Facebook/Twitter Amusing The Masses On Our Road To Destruction

By Ron Reale, staff writer

FACEBOOK and TWITTER are technological slums swirling along in a sea of narcissism, designed to take the thought out of living, and slice life into in 30 second increments through the views of others; designed to distract people into believing they’re living the lives they’re designing on-line, designed to keep Oprah type petty trash information flowing and controlling the news cycle, keeping only the most mindless of thoughtless drivel in the news, while opening the private lives of users to rapists, pedophiles, identity theft and more.

A more perfect vehicle could not have been invented in the fight for the “undecided” 20% of the people.

The concerned American citizens involved, whether on the Left or Right, have made up their minds, based on the facts they choose to follow, concerning the seriousness of the situations this country faces.

Too ignorant to use their own minds, or too selfish and inconsiderate of both their civic duties and fellow citizens, there are those that, with an air of feigned indifference and superiority, call themselves “moderates” and “independents.” They think of themselves smugly, Jon Stewart or Bill Mahers latest gag still in their mind.

These people should be ignored. They abrogate their decisions to the Daily Show news cycle. They are either too cowardly to stand up to their responsibilities as a citizen and actually make a decision, or too ignorant to understand how, due to the purposeful mis-education the government has forced upon them.

They are no more capable of making a serious decision about the future of this country than the so-called high school grad down at McDonalds is capable of making change of a dollar without a machine to provide the correct amount.

This is why the left loves FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

They are the final step in our assimilation, and many of us did not resist. We welcomed it. Look at our children. They are not individuals any longer. They are tied to the computer in their hand, forever linked to the collective, believing only what the collective deems true, accepting only what the collective offers, demonizing that which the collective wants destroyed.

Now imagine how THEIR children will be wired. Eyepieces  worn 24 hours? Implants?

No individual thought now, children, just type your life out and read about others ideas, no thought necessary; tomorrow is another mindless day on which others will be making your decisions.

We are BORG.

Never thinking for themselves, the independents and moderates are always the first voices to give in to any idea paving the way for a complete societal breakdown, because they are so willing to give their minds to whoever or whatever they think everyone else likes…today.

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(3)     http://socialtimes.com/report-twitter-crime-jumps-20-in-2010_b41473

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 In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both. 

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4 thoughts on “Facebook/Twitter Amusing The Masses On Our Road To Destruction”

  1. Though unintended I am sure I was amused that the end of your opinion is followed immediately by the boilerplate “Follow Coach at twitter.com …”

  2. Not all of us use Facebook for that constant infernal messaging.
    I reluctantly have Facebook because that is the only way I can post comments at some websites…..I don’t use Twitter at all….and never will.
    And, I wouldn’t subscribe to FaceBook at all if some sites made it easier to post.
    I’m with you Ron, I cannot imagine the king-sized egos that go along with constantly letting everyone in one’s life be apprized of every single coming and going..
    It’s every bit as bad as those chuckle-heads who hang out on their cell-phones nearly 24/7 God! Get a life !!!!

    1. Joanne, of course we are trapped into using it by certain websites. Other than that, I refuse to use it. I will not answer any of the requests or notifications, unless someone who is not aware of how I feel contacts me. I send them my email, period. If you can’t bother to call me, and leave a message if possible, or email me, both private communication systems, than you have nothing to say to me, nor I too you. I have also disabled the texting function on my phone.
      Up until these inventions, our society progressed. I believe these are the tools of our devolution.
      Be well,

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