FBI raids Solyndra to bury evidence of Obama’s criminal dealings

 By Doug Book, staff writer

   When it comes to cronyism, fraud and conspiratorial criminality,  Barack Hussein Obama has no peer. Having learned his trade in the city of Chicago,  where the theft and divvying up of taxpayer dollars among the politically connected is an art form,  Obama’s new gig as President finds him performing the same scams,  just on a larger,  more lucrative playing field.

 In 2010,  solar panel manufacturer Solyndra Inc. received $535 million in government backed loan guarantees from Barack’s 2009 stimulus fund.

 Of course,  according to a Price Waterhouse audit filed earlier that year with the SEC,  Solyndra had lost $558 million during its first 5 years in business,  boasted negative cash flow,  no profitable years and featured a  “seriously flawed”  business model.

 But the company did have one very important attribute, a far greater asset than any operating report or profit history–Texas billionaire George Kaiser.

 Kaiser was a major Solyndra investor who had personally donated  $53,500 to Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign. In fact,  Kaiser had bundled even larger amounts of money for Obama’s bid for the White House.

 Well Obama had systematically paid off true blue ,  campaign-donating unions like the SEIU with taxpayer funds,  always scoring a campaign committee kickback on the side. And Solyndra was a green energy company. Throwing half a billion tax dollars down that renewable energy rat hole would make his greenie,  leftist base happy.

 And good friend and dependable donor George Kaiser would be neatly bailed out of any investment he had made in the nearly bankrupt concern. For loan documents specified that,  “…the loan guarantees  [to Solyndra]  SUBORDINATED THE TAXPAYERS CREDIT POSITION TO PRIVATE INVESTORS ,  LIKE KAISER,  should the company go bust.” (my caps) 

 In short,  “…Kaiser will be at the front of the distribution line when Solyndra assets are liquidated.”  And taxpayers?  Well they can depend on retrieving…NOTHING! 

 After all,  they don’t have that Chicago connection so necessary for profiting on the front side and exiting unscathed on the back.

 So why did the FBI suddenly decide to raid Solyndra,  boxing up every available document for  “safe keeping”?

 The House Energy and Commerce Committee has been investigating the Solyndra loan scam since February,  demanding and eventually having to subpoena documents from the White House Office of Management and Budget.

 But as a result of the raid,  every page,  every note,  every loan document,  every disbursement–say to political campaigns–will now be critical parts of an  “ongoing investigation”  being conducted by the Obama Justice Department.

 So discussions between Kaiser and Solyndra,  Kaiser and the White House–which he visited 16 times between 2009 and 2011–records of donations or deals will be held in strictest secrecy by the Justice Department.

 In short,  Eric Holder’s FBI, White House guard have just bagged,  tagged and secreted away every piece of documentary evidence of Obama/Kaiser/Solyndra wrongdoing.

 Naturally,  we can depend upon Attorney General Holder mounting a vigorous prosecution of his boss. Sometime after the election – about when Hell freezes over.

 Pretty handy when the racketeer is in charge of investigating himself,  isn’t it! Will we be able to file the investigative results of this little White House adventure with those of Fast and Furious?

 Only time will tell.

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Further reading: http://articles.latimes.com/2011/sep/08/business/la-fi-solyndra-raid-20110909



 This day in history September 16

1908: General Motors Corporation is founded. It took the UAW 100 years to kill it, they did in 2009.

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22 thoughts on “FBI raids Solyndra to bury evidence of Obama’s criminal dealings”

  1. The House should withhold all funds for the Justice Department, and every other department, until Holder and the FBI head are fired. File whatever charges against them for obstruction of justice, and force their removal. Do not let anything happen, do not let a penny be spent on anything, until they are ousted.
    Ron Reale

    1. Obama's Department of Energy still has some $15 billion taxpayer dollars to spread among green-job, "renewable energy" outfits before the end of the fiscal year (the last of the month.) You can BET most if not all recipients will be connected to the Democrat party/Obama campaign just as Solyndra was.

      On Wednesday, John Dingell–one of the House committee members investigating the Solyndra fraud–said he had heard NOTHING to be "concerned about" from the testimony given by Obama's DOE hacks. Both DOE witnesses were quoting the White House/Dem party line that the loan process began under the Bush administration. They seem to forget Bush's people said NO to the loan!!

    2. "The House should withhold all funds for the Justice Department, and every other department, until Holder and the FBI head are fired."

      That's not going to happen.

      1. Of course it's not going to happen…but, as I said, they SHOULD!Between the FBI involvement in covering up the Justice Departments role in the Fast and Furious gunrunning international civilian murder scheme, and now covering up the White House Solyndra evidence, it is obvious the FBI is now a propaganda tool of the White House, not worthy of funding. The head of the FBI should be in front of Congress, immunized against charges, or jailed until we get the facts.Ron Realerealetybytes.comRon Realerealetybytes@yahoo.comhttp://realetybytes.comhttp://coachisright.comhttp://bnnreports.com

        1. The Congress, Senate, America's legal system, the pharmaceutical industry, the petroleum industry, the White House &
          most churches in America have been under the control of those who are pushing for a 1 world government, a 1 world
          monetary system & a 1 world religious system to be headed by the Vatican.

          Much of what is going on in the world is moving us towards a New World Order.

          1. Ron,
            Let's take a close look at your life.
            You worked as a bartender & game room operator.
            You worked for Hooters which says much about you.
            And you also worked for left wing PBS. It's clear you
            understand nothing. You have eyes but you don't see.
            You have ears but you don't hear.

            Ezekiel 12
            1The word of the LORD also came unto me, saying, 2Son of man, thou dwellest in the midst of a rebellious house, which have eyes to see, and see not; they have ears to hear, and hear not: for they are a rebellious house.

            The above verse describes you very well Ron.
            True understanding comes from God, not serving drinks
            or working at Hooters.

          2. First of all, I did not work IN HOOTERS, I was the OPERATIONS DIRECTOR of a Production Company, in business with HOOTERS, called for our purpose, by us, the owners, HOOTERS SPORTS PRODUCTIONS. I broadcast all their Hooters cup auto races, live, around the world. In my own business.
            I also opened gamerooms you look down on, because kids had no where to go between the time they left their parents side, and the time they were old enough to drink in a bar. I thought they should have a safe, clean place to hang out, which I gave them.
            Didn't that bible of yours have something to say about judging people?
            If you knew what I and my long-time business partner had to go through being the only Conservtives at PBS, you would feel more foolish than your remarks, and that says a lot. While at PBS, I worked on General AL Haigs show, which he, like others, paid to produce at a PBS station, but broadcast on another network. The PBS station has a production facility that they rent out. In that capacity, I did uplinks for FOX and other networks, with Pat Buchanan, Walid Pharis, Bernie Goldberg and others, some of whom I am still in touch with. I also helped produce "The Liberty Hour", with the late. great Libertarian Presidential candidate, Harry Browne.
            You look down at bartending. I am honored to have worked in both neighborhood bars and restaurants, and 4 star clubs. It gave me the opportunity to see that no matter how much money one has, they are all the same inside.
            Quote your bible to someone else. You obviously are ignorant of what is in it, and what it means, and who I am, as your ridiculous suppositions just proved. Like all religious fanatics, you know nothing of life, so you find explanations in your book.
            Real life is very different. Stay home and pray for food, see what that gets you. It certainly hasn't given you any insight into people.
            As Mark Twain said, "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."
            Next time, try and stick to the subject matter, God was too busy to help you with this one.
            Be well,

            Ron Reale
            realetybytes@yahoo.com http://realetybytes.com

          3. As my last post clearly stated, I stated you work FOR hooters.

            "Didn't that bible of yours have something to say about judging people?"
            Try reading it & you'll know.

            5Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.
            Proverbs 26.

          4. My goodness, you are an ignorant, blasphemous fool. Do you know the difference between the words, "FOR" and "WITH?"
            When one business partners with another business, two separate entities working together but separate companies, they are working WITH each other. I have never been on the Hooters payroll, but I fail to see your problem had I been.
            Obviously you ignorance of the English language is why you found it impossible to understand the Bible you attack people with.
            My Christian education taught me to find answers for myself in the Bible, not use it as a hammer to attack other people, while totally wrong and ignorant of them, their lives and their heart.
            I pity you. From your picture, it seems you were once a man of honor. You are now an anonymous, blasphemous, narcissistic bully. The Marines in my family, and their comrades I have had the pleasure of meeting, are much more educated men, and women.
            In my Christian upbringing and studying both the new and old testament, I was taught to find answers for my life in the bible. I was never taught to use it as a weapon to attack others, nor hide my ignorance in its pages.
            Your religious fanatisim and attacks on people of whom you know nothing, and attacks on the working people in fields you and your Bible seem to look down on, disgrace that picture. I, nor anyone else in any profession, deserve to listen to a fanatical has-been spout lies and attacks. You are nothing to me. It is all I can do to tell you what I really think of you, but, out of respect for this site and others, something you should learn about, I will refrain.
            Feel free to throw some more inane quotes out now, I'm sure your disgraceful behavior isn't over, but, being the second time you have forced your ignorance and attacks upon me, you will, in future, be ignored as the crazy man you are.
            The Westboro church has nothing on you.
            Proud to sign my name and stand behind my words,
            Ron Reale

          5. 18For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. 19For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. 1 Corinthians 1

  2. The independent council law, which allowed investigations outside the corrupt hands of someone like our current Attorney General expired on June 30, 1999. Sorry about that. If our corrupt press, legal system and Congress allows concealment of an obvious felony like a forged long form birth certificate what chance is there to prosecute anything the Fraudident does?

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