Gallup survey: Obama’s double down on abortion is a serious mistake now that Ryan is in the race


 By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

The panic of the Left over Mitt Romney’s selection of Wisconsin conservative Paul Ryan is evident and well founded, because of Ryan’s perfect pro-life credentials. The Democrats have always loved abortion. It has been the way they could mesmerize women into supporting them. This is why the results of a largely ignored May 2012 Gallup survey, combined with the selection of Ryan, delivers a hammer blow to Barack Obama.

In his fear and distress Obama has launched an attack on Ryan’s perfect pro-life record which will backfire – big time.

Right now Paul Ryan is an unknown quantity to a large portion of the nation. Democrats think filling in the blanks and letting people know he is pro-life is good for them – it is not.

Why is this attack a mistake? Gallup’s survey of America’s attitude toward abortion makes it very clear abortion is a losing issue for Obama.

Gallup’s headline starts things off and it gets worse for Obama from there, ““Pro-Choice” Americans at Record-Low 41%. 

Support for abortion has been steadily falling since 1996 when it was favored by a huge 56/33 margin. Nevertheless, pro-abortion supporters have been losing strength at a startling rate just since last May when they were on top 49/45. In just fifteen months that margin has moved 13 points in the right direction to today’s 50/41 pro-life.     

The numbers by Party

The survey found Republicans are 72/22 pro-life an improvement of 10 points from just last year.

The swing among Independents is even bigger. Since 2011 they have moved 16 points against abortion.

Perhaps the most serious bad news for Obama’s “all in” play on abortion is the plunge of support for abortion among Democrats.  Since 2011 when abortion was favored 68/27 by Democrats their pro-life sentiment has moved 17 points to 58/34.    

When the fact that Republican enthusiasm is sharply higher that Democrat enthusiasm Gallup’s survey is a clear downward arrow for Barack Obama.       

So Bravo and don’t stop now Mister Obama! Please keep it up.

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