Sharia the centerpiece of Egypt’s new constitution. Thanks a lot, Barack

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Thanks to Barack Hussein Obama’s Arab Spring scheme of turning the Egypt of Hosni Mubarek into a “representative democracy,” the US is now reduced to watching as a former friend and ally morphs into an America-hating, Sharia-based theocracy.

Six months after promising to build a government based on “freedom and social justice,” Egypt’s newly elected president Mohamed Morsi authored a decree granting himself a level of dictatorial authority which even Mubarek did not enjoy.  As a result, demonstrations began throughout the nation culminating last week in Morsi fleeing the presidential palace in Cairo. (1)

Though he has since rescinded most of the contents of that decree, including an article which had elevated his own authority above that of Egypt’s Supreme Judicial Council, Morsi refused to alter the date upon which Egyptian voters will decide the fate of the country’s newly written constitution. Authored almost exclusively by members of Morsi’s own Muslim Brotherhood party, the draft constitution has caused widespread concern among minority groups which literally walked out of the body charged with writing the document, Egypt’s Constituent Assembly. Indeed so thoroughly one-sided was the document’s creation that the Supreme Constitutional Court declared “void” this Islamist-controlled legislature. (2)

But confidant their “Islamist organizational muscle” will swing the vote in their favor, Morsi and the majority Muslim Brotherhood demand the referendum take place as scheduled on December 15th.  (3)

What does the prospective new constitution contain? Examined by the Egypt Independent, the document states that the principles of Sharia will be “the main source of legislation.”  It “gives the state the power to preserve the ‘genuine nature’ of the Egyptian family and its ‘moral values’.” And of course the state will be permitted to “intervene in private lives [and] monopolize the meaning of moral values.”  (4)

The right of Egyptians to vote will be limited by “legal regulation”; trade unions will be controlled by the state; the insulting of ‘prophets’ becomes illegal; freedom of the media is limited to reporting on the  ‘principles of state and society’; parliamentary sessions may be held in secret along with certain court proceedings and the police will be empowered to “preserve public morality.” (4)

In writing the draft constitution, the Islamist, Muslim Brotherhood “…limits the definition of freedoms and rights to the principles established in the first section of the constitution,” that being the Article which makes clear the “main source of legislation” shall be Sharia! (4)

Barack Obama literally kindled the overthrow of American ally Hosni Mubarek and supported Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi from nomination through election. During the process the Obama White House maintained the people of Egypt and the United States would benefit greatly from the representative democracy which Morsi was certain to bring into being.

But it’s apparent that Obama’s principle intent was to manage the demise of an American ally and cheer from the sidelines as the defunct government was eventually replaced by an Islamic theocracy. Perhaps Obama believed Morsi would act the part of grateful acolyte, bestow favors and permit Egypt to be guided by what was politically beneficial for the American president! If so, whether a Muslim himself or not, Obama has a great deal to learn about the practitioners of Islam.

So thanks a lot, Barack, for creating yet another Islamist enemy of the United States in the Middle East. Like the man said, “they couldn’t ‘a done it without ya!”






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