Facing bankruptcy, Detroit’s Neros fiddle and open an “Afro-centric” school

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Earlier this month the news came that Detroit is headed toward almost certain bankruptcy and has failed to pay some of its debts for up to 18 months. With no new sources of revenue on the horizon the Motor City will soon be recognized as the failed experiment in total liberal governance it has been for quite some time.

By next spring Detroit will have to fire cops and fire fighters (not layoff which implies they might be eventually rehired). Nevertheless, none of this seems to matter to the liberal anti American crowd that runs the city. They are addicted to the state and federal aid money they use to pay for their vote buying schemes; and will not accept the realities of the damage their support of Barack Obama has  to all of us.

In a stunning new development the Detroit school system has announced it will open a new addition to the Marcus Garvey Academy dedicated to teaching Afro-centered Kindergarten through eight grade curriculums.  In the grand scale of Detroit’s decline the 2.1 million taxpayer dollars spent on this project is of course minuscule but that is beside the point. It’s the selfishness that counts here.   

A trail leading to a dead end

How many empty dead end “educational” programs can the poor ill served African American students in Detroit’s Public School System have inflicted upon them by these tax dollar liberal vampires? Detroit’s public schools are already the worst in the country. In  National Assessment of Educational Progress tests of the Motor City’s fourth and eight graders 69% of fourth graders and 77% of eight graders scored below grade level both of which were historic 40 year lows.

This episode in liberal damage to our nation should serve as an example of what we have to keep in mind as we work to overthrow the Marxist cartel that has destroyed our public schools and innocent defenseless children. These poorly educated children will become poorly educated Democrat voters in just one generation.

Where is the value in teaching “Afro-centric” studies? Do they use different math in Africa? The liberals’ are ramping up their heartless dumbing down of minority children. If we don’t retake control of America and our failing schools, liberal fiddling will burn our nation to the ground.   

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4 thoughts on “Facing bankruptcy, Detroit’s Neros fiddle and open an “Afro-centric” school”

  1. The left has spent five decades making certain the NEA has all of the power, access and funding necessary to perform its most important task–the perpetual manufacture of loyal Democrat voters. And it's really quite easy…just make certain "students" know more about putting condoms on cucumbers than about math or reading. Amazing that one needs a teaching certificate for that!

  2. @gayle… Unfortunately these kids will never be re-educated. They are being raised in one of the largest 'give-me-a-handout-not-a-hand-up' citys in the United States.

  3. Coach : The Motor City is a prime example of ethnicity run amok over the rules of law and reason. And a fine example of why Cities across America which engage in such self-destruction should NEVER receive public funds to financially "bail out" the irresponsible choices they have made. The cities facing bankruptcy need to be forced to declare bankruptcy and to reorganize, downsize, and economize.
    This includes de-unionizing education, police, fire, municipal, and State employees.
    The revisionist teaching of "ethno-centric" cultural imperatives is so wrong on so many levels. It is a misguided back lash to early American text-books in which the white man was featured (and why not ? Early American history WAS dominated by the actions of white men, with very few, (but very notable and praiseworthy!), contributions by blacks. The obvious reason for some of this was slavery. The next reason was Integrated schools, The next reason was un-equal opportunities in the work place. But another reason was that some black folks, rather than rise up to meet all the challenges and benefits of changes, alterations and increased opportunities afforded them in an America with its' collective "consciousness raised ", many instead still clung fiercely to their blackness as if it was their own and only identity as people.. And they refused to be counted as participants in an AMERICAN. society. A repressive society, despite all the accommodations and changes made to our national ethos regarding the value and contributions Blacks could, would and have CONTINUED make to our society.
    They wanted punishment dispensed to the white abusers; and reparations for the many harms and damages of slavery, as if money could somehow restore dignity to their cause.
    In how many ways, and for how many days must their anger continue to cloud their good judgement ?
    They have wound up punishing no one but themselves
    Secondly, we then find these militant black folks teaching "Black Studies" first at Universities, then in indoctrination clinics through the public school systems in America.
    Absolutely nothing wrong with teaching Black History if it is a voluntary elective….but it wasn't..
    Instead of

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