Evangelicals plunge America into darkness – mislead polls and stay home on Election Day

Kevin “Coach” Collins

The experts are wringing their hands trying to figure out why Romney didn’t win, but now we know: the 14 million missing voters from Romney’s column are Evangelicals.

Evangelical Christians may not be evil people, but they helped an evil president become an evil dictator on Tuesday. The exact numbers aren’t in but clearly the vast majority of Evangelicals stayed home on Election Day. They weren’t dealing with a storm or a personal family emergency. They stayed home because they made a conscious decision to allow our Marxist enemy to continue ruining our lives rather than have Mormon Mitt Romney as our president. 

They draw their grounds for such a twisted thought from their interpretation of the Bible which they take literally – except of course for the part about handling poisonous snakes – that’s where a more modern interpretation of Scripture takes hold.

The Evangelicals’ hatred of Romney burns so brightly it blinded them. Self- flagellation and a willingness to aid and abet a clear enemy became preferable to them – consequences be damned.  

Evangelicals profess to be pro-life against Gay “marriage” for religious freedom a strong protective bond with Israel and for a strong and effective military yet on Tuesday they stayed away by the millions and imperiled all they say they believe in.

 They stood on principle, so they will say, so they hate the Republican Party for nominating Romney as well. They did not even consider the danger they put  America in – Romney and the RNC hurt their feelings and they wanted the “revenge” Barack Obama urged.  

Skipping the top line for the sake of saving America never occurred to our Evangelical neighbors.  If Evangelicals had just done this we would have a Republican Senate and a stronger hold on the House. If they had done this much of what they care about could have been saved – but they stayed home.

They stay home to punish us all and what’s more they lied to pollsters.

How else could the survey reports from honest pollsters be so tortured? They acted like the 1/3 of colonists who joined the British in their attempt to keep freedom loving Americans in chains and they are no better.  Isn’t it the Koran that permits lying to further an adherent’s cause a person’s cause?

How do we ever trust people who would indulge themselves so slavishly at our expense?

Wouldn’t/shouldn’t an honest evaluation of their situation lead Evangelicals to merely cancel their voter registration? There are many groups who live among us but refuse to be part of us. They don’t register to vote. Why shouldn’t the Evangelicals do the same? That would give those of us in the patriotic 1/3 a clearer picture of what and who we are fighting.  

  Obviously conservatism was not defeated Tuesday. It lost in a fixed fight that started with a sucker punch thrown by subversives who falsely proclaim allegiance to conservatism.  Nevertheless, we the patriots of America lost on Tuesday and it makes little difference whether the telling blow was delivered from the left or the right.

 The outcome was the same.

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35 thoughts on “Evangelicals plunge America into darkness – mislead polls and stay home on Election Day”

  1. Honestly, I have a couple things to say in response to this.
    1. The election is over, but our principles endure.”
    2. There is a stark difference between analyzing our loss for the purpose of “fixing” the problem, looking for a scapgoat. The first should be our goal now, but this piece seems to do the second – looking for someone to blame. Isn’t this what we accuse Obama of falling back on too often?
    3. There were strategic errors in Romney’s campaign. The biggest & most damaging was allowing Obama to create & define Romney’s character. In my opinion, this was the fatal flaw od Romney’s campaign. He was never able to overcome it. Romney’s seemingly docile campaign contradicted his ruthless attacks during the Primaries which also confused voters. In the end
    , there were simply not enough thinking Americans excited about Romney to overcome the corruption, the organization, & the money behind Obama with the hearty support of the media.
    I don’t know if anyone else could have aroused greater support, but to afix BLAME on any segment is an Obama tactic and we should be above that!
    4. As much as I oppose President Obama’s agenda, he is the “peoples'” choice, and we’d be better served to deal with the reason(s) why that is true. It is an established behavioral pattern in every … Every great civilization in history (read The Life Cycle of a Nation) and we may yet avoid bottoming out, if we can circle the wagons & get our act together.

  2. I will just quickly give a jot on this foolishness. First, Evangelicals were either dismissed as voting for Romney without fully knowing their voting record or this non-voting idea is totally false. Most evangelicals that I know,and that is not the 50% of Catholics that voted for Obama again,keep their religion out of politics. The state gets the states’ selections and the Christian keeps his faith true, with the country a second place finisher.Now I don’t know what lip service Christians do, but personally I prefer to believe Revelation and never waver in my beliefs because someone didn’t like the way I voted or didn’t vote.To put Evangelicals in this group, like Obama does for so many people, is calling evangelicals the same as abortion provider Obama and we both know that’s a crock! Also, the evangelicals are voting for themselves,just like all other individuals. If they do not wish to vote because Romney is Obama light, it is still their freedom to choose,or has that already been determined to be a non-right for evangelicals only? I agree Romney most likely was better than Obama, but he lacked the needed conservatism that is unflattering to the Karl Rove set.When a conservative runs, then evangelicals will be first in line!

  3. The Republican party needs to simplify itself and stop taking weird stands on social issues when social issues are not even our issue. Fiscal conservative values and defense of our country is it and neither were presented correctly. Instead it went to women and minority rights which Republicans do not stand a chance on. We needed to present Marco Rubio as VP and we would have won. The end.

  4. What is your source for all these assertions? Don’t you think you have the responsibility to prove at least ONE?

  5. I’ve seen Evangelicals withdraw support for a right to life bill in Wash. St. because they didn’t like one of the legislators who the lobbyist talked into supporting it.

    I saw half my fellow Catholics spit in the face of the Pope, most bishops and too few priests to vote for Obama.

    I saw the heartbreak in my solid Catholic Hispanic friends when most of theirs took the Portofino Calles Road. (Google him)

    I saw the Republican campaign stall and pull a McCain. For McCain it was a ginned up financial crisis, for Romney it was Sandy.

    I saw Jesus mocked when anti-Mormon forces voted against him, even though the 1st Amendment grants freedom of religion just as Jesus allowed others not of his group to cast out demons in his name.

    The Republicans in their finest tradition, got to the Temple outskirts, but refused to dump the moneychangers’ tables.

    1. To Jerry Todd….admirable post Jerry ! Now lets see just how long all of these Evangelicals hope to survive the amorality and the duplicity of four more years of Obama…The “Manchurian-Candidate-occupying-the Oval Office” has a rotten reputation for throwing under the bus those who present a challenge to him (however stupid those individuals are), and those who have supported him….makes no difference to the “Lyin’ King”
      Evangelicals are free, just as every OTHER American is free to vote in his/her own best interests….and if keeping their beliefs “pure” results in four more years of the “Hated One”; rather than giving another Christian man like Romney a shot at turning this country around then so be it…..but the Evangelicals STILL have to face their peers and things just might not go easy for them when they apparently selected their tenets over their fellow men and women.

  6. This article is totally misleading and actually an outright lie. If evangelicals had not supported Mitt Romney, he would not have carried the south so overwhelmingly, where the evangelicals live for the most part. This is total nonsense. The media and pundits are trying to spin this in everyway but what they actually need to be looking at…corruption and voter fraud.

  7. This is a bold face lie. If this were to be true, then Arkansas wouldn’t have voted Republicans the majority In The State House, a first and voted for Mitt 68-28%. OK. voted for Mitt 70-30%, as a matter fo fact I can’t think of any Bible Belt State that didn’t vote Mitt by large volumns. Try placing the blame where it belongs, vote theft. If Senator McCain received more votes in Ohio in 2008 than President Obama is 2012, they have a serious fraud problem because the one candidate not supported by Evangelicas is Sen. McCain. Oh yeah, I know, sour grapes. Just remember and file this, republicans aren’t stupid and when the majority come to realize their votes are being diverted or thrown away all hell is gonna break out. If you are going to lie, you better make it believable. The media and talking heads have yet to realize the internets power of information. Most of us do not need it broken down into sound bites of total bull hockey nor do we appreciate being treated like an embicile.

  8. Where are the fact’s supporting this article? Why did Romney do so well in the south if what you say is true.

    1. Jim
      You call losing 1/2 the Veterans vote in Virginia doing “so well” and losing both Virginia and Florida “doing so well”?
      A candidate needs only to get 50% plus one vote to win.

  9. Kevin, YOU told us all he was going to win. Just like YOU said Romney wouldn’t be the candidate. Why should we believe anything YOU say?

    1. James Fletch
      I deal in numbers not sucker punch surprises and I really care if you ever read another word on this site. Stay if you want or go if you want – that’s your call.

  10. I don’t know where the information came from but everyone I know (evangelicals) voted for Romney he may be a Mormon but he wasn’t a muslim so if you want a scapegoat explain to me how more Catholics voted for Obamao this time than in the first election and along with 98% of the black vote along with the 47% seeking “free stuff” I think you have gotten some misinformation. I am as disappointed as you are I am sure and have read of so much fraud and voting machine screw ups and tampering. There is enough blame to go around and anyone that didn’t vote in this election regardless has no right to call themselves a patriot!! Don’t want to even get started on the media!!

  11. This article is pathetic, insulting and demeaning to me as a Christian that doesn’t pick up snakes. That was such a poor article. You don’t sound like a Christian and you dare mock those of us that take the Bible as God’s Word, litterally. Instead of blaming us Evangelicals as the problem, blame the RNC for time and time again, pushing these limp-wristed, luke warm, compromising, moderate, “republicans”, down our throats. I don’t care how cheap a crap sandwich is, I ain’t buying it or eating it. (and I hate using the word aint) I voted for him reluctantly because he is NOT a conservative, same as McCain, Dole, etc. This article sounds like it was written by someone who would be more comfortable in the Democrap Party.

    Now, my question is; How do we get Boehner (I call him Boner) out and replace him?

  12. Forgot to add…Coach is WRONG!. See, now you need to change your website name. And Coach, I’m looking for an apology to us Evangelicals from you. What’s next? Are we going to get blamed for setting Rome on fire? Oh wait, that’s already been done.

  13. Coach, a relatively unheard of blog — “The Ignorant Fishermen Blog” — that cites no exit poll, cites zero data — is the source of your vitriol?

    Did you read one of that blog’s links, the one by a pastor of a Baptist church?  For eleven months, that pastor believed Romney would not get the evangelical vote.  But by September, three developments changed his mind “about Romney’s appeal to evangelical voters.”  His reasons, published by Fox News, are considerable.  This is the link, referenced by your source blog, and I quote his concluding statement:

    I am certain that President Obama’s hard turn to the left and Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan have made Mitt Romney much more palatable to evangelical Christians—like me.


    In your narrowly focused accusations, you ignored:

    1. widely reported LAWBREAKING in the polling places (such as the forced ejection of Republican election inspectors) and, worse, VOTE FRAUD

    2. the mainstream media’s relentless, unceasing propaganda

    3. the damage (believed by Romney’s inner circle [see Hot Air] and by many others) inflicted by Chris Christie’s highly publicized rendezvous with Obama amid New Jersey’s post-Sandy havoc

    4. other corruption factors that contributed to the election ‘win’ by the ally of Chavez (VENEZUELA is source of the software in countless VOTING MACHINES in the U.S.) and the ally of (elected?) Putin

    By ignoring those massively significant factors, and relying solely on a source that provided no respected data, you have, in my opinion, shot your credibility in the foot.

    1. “I am certain that President Obama’s hard turn to the left”

      Obama’s never been anything but hard left, he’s a muslim.

      By the way, Fox News in in bed with Islam.

      1. Ray — As long as you keep calling our President a Muslim, and posting silly, doctored videos, the Republcan party will never regain the White House. How about growing up?

        Coach told us that President Obama was not going to gain votes in any group, but Latinos certainly turned out for him.

        Coach is not right. Coach is wrong.

        1. Gary as the pet liberal here I give you some consideration. We like having you around to remind us that liberals don’t read, they “feel.” I said Obama was not doing better with any groups he won in 2008. I was reading for you Gar because you can’t do it for yourself. You do understand what those blue lines at the end of our essays mean don’t you?
          Here at CiR we report what you can’t get elsewhere that’s why you keep coming back. Please don’t stop writing. You serve to remind us that people like you are out there. In the meanwhile enjoy all the free stuff Comrade Obama is giving while they last because although the child-like liberal mind doesn’t understand economic realities those realities still apply even to people like you. As a liberal you don’t understand this but if you and your pals think the people who have been pulling the wagon up to now will continue to do so you are very wrong. Watch it happen.

          1. Gary You are only tolerated here for your entertainment value, but you are so dumb you must be twins. Wipe the drool from your chin or have one of the staff do it for you and listen carefully: What I said was “Obama is not winning any groups he lost and not doing better with any groups he won.” The polls did not contradict that statement and in fact a mid -October Gallup report confirmed what I had been saying. NO ONE knew what was going to happen, but I reported what I researched for my readers – even you Gar.
            So un-bunch your panties, go away and don’t come back until you can join the conversation like a big boy.

  14. You drank the Kool-Aid!

    This is one of the most ignorant reports I have ever read… and you are supposed to be on our side???

    Come back after the Kool-Aid wears off!

  15. Oh and by the way… are you really so naive to think that everything would have been fixed if Romney had of won? It would have sent everyone into thinking everything is fine now. So… in one way it is a blessing he didn’t get elected… so we will continue to clean out the evil that is ruling and ruining this country… but for you to place blame on Christian’s is going to far!!!

  16. Coach:
    There’s no such thing as an Evangelical Christian.
    This is a Catholic doctrine which is 100% false.
    To be a Christian one must be born again. To be
    born again one must confess to God that one is a sinner,
    ask God to forgive them of their sins & then invite Jesus
    to come into their heart to be their Lord & Savior.
    I also hear people use words like “conservative Christian”
    or “liberal Christian” when in reality there’s no such
    person. One is either a Christian or one is not.

    “Evangelicals plunge America into darkness”
    This is 100% not true. Because you’re a Catholic
    there’s much going on that you fail to see.
    I would invite you to view the following.

    Roman Catholics Christians?

    1. Coming from an idiot like you, I think I would choose Coach over your hateful drivel. You act NOTHING like a man of God.

      1. Paul….I don’t like saying this at all….but I think you made the right call on Raymond’s post (above). Raymond is a friend of mine; and most of the time I honestly believe that he is decent and that he means well; but this IS a public forum; and while we often choose to give people a goodly amount of latitude with their expressions in this website; I personally believe this is NOT THE PLACE to be slamming other folks’ religions….It alienates and angers those who would be our allies in the continuing battle against the dastardly, amoral deeds we are now forced to witness on a near daily basis.
        Raymond….it’s time to tone down the religious rhetoric. Please, for ALL of our sakes….yours as well…because as Paul points out; you are not behaving like a man of God when you sling stones at the beliefs of others…
        There is no ONE TRUE RELIGION…penitents come to God from MANY religions….please remember this.

  17. Qouteing: They acted like the 1/3 of colonists who joined the British in their attempt to keep freedom loving Americans in chains and they are no better.

    So, many of you Americans do recognize who are the enemies…

    But at the same time, you do not wish to engage them, for you are in full denial to what it means. It means that you must recognize, that all your enemies, being your enemies must be faced as such, and for that declared outlaws.

    You Americans can not allow communism, Islamism, Eurasianism or the Global Governance(ONU) to take your country. But you still keep cherrishing the idea that your neigbour is your fellow. This time is past. You must know who your neigbour is, and act accordingly. You must gather the conservatives and act in this WAR. For you re in a WAR. And this War is against ONU, Eurasianism (Russia´s dominance) and the Chinese, and against the Calihphat. You are fighting against the world AND YOUR´S SOLE ALIE IS ISRAEL, AND EVEN THEN NOT ALL ISRAELIS, as you know 70% of American Jews (The Caifas jews) voted for the Barrack.

    Your enemies Americans, are all over you, and your denial to accompish this fact is only making them stronger day by day. Start acting now or loose your cuntry once and for ever. There will be no other chance.

    There is a way to take Barrack Obama out of power now, but you must act fierllessly. Open a war on his documents. It does not matter if he is not an American (it´s not even important anymore), where is he born and so on. Important on this fight is the fact that his Documents – Social Security, passports, Curricula are all forgery or contain damaging information. He must be made accountable for the forgery and pay the price.

    1. To Mayr Fortuna…you bring up many fine and valid points regarding the wars in which America is now engaged.
      The Obama “clone-and-Manchurian-Candidate-unit” MUST be unveiled for the fraud that he is…. Americans are quite capable of doing this…”ferreting” out those truths by legal or illegal means….but unless we all plan to make a united “Citizen’s Arrest” of this fraud in the Oval Office; we are in the nasty, unfortunate position of having to rely upon either Congress or the Justice system to prosecute this ugly person…..and, to date; neither Congress nor the Justice Department have performed their tasks honorably or with vigor….and American citizens….at least those who care about the fate of this country of ours, have been ignored so that all of these governmental miscreants and malfeasors can chase down whatever issue happens to suit their agendas.
      Any ideas about how we can evade both the Congress and the Justice Department, AND the controlling news media which protects Obama’s sorry ass at every opportunity (so that NICE folks like all of us here will NEVER hear about what is dug up on Obama)??

  18. After the public school system, which is a religion, so-called organized religion is the greatest evil in this country. Anything anyone puts in front of country should be shunned, as nothing that is supposedly more important will exist once the country is destroyed. Patriotism and love of country give people the freedom to follow their delusions and rituals, not the other way around, and we are paying the price for it. Egypt is depending on their religion to mold their future. How’s that working out for them?

  19. Ron….I have read, countless times, in Libertarian theology that strict adherence to, and belief in ANYTHING (religion, politics etc.)…including “Nationalism”….is to be avoided as it closes the mind to other realities and options. If that axiom really is true; then we can expect the Egyptians, the Iranians, the Libyans etc. to self-implode…..perhaps not for a while as their rage burns hotly now….but they WILL do themselves in.

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