Fake polls don’t reflect this but NARAL is frightened because they are losing women in BG states

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 NARAL has had a shock this past week. A well respected national polling company has reported that 1.2 million (of 5.1 million) pro- abortion women who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 have “defected” from him.  This should stop the Left’s “useful idiots” on the right from parroting their reports of their fake polls but unfortunately it probably won’t.  

 “Romney can’t connect with women”; “Paul Ryan scares women” ; “Young women will stick with Obama because they want abortions”; “Obama is opening a huge lead with women” these are the things we’ve heard ad nauseum since Romney’s win in the primaries. Some people really believe this line. The “conservative experts” sure do. But our political enemies in NARAL don’t.  

 NARAL Pro-Choice America (NPCA),  won’t be relying on these shop worn fantasies as they fight for their side’s victory.

 NPCA has looked at the numbers so they know the facts.

 NPCA knows they are losing the battle to convince women that getting an abortion is the most important thing in their lives. The data NPCA will be relying on was developed by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research (GQRR) and it is not good news for the abortion crowd Barack Obama or down ballot Democrats.

 The GQRR report came from an extensive survey conducted in core Battleground States. The startling news is that of the 5.1 million women who said they had voted for Obama in 2008, 1.2 million have “defected” from supporting him. Many are not planning to (or totally committed to) vote for Obama in November.  As proof of the extensive penetration of GQRR’s survey its report cited 338,020 such defectors in 25 key battleground counties in the Battleground states.  This is serious information.    

 This 17% defection rate is a double edged sword for Obama because in many cases not only did respondents indicate they would not be voting for Obama, but that they would be voting for Romney. Down ballot Democrats were not spared either because some of this group said they would be staying home on Election Day. Pro- abortion beliefs among these women just doesn’t eclipse the dismal condition of our economy so NPCA will be spending up to $3 million in targeted ads to win back these LOST voters.

 And still the fake polls just keep coming, and the useful idiots just keep reporting them.    

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