F*** YOU Catholics! Big Obama donor’s Catholic hating videos surface

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Apparently Democrats have added Catholics to their list of groups they feel can be attacked as long as the attacker is one of their big donors. Religion and Democrat ideology don’t seem to mix, as the latest flash of religious bigotry from the “Party of the little guy” clearly shows.

Washington State Democrats have been exposed as the bigots they are by a series of videos showing JZ Knight a virulent Catholic hater screaming “F*** You Catholics” to a wildly cheering crowd of her followers. In a stream of anti-Catholic profanity Knight, who has donated more than $120,000 to Washington State Democrats, and Barack Obama, threatened Catholics saying, “We will come on you in a terror. We will bring… St. Peter’s temple down and we will swallow it in the sea.”        

Laced into her fiery diatribes are graphic descriptions of homosexual acts as this big Democrat donor threatens Catholics and insults Jews and homosexuals as well.   

Records found by nwdailymarker.com show Knight has donated $60,800 to the Democratic National Committee, $5,800 to the Obama Victory Fund and donated $5,000 (the maximum) directly to President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign. The report includes a photo of Knight and Obama taken at a Democrat fund raiser in Seattle Washington on September 25, 2011.

Washington State Republican Party Chairman Kirby Wilbur’s statement on Knight makes clear what the Democrats have to do. He said, This video that was recently posted online is nothing short of repulsive. I am personally disgusted by the sickening things uttered by Knight on the tape. She is anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic, homophobic, vulgar and profane. She donated $50,000 to the [Washington] State Democratic Party this year and I am asking Chairman Dwight Pelz to return that donation.”  

 In spite of this strongly worded demand Washington State Democratic Party spokesman Benton Strong has responded that his Party will not return a red cent.   

None of this should surprise anyone. Remember the Democrats had to be begged and tricked into restoring the name of God to their Party platform. This episode is just another example of the Godless Party showing us who they really are.

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One thought on “F*** YOU Catholics! Big Obama donor’s Catholic hating videos surface”

  1. Coach….excellent expose on Knight and the Washington State Demon-rat party….this is SO in keeping with the ultra-leftism of Washington….but the anti-everything vulgarity and venting of spleen are something new to add to the stupid mix of Washington State politics…..Regardless of party affiliations in that Northwest hot-bed of political strangeness; even liberals who STILL have some sense of decorum, upbringing, and manners, are able to recognize pure, unadulterated hatred when they hear it. One can assume that the Republican conservative elements within the State are already incensed and irate over the issue. (Perhaps giving them a much needed forum !!).
    One can hope for a sensibility-driven “back-lash” to these types of performances; with the end result of having individuals such as Knight and the State Democratic Party mouthpiece, Benton Strong…..taken to task; hopefully, and very publicly upbraiding them into shame.

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