For putting a Gay man among those animals Hillary Clinton has Chris Stevens’ blood on her hands

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

According to reports the Islamist animals who murdered J. Christopher Stevens, our Ambassador to Libya, sodomized him before during and after he was killed. They followed the same formula they used when they murdered Gadhafi. To these 7th century “warriors” doing such things shows the extreme disrespect they have for the male victims. In their half- witted minds this “manly” act makes the victim a woman in death and in life after death. They are misogynist skunks who hate women because of their own sick feelings of inadequacy.  Hillary Clinton should have known these things but apparently never bothered herself with details.     

The blood of J. Christopher Stevens, a man who happened to be Gay but had a love of America that compelled him to step forward to work for our nation, is absolutely on the hands of Hillary Clinton as the fake she is and Barack Obama for the incompetent he is.

Clinton is a woman with no particular qualifications except that she “took one for the team” and allowed herself to be publicly humiliated by are sexually depraved husband.

Because she “put ice on her lip” and sung “Stand by your man” on 60 Minutes the poster boy for degradation of women was elected and reelected to the presidency. The Democrats who are a Party that rewards degenerates have been thanking Hillary ever since she and her husband sold their last pardon on January 20, 2001.

We know her career path.  She pushed aside all qualified and loyal New York State Democrats (Nita Lowey comes to mind) so she could run in the deepest Blue State that suited her fancy without a difficult race.  She tried to be the president but was out “race carded” as her pervert husband put it.

To stay in the public’s eye she accepted the position of  Secretary of State and has done an horrifically bad job at it. That happens when being a good Democrat is the only consideration for appointment to a position of high trust and importance.

For reasons know only to her she successfully urged Barack Obama to help the Muslim Brotherhood over throw the American friendly Mubarack government in Egypt and help the Brotherhood kill Gadhafi in Libya.

Then she installed a man she knew to be Gay (she said she knew him well) as the Ambassador to a country controlled by vicious Gay hating animals. She did this to win favor with America’s Gay community so they would keep contributing to the Democrat Party. Now Chris Stevens has been killed and sodomized by the people Hillary Clinton helped put in power throughout the Middle East. Any questions?           

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5 thoughts on “For putting a Gay man among those animals Hillary Clinton has Chris Stevens’ blood on her hands”

  1. So if Ambassador Stevens had AIDS and it was transmitted to his attackers they will sue the US government for damages. If Obama is still president he and Eric Holder will support the poor infected bugger and blame the Ambassador.

  2. Why the capitalization of the word “gay?”
    Should we now capitalize all other forms of deviancy?
    Does pedophilia and bestiality now rate capitalization?

    Just wondering what the new rules are.

  3. I believe it was the Mujahideen who had the reputation of being very sexually sadistic to their pow’s during the Soviet siege of Afghanistan. It was said that if a soldier was about to be captured by them, it was better to turn their gun on themself rather than face what was in store for them. Upon capture, the enemy prisoner was usually gang raped to start the interrogation. I don’t think it mattered much if the p.o.w. was gay or not.
    What a beautiful religion.

  4. Murdering a homosexual is equally heinous to murdering a heterosexual. The Ambassador’s sexual life is not the issue. The murderous savages who tortured, abused, and killed him—to say nothing of the society that seeks to justify such behavior because they didn’t like a ridiculous film clip—must be brought to justice with all the force and power the US can bring to bear.

    . Obama’s ludicrous attempt to justify the outrageous by blaming it on a film clip is the outrage. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

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