Gay Boy Scouts? Ask the Canadians how it worked out for them eh?


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

With the Boy Scout of America’s (BSA) vote to allow gay scouts (but not gay leaders as if that makes a difference) the Gay Mafia won another victory in its ongoing effort to destroy the moral fabric of America.

 Since losing in the Supreme Court a decade ago when the Court said the BSA could exclude gays, the thug wing of gaydom has been threatening extorting and lobbying to get the organization to allow gays to be part of their “family.”

For over 103 years the Scouts have turned out some of our best Americas. Their creed has always been built around a foundation of moral rectitude that does not accept homosexual conduct as a substitute for genuine wholesomeness.

Now with a vote which may or may not have been an honest reflection of its members’ sentiment, the BSA has reversed its earlier reaffirmation of excluding morally challenged and confused gay young boys.

 “Now what?” and “What will happen to the troops already in place?” are the questions all who are concerned with the survival of the Boy Scouts are asking. 

We need only look north to Canada to see where the BSA is headed.

In 1998 the Canadian Boy Scouts (BSC) disposed of any requirements for filling the proven mold of wholesome scouting and destroyed Boy Scouting altogether.  

Their board of governors “decided to admit females, atheists, agnostics, homosexuals, bisexuals, and transsexuals into scouting.”

In the following ten years BSC scouting enrollment fell from 300,000 to 130,000.

Given the differences in the nature of Canada and America, it is fair to say that the drop here will be still sharper and much quicker. There are 2.7 million boys in the BSA in America and if just the same 57% left the BSA as fled the BSC the drop would be over 1.6 million boys.  This under stated and quite possible result would,  in and of itself, kill the Boy Scouts of America if it happened over a decade but there is no reason to believe it would take that long. Little boys born yesterday will never know the joy of wholesome scouting – how sad.

The Gay Mafia and politically correct crowd have effectively killed the Boy Scouts of America. We are only watching its wake not its revitalization.        


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4 thoughts on “Gay Boy Scouts? Ask the Canadians how it worked out for them eh?”

  1. I’m not so sure it is the “radical gay agenda”, I think it’s the “radical pedophile agenda” using the gay community as cover.

  2. There were a lot of tears in our house last night. It was our son’s last meeting as a Cub Scout.

    When I found out I was going to have a boy ten years ago I knew he would one day make Eagle Scout. He joined as a Tiger, which is as young as is allowed. My husband or I went to every meeting. Last night he was awarded his Webelos badge. It will be his last award from the Boy Scouts of America. The BSA no longer exists.

    As an aside to gspurlock: they are homosexuals, just like the priests. They are not pedophiles. The media tries to hide its favoritism to homosexuals by claiming pedophilia.

  3. That’s just terrible!…It’s sad to see first hand how fast morally this countries values has fallen.SMH

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