Will Republicans accommodate Obama in his play for time?

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Barack Obama’s invocation of executive privilege to keep subpoenaed documents from congressional committees investigating Fast and Furious came as rather a shock to many DC observers. It wasn’t that pundits were surprised the “most transparent administration in history” had chosen to OFFICIALLY cover up the Fast and Furious affair.  After all, no one actually believed Obama’s phony openness claims in the first place.

What really confounded Administration friends and foes alike was the fact Obama invoked the privilege in the face of such an extensive body of disapproving legal precedent. “Where there is reason to believe…documents sought may shed light on government misconduct, ‘the privilege is routinely denied…’” wrote the DC District Court of Appeals in the Clinton era US v Espy case. How could a former instructor of law make such an obvious and fundamental legal “error?” (1)

It’s a safe bet Eric Holder and Barack Obama worked out the executive privilege idea well in advance of the Attorney General’s scheduled meeting with Darrell Issa. It was after all a worst case, fallback scheme the pair undoubtedly agreed must be implemented should Oversight Committee chair Issa refuse Holder’s last minute attempt to buffalo the Congressman and Republican leaders into accepting the AG’s testimony in lieu of subpoenaed documents.

In fact the privilege claim was only invoked after a year of stonewalling had failed, threatening to result in an embarrassing contempt charge which even the 90% of national media types who had buried the Fast and Furious story would eventually be forced to report. Yet although political fallout resulting from the contempt vote and the illegally advanced privilege claim would be swift, it would be NOTHING compared to the nuclear blast resulting from a release of documents which proved Obama and Holder had been in on the implementation and ensuing cover up of the Fast and Furious debacle from the very beginning. Documents yielding such a revelation obviously had to be denied the Committee and the American public at all costs as a loss in November might be accompanied by a stretch in Leavenworth.

Though Barack Obama knew a political firestorm would accompany his claim of executive privilege, it was a decision he was forced to make. 

Yet incredibly, Obama might have a way out. First of all, rumor has it that neither Mitt Romney nor House Republican leaders want what they consider the distraction of Fast and Furious to divert attention from their campaign on the disastrous Obama economy. So there remains a very real possibility that the Regime can make a deal with John Boehner in which a few carefully selected documents might be turned over in exchange for an end to the contempt vote and further subpoenas. Everything would go away in favor of concentrating on the campaign, making both Obama and DC Republicans very happy.  (2)

Moreover, there is no way a lawsuit over the privilege claim could make its way through the legal system before the election. So if Obama wins in November it will be back to obfuscate and dissemble. And if he loses, Republicans will almost certainly drop the investigation lest they be accused of persecuting the first minority president and attorney general for the racist purpose of schooling blacks on the dangers inherent in aiming too high… getting too uppity!  

Obama had to short circuit the Fast and Furious probe until after the election and take the attending political heat. It was in part a play for time which has provided him the opportunity of making a deal with those Republicans more interested in political expedience than in doing what’s right.  Remember, John Boehner put off the contempt vote of the full House until this week, evidently in the hope a deal could be worked out in the interim.

If there is no contempt vote by Friday, we’ll know Obama’s privilege claim worked beautifully. We’ll also know that conservatives have once again been sold out by the Republican brass.   

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(1) http://hotair.com/archives/2012/06/21/can-obama-make-an-executive-privilege-claim-stick/

(2) http://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/2012/06/rumor-old-yellowstain-boehner-set-to.html

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2 thoughts on “Will Republicans accommodate Obama in his play for time?”

  1. ** First of all, rumor has it that neither Mitt Romney nor House Republican leaders want what they consider the distraction of Fast and Furious to divert attention from their campaign on the disastrous Obama economy.**

    Hmm. Makes it seem as though Romney and Boehner believe that election campaigns and Congressional investigations can't be conducted at the same time. That somehow they're mutually exclusive.

  2. The "Fast & Furious" debacle has proved holder to be somewhat correct in his statement that "America is a nation of cowards", in that he & hugobama being the most cowardly for not standing up coming clean on their devious scheme to rewrite the "Flawed Document" we call our Constitution and Congress fearing being called RACIST for doing their sworn constitutional duties representing the citizens of U.S..

    I would like to advise anyone in any position in the hugobama administration to start copying any and all correspondence and directives pertaining to your jobs and hide and protect them with your lives!!! There will come a day of judgment soon when many will be held accountable for what has transpired during the reign of this puppet administration and all affiliated organizations that have been pulling their strings. Those of you who have nothing to bargain with such as the emails, correspondences and directives to pass the buck up the chain of command will be left to be the fall guys while the heads of this administration will disavow any and all knowledge of your actions, leaving you to hang for their HIGH CRIMES & TREASONOUS acts! The time to start gathering vital information is now! With the hugobama campaign looking more and more grim by the moment, the shredding and mutilation of documentary evidence will begin any day now! Just look back at what happened at the end of the clinton administration with the illegal, massive mutilation and theft of documents, erasing of emails and destruction of equipment. The big guys at the top don't fall easily without overwhelming evidence but the minions that implement their directives are always left to answer for their crimes!!!

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