Even murder is excused when the killer is a coddled selfish athlete the: “gun culture did it”


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The murder suicide committed by selfish coddled phony Kansas City Chief’s linebacker Jovan Belcher was a tragedy for two people.  His live-in girlfriend murder victim, 22 year old Kasandra Perkins, of course, but more so their 3 month old  baby daughter Zoey who is now left an orphan because her father could not deal with hearing the word “No.”

Of course we don’t know exactly what was being argued over when the frustration of being told “No” must have overtaken Belcher. Nevertheless, in the  aftermath what we can see and hear gives us a fair idea of what we couldn’t see or hear as the fatal argument unfolded in the couple’s home last week. Ms. Perkins made the fatal choice to say “No” to Belcher and lost her life for it.

With the funerals not even held, we saw and heard the liberal media immediately seize the opportunity to cover for the selfish coddled athlete even in death without mention of his own personal responsibility.

A Kansas City sports writer said, “Handguns do not enhance our safety…. here is what I believe: If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.”

In the maladjusted liberal mind people, especially coddled athletes, don’t kill people, guns knives cars acid ropes baseball bats and other “malicious thinking” in animate objects kill people.

It is hard to tell whose reaction to this murder/suicide is more repulsive, the media for helping a murder escape responsibility, or the clowns in the stands tearfully holding up signs memorializing a murderer because he played professional football. 

That Belcher’s involvement in a group of athletes against violence toward women called   Male Athletes Against Violence was a lie means nothing to his fans and the sycophantic media. Apparently Belcher’s pledge not to engage in violence against females doesn’t make him a liar in the eyes of his adoring fans in the stands or the press box.

“Jovan made a mistake, but he’s still our man” seems to ooze from every pour of these morons, none of whom are intelligent enough to know the difference between a “mistake” (which would be wearing one blue sock and one black sock) and an evil selfish act like killing the mother of your child and leaving your little girl an orphan.  

Pray for little Zoey.      



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3 thoughts on “Even murder is excused when the killer is a coddled selfish athlete the: “gun culture did it””

  1. How did the USA ever spawn such mutants as are known as Liberals. Their chief defect is blind illogical thinking. It makes them notorious for missing the point.

    1. To Richard Cancemi: I couldn’t agree with you more….Gary Miller is a prime example of such “mutantism”.

  2. And the reason liberals exist is to feed off of those who express true emotions and to use them to advance a specific agenda….they always have a reason to control circumstances and thereby that agenda, people as a group….they manipulate and foster an attitude, a behavior that is inconsistent with reality as we know it….everyone wants to be part of the in-crowd, sympathetic and speaking the same language of understanding and compassion; except for the left who actually cares little for those ‘human’ moments we all experience….the left couldn’t be less interested or more obvious in their intentions….and it’s a game, a joke and a reason to be duplicitous….

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