.. Marc Rich pardon. Again during the Clinton administration when Holder was Deputy AG, He told Congress he didn't read the memos against giving this convicted felon (and Dem contributor) a pardon. He approved the pardon. Does this "I didn't read nothing" defense sound familiar?

    2. Google Ira Magaziner. He was the point man for the Hillarycare WH operation. During a lawsuit regarding violations of Fed law during the Hillarycare deliberations, a Federal judge, Royce Lamberth, sent a referral to the DOJ that Magaziner and other WH aides appeared to have committed perjury in his court. Holder refused to take action. The Judge, frustrated by the non-action, levied sanctions against the US government in the form of a maximum $250,000 fine.

    1. Yeah, it means he's either a total liar, or just totally fucking incompetent (probably BOTH) but neither one of which is any good !!!

  2. You're absolutely right. And remember the congressional hearing in which Holder claimed to have contacted family members of those murdered by the FALN terrorists whom he worked so hard to have Slick Willie pardon on his last day in office!! Not only had he NOT spoken with any family members, he'd done everything in his power to make certain they knew nothing ABOUT his despicable efforts to get these thugs pardoned!!!! A sweet guy, Eric!

  3. Aw Judah's Priest , Doug ! This man Holder gets smarmier and more menacing with every passing milli-second ! Mafia goons and thugs have NOTHING that equals the amoral, antisocial, antithetical , criminal behavior of Obama's chief "fixer".
    It's like watching re-runs of HBO's "Boss" starring Kelsey Grammer ! No life, no anything, is more sacred to them than the continuance of their corrupt power to control.
    Here's a son a mother could hate !

  4. Hey Jo!

    Stick around, Pal. I haven't even started to scratch the SURFACE of this guy's loathsome, criminal activities. This is a LONG story which will take weeks to properly and clearly unfold on CiR. And clear is the right word, for there are twists and turns you won't believe.

    That this guy is Attorney General of the US is beyond the most disgraceful thing I've ever known. Just the number of DOJ-sponsored/involved/caused killings and outright murders this guy has worked to cover up is mind boggling.

    I know you'll "stay tuned," Joanne. And believe me, it will be worth your time.

    Merry Christmas to all of you,


  5. A conservative friend sent me this & i'd like to share it with you. Raymond

    I worked at Republic Steel for 10 years, until its closing in 1983. The best line I ever heard there was when this young black kid was being reprimanded for the last time before being fired.

    Predictably, the black youth said to the shop foreman, "You're firing me because I'm black!"

    The boss said, "No, we hired you because you're black. We're firing you because you're useless!

    The same goes for the President of the United States.

  6. GOD, anyone interested should just enter Kenneth Michael Trentadue on google browse and check the images. It's HORRIBLE. The man is literally ripped to shreds, bloody, bruised (well, his dead body anyway) throat appears gashed. I haven't even read the article yet, have no real idea who he is, but anyone looking at those images would assume he was either killed/murdered or died in some kind of awful wreck. (When i read the first line, I automatically saved that name & entered it under google on another tab to read up on it and the images popped up)

    1. Bunny,

      There are numerous pieces on Eric Holder and his criminal ways on Coach is Right. He is without doubt the most corrupt AG in this nation's history. His cover up of Ken Trentadue's death and consequently of the Oklahoma City bombing are just the tip of the iceberg!

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