Finally the truth comes out: CBO proves Obama and Democrats lied about the cost of Obamacare

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

What was abundantly clear about Obamacare’s real costs, to those of us who formed the TEA party movement to fight it, has now been certified by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

The lies and smug grins from the Democrats who forced Obamacare down our throats would be wiped away if we had an honest media – which of course we do not.

The CBO is saying the cost of Obamacare will be nearly double the fairytale lying Democrats told us it would be two years ago.

Coming on the heels of its recent report contradicting Obama’s lies about the unemployment numbers (when Obama was lying that unemployment was 8.3% CBO reported it is 15%,) this new burst of honesty from any government agency under Obama is indeed refreshing.

The CBO now projects the Democrats’ Frankenstein monster will cost $1.76 TRILLION of our tax dollars over the next ten years (and do you REALLY believe that?) instead of the $940 BILLION DOLLARS liars like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi told us it would cost.  

Showing us the truth behind the Democrat curtain, the CBO projects that the weak economy inflicted on us by Obama (and doesn’t he continually tell us how great the economy is?) will force millions of more people into the Democrats’ government clutches.  

To insure they would still have jobs, the people at the CBO helped Obama spray some perfume on this steaming pile of dung by including their own lie about new revenue from increased taxes and penalties being able to offset any cost over runs.

This begs the question: where does new revenue come from when our national jobs pool keeps shrinking?  

The report also tells us that by 2022 three million fewer people will have private employer provided health insurance and a startling 17 million more will be on the Medicaid AND 22 million more will be forced onto substandard government health insurance plans.  

Lies like this deserve coverage but we will get none from the lowlifes in the media –any questions?

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6 thoughts on “Finally the truth comes out: CBO proves Obama and Democrats lied about the cost of Obamacare”

  1. Since you claim this is about "truth," why not report all the facts?

    1. Measuring unemployment by the same standards that gives the 15% number (actually 14.9) gives a figure of 13.5% for December 2008, before Obama even took office. It was 16.4% in May 2009, before any of his economic policies took effect. No president ever cites those numbers, but suddenly Obama's a liar for doing what they all do?

    2. The CBO actually lowered its estimates for net cost of Obamacare. It seems pretty dishonest to accept their number for gross cost and reject their number for offsetting revenue. One might almost suspect you have an agenda in concealing some of the facts here.

    1. Sorry Joe,

      But the CBO has just said the Obama-projected cost of ObamaCare will go from 900 billion to 1.8 TRILLION by 2022. So the One only fibbed by 100%. Actually, for HIM that's sort of an improvement!!

      Here's the link:

      But then it was NEVER the cost that interested Hussein and the Regime. It is the POWER and CONTROL over the lives of 300 million people.

      1. OPM, the gross cost went up, the projected revenue and tax effects went up, the net cost went down. An honest report wouldn't just accept the first figure and ignore the others. It would also mention that the new figure includes an extra year, obviously raising the gross costs. Besides, estimates change as conditions change–this new number is different from the CBO's own number of a year ago. Are they liars too?

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