Fixing our public schools

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

America’s biggest crisis for long term national survival is our failure to educate our children. Somehow this fact is getting lost in the din of the liberal elite media entertainment complex which is very reluctant to admit that liberalism and the Democrats’ unholy sweetheart deals with the educrats are to blame.
With the United States ranking 25th in Math and 21st in Science of 30 developed countries, we know we’re in trouble, big time! Two great documentaries offer insight into this sinkhole so long ignored in the liberal conservative push pull of national politics. Quotes such as “throwing money at the problem isn’t working; it’s all about politics; kids still don’t know how to read after 12 years,” from the Cartel movie are chilling indeed.

But perhaps the “Waiting for Superman” movie quotes present the most prescient verdict. “The NEA and AFT gave 55 million to federal candidates, more than any other lobby. . .and 90% goes to Democrats, a wholly owned subsidiary of teachers’ unions” say reformers.
Since l967’s “Summer of Love” when the Hippies kicked off our far reaching cultural revolution, the liberal elites got tenure plus barnacles along the way as student status protected them being sent to “Nam,” and tenure kept them from being fired, whether their students learned anything or not. Trendy changes such as whole language, look say reading methods, fuzzy word picture math, and now multiculturalism and the onerous political correctness have so tainted our schools and their curricula that we need an entire drastic reworking.
How do we fix our failed public schools? Start reform at the top and demand academic hiring committees stop blackballing conservative teachers! Follow the Finnish plan for education. Finland ranked number 1 in the “Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)” primarily because it “guarantees equal learning opportunities for all regardless of social background.”

While Finland is much smaller and has homogeneous population demographics, we can adopt their no middle schools model along with delineated high schools for academic or trade school students. Finland does not track students early on. It avoids this most subjective and dangerous device, but we use it in our U.S. system.
Throwing money at the problem by state legislatures will never fix what’s wrong, but breaking up the sweetheart arrangements with the teachers’ unions and the Democrat Party will. I recommend setting a 65% requirement for the amount of taxpayer dollars that MUST, by state law, go to direct student teacher needs, instead of $100,000 salaries for school administrators. We can’t afford to continue to allow precious funds to be diverted from our educational “front lines.”
Offering vouchers to parents is the only answer to this intractable riddle. Poor parents must have the same opportunity to buy the best education they can in the best schools available as do better off suburban parents. The Lottery system is just another way of discrimination for the students who don’t get picked. Offer incentives to the best and brightest college and university graduates to teach for at least 5 year segments; get rid of pedagogy degrees for salary increases; require teachers to have degrees in their fields, not pedagog; get rid of the administrative blob; rethink tenure and how it perpetuates failure. Legislatures must enact laws stopping the closed shop characteristic of teacher hiring practices that only allow hoop jumpers to get in the system.

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This day in history December 19
1998: Democrat President Bill Clinton was impeached on two counts by the House of Representatives.

Remember we have work to do. Join your local TEA party and Republican County Committees to make sure real conservatives get our nominations.
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2 thoughts on “Fixing our public schools”

  1. The "dirty little secret" is that democrats/leftists do not WANT children to be properly educated. Ignorant, dependent individuals are the base of the democrat party. Teach kids truly useful things, make certain they become independent and productive and there is far too great a chance they will wind up republicans!

  2. Two things to fix public schools:
    1) reading should be the first thing taught, and no one should advance into actual school classes until they learn to read, no matter how long it takes. Once they can read, then they can start on regular classes.
    2) stop busing our chldren. All children should be going to the local school. Bus the teachers around instead, or make them travel, not the children. If teachers won't go to inner city schools, fire them. Stop making our children get up 3 hour before school to travel.
    Put the teachers on 1 month rotations, if they fall behind, or the children do not do as well that month, fire the teacher! If all teaching is standardized, any teacher should be able to walk in and pick up were the other left off.
    Busing is a failure, costs a fortune, and denies our children a fighting chance by stealing their sleep and recreation time.
    Ron Reale

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