Forensics profiler deconstructs Barack Obama

by George Spelvin,  staff writer

Cutting edge forensic profiler, Dr. Andrew G. Hodges, is using his skills to decode the psychological construct of President Barack Obama to uncover the reasons for what the doctor believes to be the poresident’s “deep misguided fury … toward America.”  Using a method he calls thought print decoding, Hodges explains the shadow side which Obama reveals in his speeches and especially his letters to his daughters. “These communications result from part of the subconscious called super intelligence,” says Hodges. (1)

Thought print decoding enables Hodges to read between the lines of Obama’s thought processes to reveal secret traumas controlling his life. The forensic psychiatrist asks in his new book THE OBAMA CONFESSION, “What does he (Obama) truthfully tell us about his birth certificate?” (1)

Secret fears and secret fury concerns are based in the President’s memories of his father, Barack Obama I, a man who held deep seated anger against the concept of colonialism which the elder man experienced while living in Africa.   Also, one anecdotal story concerns the younger Obama coming upon a conversation involving his mother about the topic of abortion.  He somehow felt perhaps he was considered a candidate for the procedure given the questions of his parentage and the matrimonial bond; he wanted women to have a pro-choice orientation to life.

Hodges traces the shadow side of powerful hidden forces driving Obama. These include his controversial birth, Muslim childhood, indoctrination by radical left wing activists and present day ascension to the White House. In a series of very deeply specific videos, Hodges explains to viewers just what to notice in Obama’s speeches.  (2)

As developed by Hodges, thought print decoding reveals hidden, subconscious insight into what makes a person say and do what is seen on the surface.  The trauma of only having been with his father one time, confusion about parenting, moving around through several cultures during his early formative years, being left with grandparents by his mother and then swinging back and forth between Muslim Middle Eastern cultures into the democracy of America seem to have permanently changed our first Afro American president.  With these experiences deeply shaping Obama’s approach to domestic and foreign policies, Americans too are confused about just who Barack Obama is and what drives his decision-making.  

Hodges’ videos can provide great insight for citizens still searching for answers about our country’s swirling political scene.  Dr. Andrew Hodges has worked on the O.J. suicide note, the Jon-Benet Ramsey ransom notes and the statements of suspects in the Natalee Holloway   disappearance case. 

Spending some time watching these informative youtube videos may help you understand the man in our Oval office.




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  3. Still printing stories that question the President’s birth certificate?

    Great work, as usual, Coach. Just when I think you’ve hit rock bottom, you keep digging.

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