Everybody but the GOPe KNOWS immigration reform guarantees Democrat control for ever

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Every thinking American, whether conservative or liberal knows that when the feckless Republicans in the Congress fold and stab us in the back by erasing our borders Democrat Party control of our lives will be assured forever.  

The sad truth is that we are reduced to hoping that the horrific terror attack on Boston will defeat the Democrats’ plans to swamp our country with ready- made Democrat voters because there seems to be little reason to hope the Republicans will do so. 

There are several reasons we should be concerned about the Democrat plan to erase our borders.  Nevertheless, we cannot depend on Senate or Congressional Republicans to come clean and tell us the truth.

The 844 page (“You have to pass to find out what it contains) “comprehensive” immigration reform bill contains at least five dangerous elements.   

No matter what Chuck Schumer has ordered McCain, Graham and Rubio to say, this is an amnesty bill. It will immediately create 11 million new Democrats andperhaps another 20 million new Democrats as a result of the “anchor” provisions of our ridiculous immigration laws.  The vast majority of these new Democrats are here in America, not to be Americans but to be Mexicans in America or Jamaicans in America and so on. These people are here for what they can get FROM America NOT what they can add to America.  They will vote themselves every benefit they can.  They will not stop until there is nothing left to carry away.    

Even when the Democrats realize that they are now in charge forever and decide to try to stop supporting these freeloaders, built- in entitlement programs already in place will bleed us white. This will cause huge social problems.  This will be a major lose-lose because these people will bring nothing but outstretched palms to our big cities at the expense of lower paid, lower educated minority workers.    

Government spending will be huge while the new Democrats settle in but become endlessly expansive once they get the hang of the system.

Border security will disappear and the axiom that a nation that loses control of its borders ceases to be a nation will take hold.

America will become a less free, less attractive choice for the kind of legal immigrants we want. Combined with the devastating effects of Obamacare this could keep skilled doctors from coming here.

Sure these are dire predictions, but which dire conservative predictions made by conservatives have not come true and which rosy liberal predictions about anything have ever come true?        



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3 thoughts on “Everybody but the GOPe KNOWS immigration reform guarantees Democrat control for ever”

  1. Coach–

    One more example of what Margaret Heffernan calls “willful blindness.” Or, as I often put it, when something really is evil, people simply do not want to face it. “You can’t handle the truth.”

    Thus, they can proceed with their destructive plans, hiding in plain sight, because no one can conceptualize that a government would actually want to destroy its own country. Another factor in play is our addiction to process, rather than outcomes.

    That is, even though all of these politicians are scumbags, and all of these agencies are worthless, we still have to cover them as journalists, and respect them as citizens because…that’s what we do. Countless examples of this, with a current one being the incompetence of the FBI being exposed yet again, except nothing will change.

  2. I regret the day Rubio got sworn in. I think all he ever wanted is for his little friend that was here Illegally just wanted him to never worry about being sent home ever never ever

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