GE and China


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

General Electric sees China as the world’s fastest growing market  and will depend on cheap labor to keep its technological edge. They are able to work with the Chinese state run companies without the restrictions being placed on them by the EPA, OSHA and dealing with labor unions Not only are they selling out American workers they are helping a foreign military to catch up with the U.S. aerospace industry. This is the same company who’s Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt told American companies they need to hire more people. (2)

Dual use technologies

“Dual use” is a term referring to technologies that can be used for civilian and military applications. This is a hot topic when companies are doing business with the Chinese. In order for GE to engage in a joint venture with China’s state-run Aviation Industry Corp it must prove to the U.S. government that none of the technologies shared can be used cannot be used by the military.

Since China has a close relationship between the military and civilian sectors there are legitimate concerns of what the Chinese may learn from GE. What may seem innocent to the untrained eye can be used in deadly weapons. In 2004 china bought Boeing 737s by backward engineering the navigation system that had similar microchips used to guide American missiles and combat aircraft. The navigation system was duel use technology the Chinese should have never been allowed to receive.


Concerned that the Chinese may again benefit from dual use technologies congress have requested that the Pentagon technology security officials to meet with GE to discuss concerns with the joint venture with the Chinese and what technologies will be shared and how this could possibly benefit the People’s liberation Army.

GE insists that this venture does not involve any military technology, and has been interviewed earlier by the Pentagon, Commerce and State Department officials. Considering GE’s cozy relationship with the current administration Rep. J. Randy Forbes, VA expressed “The American people have the right to be appalled that one of their largest corporations is giving away our technological edge and a large segment of our jobs to our nation’s largest military and commercial competitor,” (1)

At least some people get it.

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This Day in History: September 10, 1945 Vidkun Quisling was sentenced to death in Norway for collaborating with the Nazis. He was executed by firing squad.

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5 thoughts on “GE and China”

  1. I understand why corporations move to another country amid all the taxes and regulations, but selling the US out is another low. Our government probably gets it, but they are filling their pockets. Seems we need to restart our country if we can get the damn greedy monsters out of it.

  2. Jeffery Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, is the Chariman of President Obama's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. He is also a member of The Business Council.

    With GE's track record of sending U.S. jobs to China, the President, if he had any sense of decency and self respect or honor would fire Mr. Immelt immediately for the actions his company has taken since, repeat since, he was appointed to the President's Council of Jobs etc.

    Immelt should resign if HE had any honor or self-respect.

    But it seems that neither of these men have either honor, decency or self respect and are only interested in what's in it for me and that applies to the President as well because Immelt and GE are major donors to his campaign and the DNC.

  3. The Treason is astonishing the US Constitution and the Free Market capital system !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    US Oil Giant Exxon Mobile Flees To Russia Over Obama Fears

    Matt Taibbi: "Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes?"

    MOODY'S ANALYST BREAKS SILENCE: Says Ratings Agency Rotten To Core With Conflicts

    Wall Street Pentagon Papers Part III – Are The Federal Reserve’s Crimes Still Too Big To Comprehend?

    More on how the GAO's phony Fed audit failed to disclose some dirty secrets about BlackRock and JP Morgan

    1. Thank you for providing the link to Wall Street Pentagon Papers !
      The Federal Reserve's crimes are mind-boggling, appalling, and an extraordinary, very secret, abuse of Fiduciary power.
      Bernacke ought to be shot for high treason against America!
      The whole scam and theft are beyond comprehension.
      How can we ever escape the doom that this will bring?

  4. Hi James!
    The point about honor is well taken.
    If one makes the not-so-quantum-leap from the chicanery, deceit, and sell-outs occurring in this country courtesy of Obamatons, to the foreign trade and foreign policies of the Obama administration in general; it would stand to reason that Immelt, as an Obama "tool", would be equally as suspect and dangerous to our Country. Wittingly, or unwittingly, one screw-up could cost this country of ours dearly.
    Obama has no honor; why would we expect that from Immelt?
    Why is it that since the Clinton administration, our State Department and all of our Presidents have practiced what I believe to be "appeasement-politics" with China? Whatever happened to the "Evil Empire" concept of not doing business with our enemies?
    This is every bit as stupid and dangerous as Keynesian Economics!

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