From containerized cargos they can’t rob to Voter Id they can’t cheat Democrats always fight honesty

  By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The fight to force honesty into the voting process has a familiar ring. Students of American history have seen its likes in the analogous battle to stop cargo thefts from America’s docks. 

Across the country the tsunami that flipped so many state legislatures is beginning to prove how profound our side’s version of “change” is and will be.  Among the top priorities of the new Republican majorities in state Senates and Assemblies has been fixing the problem of Democrat voter fraud.

The most obvious and easily accomplished remedy to cure this social cancer is a photo identification card for anyone wishing to vote. We need a photo ID to get on a plane; to cash a check and even to use our local gym. Why then should those without photo ID be allowed to vote? The answer of course is there are no genuine reasons only those  fake “reasons” generated by Democrats who would sell out America’s sacred voting process to stay in power.      

  All so familiar

Those interested in honesty have seen this fight played out in the battles to curb thefts  from shipments passing through our seaports. In the 19th and 20th centuries as international commerce increased, the rate of theft from cargos handled by longshoremen grew as well. These workers imagined that since they were handling valuable commodities some of each shipment belonged to them personally. My own grandfather regularly stole sugar from cargos he unloaded on the Brooklyn waterfront when it was scarce during World War I. As unions took over the docks the theft became absolutely institutionalized to a point that drove companies to find ways to defeat these “inventory shrinkages.” The answer was containerization.

 So commonplace were these thefts before containerization that once they became inevitable and the unions knew they couldn’t find enough “safety” reasons to stop them they negotiated contracts that provided huge unwarranted benefits to longshoremen as compensation for their “loss of income” due to the new more honest handling system. 

Today’s “containerization fight” is being fought over mandatory voter photo identifications cards. The Democrats know photo ID can’t be fought off with bleating about “voter disenfranchisement” much longer.

 When a dripping blue state like Rhode Island passes voter photo ID in spite of the huge Democrat majority in its legislature, clearly the fight is going our way. 

Now all that remains is what the forces of honesty are tricked and or forced into yielding to get this “voter containerization.”  With our scrutiny maybe not too much; elections have consequences after all.           

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  This day in history July 11

1804: Sitting Vice President Aaron Burr fatally wounded Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton in a duel. Burr went on to found the infamous and thoroughly corrupt Tammany Hall Democrat club in New York City.  

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3 thoughts on “From containerized cargos they can’t rob to Voter Id they can’t cheat Democrats always fight honesty”

  1. Unfortunately, the left owns a "double edged sword" in matters threatening its power. Along with legislatures, the left is well represented on the federal and state bench and laws such as VOTER ID are overturned on the most pathetic of pretexts.

  2. Coach-the situation is even worse now. The Democratic party is almost totally 100% pro abortion. Once you can favor child killing then voter fraud; letting our economy and industrial base collapse, backdoor illegal immigrant amnesty; letting border agents die; allowing Mexican troops to cross our border or being constitutionally ineligible to be president is a piece of cake as is a collective flipping of the middle finger to every person that loves America and doing it with a wide grin. The surprise is that a blue state can stand up to voter fraud-they must be having a revolt for truth in Rhode island. Keep up the fight Coach!!!

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