Friends of Abe: hope for Hollywood after all

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Being Republican is the New Gay in terms of stereotyping and being under threat of black lists from far left liberal progressive employers calling the shots in Hollywood. 

To counter this discrimination, Gary Sinese organized an underground movement called “Friends of Abe,” after Abraham Lincoln to meet low key in restaurants and private homes.   Fifties icon Pat Boone said, “The movement  has grown over the past few years from  gatherings of a few dozen to one (recently) that drew over 600 to a billionaire’s California estate.” Not afraid to speak out, Boone is revealing that if progressives controlling Hollywood’s purse strings, the ones that hire and fire, learn of the force of this growing movement, they could fire conservatives and Republicans.

Sinese, very popular with our troops, has done much to support our military forces He supports first responders and our troops by traveling with a band to entertain in overseas theaters of war. 

Born in the blue collar town of Blue Island, IL, he picked the beloved Illinois president Abraham Lincoln to best symbolize Tinsel Town conservatives trying to turn around hearts and minds in America’s entertainment industry. 

 Two of the worst things the  1960’s counter culture movement started with its days of rage were filling our classrooms and halls of academia with far leftists who turned their anti war crusade into anti American propaganda and joining forces with our bi coastal media entertainment complex. 

To me, teaching young people about how bad America is, about how many flaws we have, about how flawed is our capitalistic economic system is,  pales in the face of turning them against our first line of defense, our military. 

I never could understand it back in the 60’s when I started teaching, and I can’t understand it now.  Remember the Bob Hope Bing Crosby entourage that put themselves at great peril to prop up the spirits of our young soldiers during World War II?  Remember Clark Gable and Jimmy Stewart who put their country ahead of making millions in the den of iniquity known as Hollywood?  And, of course, I just bet Audie Murphy’s courage has been washed out of our text books.  Elvis, homegrown in the South, still made his fortunes after he put on our country’s uniform, and forever after spoke proudly about his Army service.

  In l968 Hollywood officially abandoned the Motion Picture Production Code initiating the panoply of filthy language, action, images, and soft core porn that tear at the very fiber of our country. Now we have the “Rap group 2 Live Crew release “As Nasty As They Wanna Be,” featuring tracks entitled “Me So Horny,” “D**k Almighty, and “The F**K Shop.”         NEWSMAX reporter Joe Atkinson points out that this leading album was so filthy Florida officials banned it only to see a court decision overturn their ban.

 Friends of Abe are meeting to discuss liberal bias and anti American sentiment, and the movie American Carol satirizing liberal shibboleths came out of this movement.  Sinese stars in the film documentary “Lt. Dan Band: For the Common Good,” an attempt to inject some traditional American values and honor of our troops and first responders into our nation’s dialogue.

Without getting too English teacher preacher here, let me just suggest that turning God out of our classrooms, court rooms, and campuses, conducting days of rage against our country by the Bill Ayers crowd, and by condoning their actions by our own silence, we are playing right into the Communist Manifesto that seeks to take over America by undermining our culture, popular entertainment venues and our youth.  I’m just saying.

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These sources brought me to write this essay:


NEWSMAX, March 2011, What the #$@^*?!, pg. 66-67

This day in history March 6

1857: The Democrat stacked Supreme Court ruled slaves were not citizens in the Dred Scott v. Sandford case with only the single Republican appointed justice voting for Scott’s freedom.

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13 thoughts on “Friends of Abe: hope for Hollywood after all”

  1. Good grief and little catfish ! Where is HUAC when 'ya really NEED 'em ?
    I'm going to say something here which may surprise, or shock some of our gentle readers. Sen. Joseph McCarthy performed a National Service for America in the '50's which ought to be repeated today!
    Very nice article Suzanne;
    I share your disgust with the filth that passes for moviedom and some music. Heaven, my husband, and friends all know I'm no prig or prude. I like a blue joke as well as anyone; but enough already ! "Smut City" needs a huge dose of family values and ethics!
    Many of the liberal Hollywood elites have overstayed their welcome on the cinematic screen. For about ten years now I haven't watched a film, old or new, that contains Susan Sarandon, Chevy Chase, Alan Alda, and so many more. I know I am limiting some good films; but I can't stand their hypocrisy ! I see some of them in the crowds currently bashing Wall Street, using their Ipods no less ! They couldn't have had their precious film careers, their fine estates, Rodeo Drive shopping, the Mercedes, Beamers, Lexuses, Porches, etc., and all their communication toys without the commercialism and Capitalism they so disparage and wish to overthrow for their despicable Progressive Socialism.
    I wish Gary Sinese, Pat Boone, and all the others in this daring ( for Hollywood types, this IS daring!), "Friends of Abe" movement much success.
    This current lot of privileged, pampered, Liberal boors are nasty enough to make life miserable for any Freedom Fighter; but a special sort of vendetta will be reserved for the Hollywood dissenters who have the audacity to term themselves conservatives.
    Welcome back Suzanne!

  2. Courage ? courage are the guys and gals in uniform dying for this country while those fortunate like big producers actors and others making millions in the entertainment industry running around because they can simply put afford to …tearing down our country as are all the leftists. I have yet to see any of these people actullay give up their fortunes for the less fortunate. They arrive at locations dressed in jeans and tee shirts as they get out of there 100K dolar cars. They look the part as they return to their million dollar homes in the Hwd Hills Bev Hills and stead of kissing the flag they spit on it they want change they want a more socialist marxist govt not understanding that the first thing a govt under maxism will due in confiscate all their wealth as they have down in Cuba and elsewhere under a puure totalitarian govt. When you have more people going along for the ride and free gifts and less people to provide the support what happens then because we are getting very close to having more people on welfare then paying the bills..welfare has become a career for some …

  3. Hear, hear! I know history and I can tell you true it all started with the ACT of 1871! That was when they incororated USA! They ripped out of our Constitution Article 13 (The Nobility Article) look it up. Then the lawyers (Republican and Democrats alike) took over Washington D.C. They allowed the Central Bank back in 1913, gave away control over our economy to a foreign Corporation (The FED) look it up! !933 they confiscated our gold, They have since sold Washington D.C. to the IMF, made the U.S. Treasury their drawing account, and have totally destroyed the American economy. Coservitives/Liberals hog wash, the blame is ours because we were all asleep and paid no attention to what they were doing behind our backs.

  4. That is our fault! Period! People who go around and talk about one little mosquito bite, when we have huge animals gnawing on our bones serve only to distract everyone. Ah yes, but no one wants to hear the real truth. Hitler said, "the bigger the lie the easier it is to sell to the people". So blame it on the liberals and they will blame it on you, but what are they claiming to blame you for? Nothing but mosquitoes!!!!
    Ask anyone about the Constitution and you will probably get a blank stare, but ask them about sports, movie stars, etc. and you will get many facts from them. WHY YOU ASK? Because we have been sleeping while the banksters bought up the media (print, radio, TV) so that they can feed all of us our daily dose of garbage….garbage in – garbage out!!!

  5. The Banksters have taken over all of our government agencies like Education – this was so that they could dumb down America because it is much easier to lead around dumb animals who can not think. What ever happened to "CIVICS CLASSES" in our High Schools" Hay if they don't know their "RIGHTS" then they will never ask for them…hahaha

  6. News Flash –
    America is bankrupted and has been for many years. We are just to dumb to realize it…hahaha
    America is not a Republic, it is a Corporation as is all of the States.
    America Law has been put into a "LOCKED ROOM" and Corporate law has taken over. The UCC rules America today. It is all about excuity!!!
    Every one of you have become a "FICTION". Yes just look at any and all government documents and you will find that your name is spelled in all Capital letters meaning that you are a corporation and not a human any longer…hahaha see you were asleep and never noticed…hahaha

  7. Terrorism does not exist except in our minds….you see by placing the blame on terrorism and being indoctrinated we believe it…It is the power of the media…oh no, you were asleep again…hahaha
    Criminals do exist and they are the ones who need to be brought to justice.
    Every politician takes an oath to defend our Constitution – Do you really believe that they are doing that? If not defending it, then they are offending it and you still send them back to Washington.
    I wonder if you sent me to the bank to cask you pay check and came back with only half the money, Would you send me back next week? I sure hope so that was easy money..hahaha

  8. Time to wake up, wash your face and get out the computer and GOOGLE for answers.
    This is a free E=Book of about 96 pages, but maybe, just maybe it will open your eyes as to what has happened to America while you were sleeping.
    Read the Constitution and then read it again and again until you really know and understand it.
    Please realize that that the men you send to washington always come back millionairs. They are not doing your business up ther, they are doing their business. Term limits are needed. The job should only pay a small wage and limited expenses to get rid of carrer polititians.

  9. Fifth columnist is a term used to describe “traitors within”. There is no more fitting term than this to describe today’s “Mainstream Media” and dumbed-down “Academia”. Like leeches they suck the very life-blood out of freedom, decency, traditional values, and the very heart and soul of the American experience, Their moral compass is twisted to suit the most primitive and unsavory aspects of Human Nature. Without a doubt they comprise the biggest threat to civility and civilization as we know it!

  10. I sometimes turn around, looking behind me, coming to realize I must be on drugs. I never did stop them when I was 28. I must drink booze for that devilish habit too must have reoccured. There is no other explaination as to how the country took such a left hand turn, knowing I must of been drunk when they pushed down the turn signal. Seriously folks do you realize the direction this country has taken? Naw? Well I again conclude , I must be drunk. Cheers.

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